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History Faculty and Staff

Mary Ella Engel Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department Head
Saheed Aderinto Ph.D., Associate Professor
Lily Balloffet Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Robert Clines Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Andrew Denson Ph.D., Associate Professor
David Dorondo D.Phil., Associate Professor
Robert Ferguson Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Benjamin Francis-Fallon Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Director of Social Science Education
Gael Graham Ph.D., Professor
Alexander Macaulay Ph.D., Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
Elizabeth McRae Ph.D., Sossoman Associate Professor
Scott Philyaw Ph.D., Associate Professor
Honor Sachs Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Richard Starnes Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Jessie Swigger Ph.D., Associate Professor, Public History Program Director
Vicki Szabo Ph.D., Associate Professor
Visiting Faculty  
Sue Abram  
Clete Fortwendel  
Emeriti Faculty  
William Anderson  
John L. Bell  
Tyler Blethen  
Ellerd Hulbert  
James Lewis  
Gerald Schwartz  
Max R. Williams  
Curtis Wood  
Non-Departmental Historians  
Peter Koch Educational Specialist, Mountain Heritage Center
Department Secretary  
Ms Rebecca Scheidt  
Office of Web Services