Hunter Library Jobs

Faculty and Staff Positions

Associate Dean

This position functions as the deputy administrator for the library and is responsible for assisting with strategic planning and program development; assessing library programs and services; overseeing facilities management and space planning; leading library communications, publicity, and marketing programs; and representing and acting on behalf of the dean in campus and community activities.

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University Library Technician in Acquisitions

This position is responsible for receiving and processing the daily receipt of the library’s print subscriptions and standing orders, as well as assisting in providing and maintaining electronic access to journals. The position is responsible for creating and maintaining online records for each subscription and standing order, claiming issues and volumes that have not been received, and facilitating the flow of print materials from mail receipt to the shelf for public access. Maintenance of online records includes verifying bibliographic changes on OCLC; notifying appropriate staff of bibliographic changes (i.e. title changes, frequency changes, etc.); creating and editing check-in records, item records, and holdings statements to reflect those changes; verifying and downloading, if necessary, bibliographic records for electronic journals and/or adding a link to the electronic journal web site from the catalog record. This position provides support for bindery functions including identifying and processing materials sent to and received from the commercial binder, and repair of damaged periodicals in paper and microform. The position also performs pre-order searching and verification for book, CD, DVD, curriculum materials, and other orders. There are also some student supervision responsibilities.

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Student Employment

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