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Faculty and Staff Positions

Acquisitions Librarian/Associate Professor

This position will provide leadership and professional expertise in the selection, acquisition, and renewal of print and electronic monographic resources, media, special format materials, and continuing resources (journals and databases). The position will work with the Collection Development Librarian to establish overall priorities for the $1.5M library collections budget and be responsible for the ongoing expenditure and maintenance of the monographic and continuing resources budgets. The Acquisitions Librarian supervises all departmental activity in ordering and receiving materials in all formats via firm order, DDA, approval plans, and subscriptions. This position regularly reviews current and prospective vendors to assess service and pricing options and renegotiates service fees and contractual terms with the appropriate vendors. Other responsibilities include supervising three staff members; coordinating ordering, payment, and receipt of monographs and continuing resources; license negotiation; holdings maintenance of continuing resources; establishing and maintaining effective relationships with publishers, vendors and subscriptions agents; and evaluating consortial purchasing opportunities.

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Associate Dean

This position functions as the deputy administrator for the library and is responsible for assisting with strategic planning and program development; assessing library programs and services; overseeing facilities management and space planning; leading library communications, publicity, and marketing programs; and representing and acting on behalf of the dean in campus and community activities.

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