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Wednesday August 13, 1828
Volume 1 No. 24
Page 3 Col 5b


 About the middle of July last was stolen out of my Pocket at my house, a large Washed Leather POCKET-BOOK containing one note on the State Bank of Georgia for $10, one note of hand on Elijah Hicks for $85, payable sometime in October next; a receipt of Henry Megyr of the State of New York, for two notes on John Byers of the said State, and some other papers not recollected.  To any person getting & delivering said Book, papers, and money to me; I will give ten dollars and five for the apprehension of the rogue.

 I do hereby forwarn (sic) all persons from trading for said note of Elijah Hicks.   And I also forwarn (sic) Elijah Hicks from paying said note to any person excepting myself.
 Coosewaytee Cherokee Nation, August 13, 1828.-24-th.