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Wednesday, April 29, 1829
Vol. II, no. 7
Page 2 col. 5a-
Page 3 col. 1b

MR. DAVID BROWN, who is about to make a tour in Alabama and West Tennessee is appointed as agent to procure subscribers and receive payment for the Cherokee Phoenix.


 We are under the disagreeable necessity of suspending our paper for a week or possibly more, for want of ink.  We have been disappointed in the expectations of a seasonable supply, which we made an effort to procure.


 We present to our readers, in our first page, the memorial of R. Campbell, of Savannah, to the Senate of Georgia.  We received it in a pamphlet form.  The author states in his advertisement, that the honorable Senate, after hearing two or three pages read, refused to hear any more of it, on account of disrespectful language, but committed it to the joint Committee on the state of the Republic.  This committee also refused to hear any part of it on the same ground.  This is a very good comment on the liberality of the Legislature of the State of Georgia.  The memorial will speak for itself.  We publish it especially for the benefit of the citizens of this nation, to shew [sic] them that they have worthy friends even in Georgia.