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Kephart Album pages 4 and 5.

Kephart album pages 4 and 5.  Click for larger image.

Page 4

Image clipped from Senate Document Number 84.

Upper Image: Plate 41, "Forests on the Southern Slopes of the Blue Ridge"


Page 5 - Tuckaseegee River

Upper left photograph: "W. H. Gates and Family"

Upper right photograph: "Geo. Davis and Homer Brown"

Middle left photograph: "Making Sorghum"

Middle right photograph: "same"

Lower left photograph: "Jeff and Joe Robinson's families in Sunday attire"

Lower right photograph: "Belle Brown feeding Cane-mill"

Notes: Captions on page 5 have been erased and rewritten. Original captions on page 5 did have numbers. The bottom photograph on page 4 is missing from the collection or has not been identified. The caption for the lower left photograph has been edited. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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