Student Who Has an Illness or Injury


Over the course of a typical academic year, many students find themselves coping with an injury or illness, and in some situations, students are dealing with very serious problems. While Health Services provides comprehensive health care for students, most serious problems will require that students get health care at a hospital or from their health provider at home.

Does University Health Services provide notes or documentation that a student was absent from class due to an illness or injury?

The University Health Services staff can provide the student with a note validating that the student was in fact seen in health services with a date and time stamp; however, health services cannot disclose any student’s protected health information as an explanation for class absences. The student may request a note from the office staff validating today’s visit. Health Services does reserve the discretion to provide a note requesting a student’s absence for medical reasons if medically necessary.

How should a student coping with an illness or injury request special assistance from the university?

These students should contact the Office of Disability Services in the Killian Annex OneStop for more information.

Will I be notified if a student is seriously will or injured and absent from class/work for an extended period of time?

For more information regarding student absences refer to the WCU absence notification protol. Unfortunately, the university doesn’t always receive word of these situations in a timely fashion. If you hear from a student’s classmates or others that a student might be out due to an illness/injury and you would like official confirmation, feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs (828.227.7234). Student Affairs routinely contacts students’ parents and family members to check for updates on our students.


  • Contact the Office of Student Affairs (828.227.7234) if you are concerned about a student’s health or well being.
  • Contact University Health Services (828.227.7640) if you have questions about college health issues.
  • Refer students to University Health Services if they need help with a health issue.
  • Refer students to the Office of Disability Services (828.227.2716) if they need to request a formal accommodation for dealing with a short-term disability.
  • Know the University’s policies for attendance in class and for student employees.


  • Requesting that a student provide a detailed doctor’s excuse to explain absences.
  • Inappropriately sharing your personal health information with a student.
  • Hesitating to call the Office of Student Affairs or University Health Services for help if you have a concern about a student’s health/illness.

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