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Faculty Led Study Abroad Courses - Africa


A Faculty-Led program refers to a study abroad program led by a Western Carolina University Faculty member in an international setting for anywhere between one to eight weeks. You'll earn course credit, experience life abroad and build lifelong relationships with fellow students.

After completing a Faculty-Led Travel Course, many students pursue a study abroad exchange. Faculty-Led Travel Courses are different from Study Abroad, which is with another University and lasts anywhere between a semester and a year.

Costs vary depending on a number of factors including length of the course, location, travel expenses, etc. Financial Aid and Scholarships are available and there are courses to meet almost any budget.

Please Note: To be eligible for a Faculty-Led Travel Course you must have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA and meet any course specific criteria based on the instructor. 

2017-2018 Faculty-Led Courses

Explore the courses below and discover a destination to start your journey abroad...

montego bay & southfield, Jamaica | October 13-21, 2017 (Fall Break 2017)


TRVL 300 (0 credit)

Travel to Jamaica with faculty members Cheryl Clark and Elizabeth Sexton from nursing to work with schools, medical clinics, orphanages and charitable organizations. Total trip cost: $1845

For more information, contact Dr. Cheryl Clark at or Elizabeth Sexton at

Havana, Cuba | October 14-21, 2017 (Fall Break 2017)


SPAN 493-01 (3 credits)

This special topic class is designed to help students to learn about Cuba culture, history, lecture and people. Total trip cost: $1819

For more information, contact Dr. Lori Oxford  at

Landon, UK | October 14-22, 2017 (Fall Break 2017)


TRVL 600  (0 credit)

Learn more about international accounting and business. Students will visit an office of Mazars, an international provide of audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services. We will meet with the International Accounting standards Board (IASB) and other business and accounting organizations, such as tte Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA). Experience international business by visiting locations possibly including: Arsenal Football Club's Emirate Stadium; Fuller's Brewery; and / or Wimbledon. Additional , students will experience cultural and historical sites. Total trip cost: $3300

For more information, contact Dr. Jane Livingstone at or Dr. Elizabeth Jones at

aCCRA & cAPE COAST & aGONA dUAKWA, gHANA | October 14-22, 2017 (Fall Break 2017)

EDL 793 | USI 393 ( 2 credit)

The goal of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to study--on a basic level--the functioning of school, universities and colleges in Ghana and ways in which thee institutions interact with (are affected by and affect) other Ghanaian institutions. Total trip cost: $2978

For more information, contact Dr.  Kofi Lomotey at

Nairobi & Wongonyi, Kenya | October 14-29, 2017 (Fall Break 2017)

EDPY 493 / 593 (3 credits)

This course is designed for students to gain knowledge of world cultures, to understand the historical , geographic, economic, political, cultural, and environmental relationships among global regions and peoples, to exam the nature of cultural differences and national or regional conflicts and problems, to act to influence public policy and private behavior on behalf of international understanding, tolerance and empathy, and articulate the influence of history, geography, and politics on the country of Kenya. Total trip cost: $3741

For more information, contact  Dr. Russell Binkley at 

Taulabe, Honduras | January 2-12, 2018 (Winter Break 2018)


PT 880 (3 credits)

The purpose of this independents study is to prepare students, in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, to optimize the delivery of care to individuals with disabilities in a remote area of Honduras, enhancing both clinical skills and cultural competency through an interdisciplinary perspective. The focus of the independent study is on introduction to global health with various triage, medical screen and direct patient care interventions requiring complex clinical reasoning performed in small group for an ambulatory (walk-in) clinic. Total trip cost: $2238

For more information, contact Dr. Todd Watson at

Edinburgh, Scotland | March 3-10, 2018 (Spring Break 2018)

NSG 406/508 (3 credits)

A comprehensive exploration of global nursing issues within a travel study opportunity to collaboratively build leadership skills and establish learning partnerships. Total trip cost: $3604

For more information, contact Dr. Sharon Metcalfe at or Dr.  Bonnie Garner at

cusco, peru| May 14-23, 2018 (Summer Break 2018)


HSCC 493/693 | ND 410/693 (6 credits)

The Purpose of the course is to introduce the students to healthcare in a global environment. It will involve academic and service learning opportunities in a variety of health and food industry environment. Total trip cost: $4764

For more information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Wall-Bassett at 

Beijing & Shanghai & Suzhou & chengdu, china | may 18 - june 1, 2018 (Summer Break 2018)


ENGR 365 (3 credits)

Fundamental skills and cultural responsiveness in engineering and technology on a multidisciplinary team in a global context. Focus is given to effective communication (across different cultures and either synchronous or asynchronous), clear understanding of engineering standards, knowledge of project development process, commitment to ethics, professionalism, interdisciplinary team-work and equality, and appreciation for global interconnection of various practices. Total trip cost: $4371

For more information, contact Dr. Yanjun Yan at 

Lima & Pisac, Cusco | June 4-15, 2018 (summer break 2018 )

EDCI 201 (3 credits)

Developing a vision for teaching, learning and leading in the 21st Century school; understanding the philosophical, historical, cultural and social framework of schooling. Field experience and subscription to TaskStream© required. Total trip cost: $4331

For more information, contact Dr. Kimberly Winter at

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