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Wednesday, February 11, 1829
Volume 1 No. 48
Page 2 Col. 2c

  Completion of the Cherokee line.- It will be seen by the Proclamation of the Acting Governor of this Territory, published in a subsequent column, that MR. CRITTENDEN has received "satisfactory information" that the surveying of the line from Fort Smith to the southwest corner of Missouri was completed on the 19th November last; and that all persons, not forming a pact of the Cherokee Nation, are ordered to remove from the country ceded to the Cherokees within the term of 90 days from the date of the Proclamation (7th inst.)

 The "satisfactory information" on which Mr. Crittenden has thought proper to issue his Proclamation, we understand, was derived from the certificate or deposition of one of the CHAIN CARRIERS to the Surveyor who was appointed to run the line-the Surveyor having declined giving any certificate himself.- Ark. Gaz.