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Repository: Western Carolina University Hunter Library Special Collections
Creator: R. A. Romanes
Donor: William A. Shore
Title: R. A. Romanes Photograph Collection, 1928 - 1972
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Hunter Library Special Collections.
Abstract: The collection consists mostly of photographs taken by R. A. Romanes in North Carolina and north Georgia during the period 1928 - 1972, with most concentrated in the years 1930 - 1960.
Extent: 17.5 linear feet

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Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

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Copyright Notice

Copyright for materials resides with the creators of the items in question, unless otherwise designated.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], R. A. Romanes Photograph Collection, Special Collections, Western Carolina University Hunter Library, Cullowhee, NC, USA.

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Processing Information

Processed by George Frizzell
Encoded by Brian Sealy, October, 2006

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Biographical Note

R. A. (Reinfried Armstrong) Romanes (April 4, 1896 - 1978) was born in Germany and moved to Georgia in the early 1920s. He pursued an interest in photography, and took numerous photographs showing scenes and/or subjects in north Georgia and portions of western North Carolina.

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Content and Scope

The main body of the collection consists of photographic prints and negatives of various sizes (2" x 3" to 8" x 10") for the period of 1928 - 1972, although most items are concentrated in the years 1930 - 1960.

Also included in the collection are news clippings and magazine articles, either featuring photographs in the Romanes Collection or concerning subjects featured in the photographs. There is one folder each of correspondence, financial data, and biographical information on R. A. Romanes.

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Photographs are arranged according to subject.

Photographs are arranged according to subject.

Buildings and structures
Landscapes, scenic vistas, views
Man-made structures (other than dwellings and buildings)
Railroads and railroad related
Towns and communities, counties or other political subdivision

Work-related activity and events
Farming and agriculture-related activities
Fruit orchards and processing

Social events and ceremonies


Animals, insects, flowers, etc.

Vehicles and wrecks

Cold weather scenes


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Online Catalog Headings

These and related materials may be found under the following headings in online catalogs.

Appalachian Region, Southern--Photographs
Appalachian Region, Southern--Social life and customs--Photographs
North Carolina--Photographs
Romanes, R. A. (Reinfried Armstrong), 1896 - 1978

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Detailed Description of the Materials


Buildings and structures
Box 90-3.1-3, Folders 1-11
Businesses and stores

Fruit stands
Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores
Business under construction, Cornelia post office under construction, Grimshawes small post office
Alto's post office
Clarkesville Water Works, with John Davis in lumberyard; Unidentified power company
Wallenda Festivities; Miller's Place; Whitespot Store and Cafe
Part of old Grant & Wade Store; Tom Martin Store
Pinecrest Cafe; Hudson Goldmine; Dix Hill. Alto Train depot, Garnett Bramblett & Virgil Ivie: 1959
Riegel Plant under construction; Neel Gap Inn
Riegel Plant built. Raffenberger construction
Stovall Motor Company; Sinclair Store; Shore's Store; Tip Top Store, 1938; Tallulah Gorge Fruit Stand; Shore's Fruit Stand, 1936; Smith & Smith Shed, 1937
Box 90-3.4, Folders 12-18

Clarkesville Methodist Church, on fire, 1938; Grace Episcopal Church, 1939
Cornelia Methodist Church, 1936; Clarkesville Methodist Church, 1939
New Hope Methodist Church, 1936; Unidentified church, 1960
Clarkesville Baptist Church, 1936; St. James Episcopal Church, 1936; Crescent Hill Baptist Church
R.C. Grant Baptist Church, 1964; Mt. Zion Methodist 1958
Free Thinking Christian Mission, Cornelia Baptist under construction, 1968
Christ Church, 1933, St Simons, Ga.; (3) Unidentified churches. Christ Church, 1938, Mt. Pleasant. Springway Bap. Church(destroyed)
Box 90-3.5-7, Folders 19-40
Homes, houses, dwellings

Unidentified homes and houses
Standing Indian, Gailey home and dressmaking and alteration shop
Young boy in front of house selling baskets; House on Cleveland Rd. 1939; Ginnis' house
Unidentified home, 1957; Ashley Simmons' Place, 1960
Cranes's Home, Mr. Crane out front, 1938; The Avenue Boone Plantation, 1937, Mt. Pleasant, SC
House on postcard; Camp Mikel, 1941; House being built
Unidentified house, 1939; Ranger cabin
Mr. Bellhouse's home; (Bellhouse's dog in one photo) 1936; L.Y. Irvins home in Cornelia, Ga. 1936
Governor Hardeman's House, 1936; The Charm House, Clarkesville, Ga., 1936
Old John Payton House with Ledford Loudermilk, Lewis Loudermilk and Leslie Gibson; Panther Creek homes, family in doorway, 1935
W. Porter's home, Burton Rd., 1939; Susie Ritchie's home, 1936
Eleanor Sloan's house, Franklin, 1937; Ann Sloan's house, Franklin, 1937
C. Cornwell residence, 1959
Two unidentified houses, 1958; Unidentified building, Rabun Bald
Wises' home, woman and girl on porch; Unidentified house
Stone's home, Lakemont Ga., 1936; Grant Hood's home, Cornelia, Ga. 1936. Mt. Ranch Hotel, Helen, Ga., 1936. Dwelling near Kyle, N.C. 1939. C.C's Place, Alto, Ga., 1938. Franklin Simmon's Place, 1932, Carver and Gailey playing in front; Group of people on porch of unidentified house
Box 90-3.8, Folders 41-43

Alto Sanitorium under construction
Alto Sanitorium built 1939
Toccoa Hospital, 1938
Box 90-3.9, Folders 44-49

Unidentified grist mill; White's Mill, Steep Hollow, Ga., Lola and Betty Jean in front
Moss Mill, Banks County, Ga., water is frozen in river. 1940
Carwood Mill
Watts Mill, Clarksville, Burton Rd., 1937; Old Moss Mill Place, 1958, Lake Burton
Shingle Mill, Holsey Mill, 1935
Water Gin, White County, 1934; Grant (?)
Box 90-3.10, Folders 50-53

Old Cornelia High School bldg., 1936. Lula School, 1954. Cave's Springs Georgia School for the Hard of Hearing
Piedmont College, Demorest Ga. 1936. Truett McConnell College (on post card)
Rabun Gap School
Tallulah Falls School
Landscapes, scenic vistas, views
Box 90-3.11-12, Folders 54-75

Brasstown Bald; Tallulah Gorge; Road near Wayah Bald; Wayah Bald with Dodge parked on road; Nacooche Valley
Unidentified landscape with house and car in scene
Wolfork Valley and Creek, Rabun County, Ga.
Newfound Gap
Lake Tugalo, Lake Burton, from Glassy Mountain
"Fields of the Woods" with Ten Commandments
Rabun Bald, view towards Cashiers Valley, 1937
From "Look Off Rock", Wolfork Dist., Rabun Co., Ga. 1940
From Tower Mountain, Cornelia, Ga. 1957
Lake Tugalo, Lake Burton, from Glassy Mountain
Moss M (?) snow on ground
From Black Rock, view toward Clayton Ga.
Wolfork Mountain
Dillard and Highland Rd
Elridge, Tallulah Falls, man with camera, 1942
Black Rock, Newfound Gap
Clingman's Dome, Rabun County, Keener Valley
Mac Eppes Morgan (?), Wolfork Dist. 1938, Mt. Jonah, 1929, Cashiers Valley; Unidentified Mountain scenes, 1937. Walasyi Inn in Vogel Park, 1940
Box 90-3.13-14, Folders 76-85
Agriculture and farm scenes
(views of farms; non-activity related)

Farm House with family on porch, Farm house with family in yard, 1959; Farm house with barn, two cars, cotton gin, cotton in the field behind gin; Cabbage and corn field in Dillard Ga. 1937
Unidentified farm scene with corn field; Farm scenes with peach tree
Man in corn field
Resettlement area, Habersham County, farm scene
Perkins farm, 1932; Whiteside Cove, fenced pasture 1935; Near Highland, farm, Yonah Mt. farm scene
Women in front of house; Animals in pasture
Corn fields, barn, car; Haystacks; Dave Payne
Fenced pasture on Nacoochee Cleveland Rd. 1936-37. Tom Bell Orchard, 1934. Cornfield in Nacoochee Valley, 1938. Dried up pasture in Leaf Ga., 1939; Old Freeman farm, 1934. Airplane in sky
Farm scenes
Box 90-3.15-16, Folders 86-97
Lakes and reservoirs

Pond, children; Man at Fish Hatchery; Water/airplane
Vogel State Park, Boat "Eva May" in Lake, Lake Burton, 1937
Tallulah Falls Lake, 1937
Highland Lake, (boy and girl), 1937
Highland Reservoir, Soque Lake, with Willie Gailey
Smokey Mt. Power Plant, Bryson City, 1937; Lake Rabun 1937; Tugalo Lake
Lake Burton, 1936
Lake Nacoochee
Unidentified Lake; Nancy Town Dam being started
Lake Rabun (Halls); Jack Pritchett fishing
Lake Burton, Miss Carrie's Camp, 1937
Tallulah Falls, 1936; Harvey's Boathouse; Lake Rabun
Box 90-3.17-20, Folders 98-118
Mountain scenes

Rabun Bald, road to Newfound Gap
Unidentified Mountain
Tallulah Gorge, view from Harvey's Place. Yonah Mountain, view from Dillard to Highland Rd.
Unidentified mountain scene
Unidentified mountain scenes; On road to Newfound Gap, Vogel Park; C.C. Cantrell Place, 1936. View from Newfound Gap 1936; Brasstown Bald; Vogel State 2Park, 1936; View from Sunrise Park/Highlands N.C., 1937
Unidentified scene; Harry Payne on Whiteside Mountain; Swains' Place (?), 1950. W.R. Ludlow on Wayah Bald, N.C. 5500 elv. 1969
Currahee Mountain family in yard. View of Brasstown Bald from Tray Mountain; Farm scene with mountain background; Currahee vista, Habersham Co., Currahee from Cornelia Tower; First car on Currahee Mountain
Various scenes from Wayah Bald
Nacooche Valley from Hardeman's Place, Helen, Ga.
Unidentified mountain, gazebo in foreground, Wayah Bald Tower with Gailey
Wayah Bald Tower, Wayah Bald State Game protector
View from Wayah Bald
Taken from Black Mountain Tower, 1936; Whiteside Mountain, U.S. 64 near Highland with Willie Gailey; Whiteside Cove, 1937
Mt. Chain
Whiteside Mountain
Yonah Mountain; Family in yard in front of house
Various shots of Yonah Mountain 1939
Currahee from Cornelia Tower. 1936 Cornelia, view from Tower Mt. 1937
View from Currahee Mountain, 1937; (near Toccoa) Currahee Mt. from U.S. highway
Road to Wayah Bald, N.C. near Franklin: Wayah Bald (early morning)
Box 90-3.21, Folders 119-123

River has washed out bridge, 1967; Willie Gailey near Smokemont, sitting on fence, 1937; Robert's home, 1958; Broad River view, 1934
Little Tenn. River from Franklin - Bryson City Rd
Testing for dam, 1936
Hudson River area, 1961
Box 90-3.22, Folders 124-131

Lola Payne at Winn Shoals, 1937, John Henry Shoals, Winn Shoals, 1934: (2) colored photos of waterfalls, John H. Payne at W. Shoals
Hobson Falls, 1936; Tiger Lake Falls, man fishing
Dry Falls; Unidentified Falls
Tallulah Falls, with Willie Gailey, 1938; Wells Falls, 1936; Girl at Wells Falls
Banks County, Shenault Fall; Wynn Falls, H. Payne and Lola Payne, Cullasajah Falls, 1935-36
Toccoa Falls
Old Ashley Simmons's place with Goss; Minnehaha Falls with Henry Payne, 1936. Minnehaha Falls with Willie Gailey , 1938. Minnehaha Falls with Jack Brown
White County, unidentified Falls
Man-made structures (other than dwellings and buildings as listed and defined above)
Box 90-3.23-24, Folders 132-139

Constructing a water tower in Alto, Ga. in 1967
Water tower completed
Indian Totem Pole with Bill Gailey, 1939. Power lines being repaired
Brasstown Bald Tower (inside and outside), 1937 and 1957, with Warden Smith
Rabun Bald Tower, 1939; Black Mountain Tower, 1958
Brasstown Bald Tower, (outside shots) (1 inside shot) 1936 and 1940
Graham Bearse registering at Wayah Bald, 1936
Unidentified man in front of a tower being built, 1937; Chenota Tower
Box 90-3.25-29, Folders 140-161

Tallulah Bridge, (construction)
Smoky Mountain Bridge, 1938. (construction)
Architect's Drawing; Tallulah Bridge (construction)
Possibility that this photo was taken before the new Tallulah Bridge and new highway was built
Bridge across Tallulah Dam; Willie Gailey looks toward bridge
Sawtooth, Tallulah Falls, 1934
Unidentified Bridges
New Tallulah Bridge and Highway
Baldwin Overhead Bridge
Old Bridge on Highlands Franklin Rd., 1935; Harry Payne on Highlands/Franklin Rd., 1935; Lola Payne walking on Duncan Bridge, 1937
General Longstreet Bridge, 1936
Prathers Bridge, 1972; (2) Unidentified bridge (man walking across bridge)
Box 90-3.30, Folders 162-165

Tugalo Dam
Tallulah Falls Dam, 1936
Drilling (?), 1962
Smokey Mtn Power Co. near Bryson, City, 1936; Rabun Dam, Ga. 1938; Power Plant near Rabun Co.
Box 90-3.31, Folders 166-172

Road with gate; Highway; Car at stop sign; Snow on ground; Sign on road with number of miles
Signs on highway; (2) Signs, "Put out fires", "Use your ash tray"; Road leading to worksite; Road in front of camp (?); Franklin/Sylva road; Truck wreck on road
Road construction near "Tiger Falls"
Mud Creek Road construction, Alto, 1959
Equipment on "farm" road. 1958
Newfound Gap Road, with Barry Cornwall; Unidentified road
Car on road near Miller's Apple Packing shed; Franklin Highland Rd
Railroads and railroad related
Box 90-3.32, Folders 173-184
Locomotives and engines

Disney train
# 73 engine going across the Tallulah Gorge Bridge
# 75 Train near Mtn. City
Train in Habersham Co. depot (Home of the "Big Red Apple")
Train under bridge, Alto, Ga.
Mail train passing thru Alto, Ga.
Wooden overhead bridge, train passing below
President Roosevelts funeral train near Alto
Train at depot, 1954
Mail train # 34, as seen from packing shed
# 77 train on overhead bridge
Various trains
Box 90-3.33, Folders 185-188

Depot in Alto, railroad tracks near worksite
Railroad tracks over bridge
Man walking on railroad tracks, railroad tracks by houses
Train going around curve on tracks, view of railroad tracks from Tallulah Gorge; Dilapidated building over tracks; View of tracks in a small town
Box 90-3.34, Folders 189-197

Trestle in the town of Tallulah Falls
Trestle in Wiley, Ga.; Trestle near cornfield
Wiley Trestle, Wiley, Ga.; Man walking in water, boy fishing down below; Panther Creek trestle, tallest of 42 trestles
Wiley trestle, longest of 42 trestles
Magid trestles and bridge girders, 1939
Wiley trestles and train
Panther Creek trestle being torn down, 1962
# 75 train on trestle
Trestle and old # 77 passenger train crossing Wileytrestleia)
Towns and communities, counties or other political subdivision
Box 90-3.35-36, Folders 198-237

Alto, Ga. Mon's house; Alto map
Alto,a Georgia
Alto, Ga., Charlie Sweet's house burned down, 1959
Various scenes in Alto
Alto, Ga., Railway Station
Artesville, Ga. Fire lane of government project
Banks County, erosion
Clarkesville, Ga. Downtown scenery, 1960's
Clayton, Ga. Black Rock
Clarkesville, Ga., Downtown scenery, late 1930's. Clarkesville depot, (Big Apple): Cornelia, Ga.
Cornelia Bank; Davis Store
Cornelia, Ga., Old Gallant Belk building being remolded, 1930's
Dahlonega, Ga. Town scenes
Demorest, Ga., Factory; Piedmont College
Gainesville, Ga., Tornado scenes
Dr. Hardeman's Farm, (Nacoochee Valley) 1938
Nacoochee Valley
Nacooche Valley; Indian totem pole
Habersham County, 1935, 1938
Hall County, 1937
Lula Ga., 1954
Mtn. City, Ga., 1936
Rabun County, 1937
Tallulah Falls, 1965
Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Point
Toccoa. Ga.
View Ga., 1935 and 1936
Vogel State Park
Box 90-3.37, Folders 238-241
North Carolina

Bryson City, N.C.
Dillsboro, N.C
Franklin, N.C.
Whiteside Mtn. N.C.
Box 90-3.38, Folders 242-243
South Carolina

Mount Pleasant, Boone Hall Plantation
Fort Moultrie, S.C.
Work-related activity and events
Box 90-3.39-41, Folders 244-295
Farming, agriculture, related activities

Man gathering tomatoes; Dan Payne with his cow; Albert Blalock with cow pulling wagon. Man building shed; Old Pat Smith project
Men loading peaches; Men shoveling mulch off truck; Man checking corn; Man plowing field, 1937; Men unloading truck
Watering the field; Men and women working in the field. Man working in field; Men plowing
Men checking water; Man plowing; Man hoeing; People working in field: Men plowing
Men plowing field; Tomato plants in field
Boy and girl feeding chickens; Men drilling; Man planting tomatoes seeds
Boys feeding mule hay; Man plowing; Man and boy with bull
Preacher Garner gathering hay; Men loading cotton on truck
Sherman gathering wheat; John Mize and Rev. Garner farming, 1939; Walt Parker cutting wheat; Tom and Hollis T. plowing
Lee Cook and Goodson loading wagon with baskets
Man gathering hay; Man drinking from jug; Man plowing; Boy pouring water for man
Sherman working in field; drinking water; gathering hay
Ernest Cantrell, Neal Cantrell and Tim Chosewood working in field; Man tending corn
Lamar Chosewood with basket of peaches, 1937
Ray Wade selling peaches. 1937
Harvesting grain, Nesbette Wilson, Jewell and Hollis Tanksley in field
Geo Wiley's daughter picking cotton
Boys with Chosewood mule; W.E. Miller leading mule out of barn. 1939
Hog butchering. Men pitching hay on wagon
Boys drinking water in the field
Sherman Wade drinking water in the field
Andrew Wade with basket of peaches
Wades harvesting wheat
Harvest time; Man taking a drink
Men and boys cradling wheat
Man operating wheat cradler
Peaches being picked and prepared for packing
Harvest time, gathering wheat
Boy with basket of peaches; boy with basket of apples
Men picking peaches
Velma Ferguson selling peaches; Men browsing
Cab Ferguson selling peaches
Boy with basket of apples
Men loading baskets of peaches on truck
Men sawing wood
Boy hand harvesting grain; Jewel and Hollis Tanksley
Boys drinking water; Man on cradler
Lamar Shore drinking water in peach orchard; Man spraying peach trees; Man trying to get wasp nest out of tree
Man inspecting peach baskets; Man inspecting peaches; Man picking peaches; Man and boy selling peaches
People picking cotton; Men making syrup
Man plowing field; Man inspecting crops
Widly Emma Payne peeling peaches or apples
Man plucking feathers off duck; Men loading hay or wheat on wagon; Sherman Wade pulling cottonseed in wagon; Man in carriage
Man pulling loaded wagon with oxen; farm crops
Men working in the fields; Boy with dogs; Man with gun
Tractor in the field; Various pictures of men at work; Corn field; Cotton in press
Leroy Masters picking peaches, and carrying a basket of peaches
Children with and taking care of animals
Children taking care of chicks
Raymond Chosewood feeding mule
Men and boys working with tools
Men and boys loading wagon with corn shucks
Box 90-3.42, Folders 296-305
Fruit orchard and processing

Men picking peaches, 1939; boy with basket of peaches; Men working in field; People packing peaches; Men loading peaches on truck; Girl packing peaches; Man selling peaches; Woman selling peaches
Boys looking at basket of peaches; Men rolling peaches in tub; Baskets of peaches ready for market; Boys and girls packing peaches
Soque Apple Orchard, 1939; Sleigh's Orchard, 1937 W.C. Shore's Orchard, 1938, Morgan Orchard, 1938; Several unidentified orchards
Old Staight Orchard, 1937, Soque Orchard 1939; Georgia Orchard, Loudermilk Orchard, 1937, Kiley Orchard, Betty Jean Payne in tree; Unidentified orchard (man) 1938; Susie Ritchie in tree, 1936. Irma George's Orchard, Morgan Orchard, 1940; Clay Orchard, Carman Orchard, 1937; Raymond Chosewood working in orchard; Soque Orchard, several unidentified orchards
Men picking apples; Men picking peaches; Man getting in loaded truck; Man tacking crates, 1936
Soque Orchard; Men picking peaches; peaches ready for market
Boys stacking baskets on wagon, 1936
Shots of peaches, some have been stricken by cold weather or just rotten
Peach blossoms
Social events and ceremonies
Box 90-3.43, Folders 306-312
Memory of James Dallas; People gathering at church, 1960; Grave site of Nicholson (flowers) 1974 Henry R. Martin gravesite; Memory to Sidney Lanier; Unidentified funerals
Fay Coffee funeral, 1957
John Bramblett's funeral, 1958; In memory of Mrs. J.J. Bramblett, 1973
Tom Martin funeral
Airmail Plane - last day of the World's Fair, 1934. July 4th celebration, 1972. Clarkville Methodist Church fire 1938; Several other unidentified gatherings
Ritchie Wedding; Unidentified wedding
Box 90-3.44-46, Folders 313-378
John Henry Payne
Mr. and Mrs John Carey with group of men on Currahee Mountain, 1936
Betty Jean Payne
R.A. Romanes, 1936
Henry Payne with family
Lewis Gailey (in uniform), G. Simmons and Bill Gailey
Henry Williams
John Henry Payne's children, Lola, James and William
W.M. Nicholson
Gail Bramblett
Dora Grant (Lee Grant's mother) Lee Grant, and Willie Gailey on Tray Mountain
Humphrey Free with family, 1932
J.C. Porter, 1940
Buford Miller, 1954
Mr. Ludlow on the Suwanee River Bridge in Florida
Austin James in the post office, 1939
Annie Nicholson; Mrs. Wood, Bessie Nicholson, 1952, 1953, 1958, 1971
Walt Holland, 1935
Edna Cornwall and Gregory, 1936
Unidentified man with dipper of water
Boy with tomato and salt
Leroy Masters, Hollis Tankerly
Robert Winn
Unidentified family, Two men and child; Two children man on bridge; Woman sitting on log, 1936; Woman standing in doorway of "powder room"; Three children; Man walking across bridge
Two girls, 1940; Girl with cats; Group of men in front of building; Orr, Harris, and Grace Wilson on porch, 1937. Couple walking across yard; Two children
Woman (Grimwell); baby; Woman; Man standing by auto
Cantrell girl with dog
Man sitting on fence; Man walking across bridge
Three small boys sitting on steps; Goss children sitting on steps at Cleo Parker's house, 1936
Man and woman; Group picture; Two men, woman and girls; Man; Sue Ritchie in wedding gown; C.Cornwall and Romanes; Cornwall Clan, 1971; C. Cornwall, 1971; Mr. C. Cornwall and Trudy, 1970; The Cornwall Boys; Mrs. Cornwall and Helen
Boy with rabbit
Group picture of school children
Boy at mail box
Payne children, John Henry and David, 1932; Johnny Parker's children, 1947; Faye; Mr. Monogahur and Mr. Raffuesberger, 1939; Wise's daughter; Blesen's children, 1937; Mr. Gibson, 1947; Lee Grant and Bill Gailey; Walt Parker, 1944; Pvt. Dyer, Army 1944-45; Leroy and family, 1954; L. R. Turpen, 1935; Franklin Simmons, 1932; Self picture of Bill Simmons; Florence Higgins
Unidentified people
Johnny Parker and his family, 1944; Howell Parker
Unidentified man standing in the doorway of the Chenocetah Towers, 1940
Baby pictures of Alvin Shore
Toddler picture of Phil Shore
Woman in car, man standing by car, 1960
Edna Shore and Mac
Phil Shore with friends
Hollis Tankersley (?)
Family in yard in front of house, 1958
Leroy Masters and Otis Simmons
Leroy Masters
Bill Taylor
Baby pictures of Vernon Luckie (10 months)
Alvin Shore
Bill Shore: Raymond Chosewood in cottonfield
Wesley Dodd, 1954; Betty Jean Payne
Payne Children, 1932-1934
R.A. Romanes, 1942
Lathan King; Annie Bell Payne
Leroy Masters; Lathan King (?)
Cason or Carson children, 1939
Unidentified people
Howard, Hazel, Martin and Christian; Edna Shore; Lola, Annie Belle and Lincoln
Raymond Chosewood; Betty Jean and John Henry Payne, 1935; Lathan King (?)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wade; Clemmons Cornwall and two unidentified men; Fred Reavis's son, 1949; unidentified man and girl
Animals, Insects, Flowers, Etc.
Box 90-3.47-51, Folders 379-429
Goats amd goatman
Horses and mules
Purple martins
Insects, moths, and butterflies
Vehicles and wrecks
Box 90-3.52, Folders 430-438
Cars, buses and trucks
1962 Ford wreck; Destroyed coke drink box, 1966
Barry (?) standing in beside car; various shots of vehicles
Southern bread truck wreck; Wrecker pulling truck out, 1967
Car wreck, car run into river; Divers pulling car out of river
Bus wreck
Lawson Stapleton wreck site; Yonah rail wreck
Frank Welchel wreck, car plunges off bridge
M.W. Nicholson store damage caused by wreck, 1967
Cold weather scenes
Box 90-3.53, Folders 439-449
Snow scene in Cornwall Orchard: Spray machine covered with snow
Cars in snow
Thermometers with "0" degrees
Tree stumps covered with snow
Men working in "0" degree weather
Frozen water at mill; Leroy Armond
Houses covered with snow
Man watching waterfall over snow covered rocks; Man check device; Boy building snowman; Man breaking ice in pond
Various cold scenes
Late snow, March, 1960
Tractor pulling oil truck in snow
Box 90-3.54, Folders 450-454
Huge "bell" on street
Alto "Soil Erosion"; Government projects

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