About XML and RSS

Hunter Library News is written in a blog - http://hunterlibrarynews.blogspot.com/. Headlines from this blog are posted on our library homepage in the right-hand column.

By clicking the orange XML button (xml logo), you're taken to a feed of this blog. You can then subscribe to this feed and automatically receive updates to all of the news content.

Hunter Library also publishes feeds of our new books, cds, and videos.

What's a blog?

A blog, or weblog, is a way to publish information on the web. Blogs are written by official news and publication sources, by individuals, by organizations, by anyone who wants to put words on the web.

What's a feed or an RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds repackage a webpage's new/updated information into an RSS file. This file, written in XML format, can be read in an RSS reader. Subscribing to RSS feeds makes reading news and gathering information much more efficient - you don't have to surf a lot of sites, one at a time, to get all of the information you want.

What does the XML button have to do with a feed?

Feeds are usually indicated on webpages with a link to the word "Subscribe", "Syndicate this Site", or an orange box like these: xml logo or rss logo or rss logo.

How do I subscribe?

You subscribe to a feed by entering the feed URL into your RSS reader. RSS URLs generally end in .xml, .rss, or .rdf.

What is an RSS reader and where do I get one?

RSS readers allow you to collect and read the most currently updated content (i.e. RSS feeds) of blogs and other webpages in one place. No need to visit every single one of your favorite sites separately - just check your RSS reader for updates from all of those websites.

RSS readers can be software, browser add-ons, or web-based. They are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, cellphones, Blackberries...there's something for everyone.

A long list of readers, organized by platform, is available from the RSS Compendium.

Here are a few you might want to check out:

How do I find other feeds?

  • While you're visiting your favorite sites or just surfing, keep an eye out for the xml logo or rss logo buttons, or the words "Subscribe" or "Syndicate this Site".
  • Look in directories and lists for feeds on your topic of interest:
  • Most readers come with a list of suggested feeds.

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