Drops and Withdrawals

Withdrawing From the Term

Withdrawing from the University after the start of the semester will result in a W in all ungraded courses. W's resulting from a University Withdrawal do not count toward the state-mandated limit for course withdrawals.
Withdrawing from all classes:

  • Must be done before the Withdrawal Deadline published by the Registrar's Office.
  • May result in a partial refund (see refund policy).
  • Will affect satisfactory academic progress as related to academic standing and financial aid.
  • May not be used to avoid penalty as the result of academic misconduct.

Failure to withdraw (abandonment) will result in a grade of F, and affect both GPA and academic standing.

How to Withdraw from the University

The University withdrawal process for all students regardless of level or type is initiated in the Advising Center.

University Advising Center
214 Killian Annex
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Exceptions to the Withdrawal Deadline

There are three exceptions to the University withdrawal policy that will allow a student to withdraw from all courses. The exceptions are medical withdrawals, withdrawals for deployment or other military contingency, and withdrawals for significant extenuating circumstances. Students seeking an exception to the deadline must provide evidence (documentation) supporting the exception they are claiming.

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