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Wednesday May 6, 1828
Volume 1 No. 11
Page 3 Col. 1a-2a

  Wednesday, May 6, 1828 ;


 Since the commencement of our labors, we have not been able to insert as much Cherokee matter, as might have been expected, and desired.  It may be necessary to state, that we have devoted a good portion of our time to that part of our business, and that if any of our Cherokee readers think that we have slighted them, we can assure them that it has not been through neglect, or for want of attention.  Those who know anything of the duties devolving upon us, will acknowledge that we have a heavy task, & unless relieved by Cherokee Correspondents, a greater amount of Cherokee matter cannot be reasonably expected.  We hope those of our correspondents, who take a lively interest in the diffusion of intelligence in their mother language, will lead us aid in this department, and by far the most arduous part, of our labors.