2009-2010 Loyalty Fund Honor Roll

Western Carolina University would like to thank all the donors to the 2009-2010 Loyalty Fund for their support. This list reflects all gifts received by June 30, 2010, the end of the university's fiscal year.  For questions concerning the Honor Roll, please contact annualgiving@wcu.edu.


Thomas Barger

Jim and June Causby

Wes and Cathy Elingburg

Roland Johnson

Marilyn and Jerry Ross

Dave and Lois Steed

Kevin and Karen Vasquez


 Larry and Mary Arbaugh

David Beam and Kathy Abbott-Beam

Cynthia and Robert Beane

James and Toyoko Beatty

Stacey and Robert Blake

Brad and Eileen Bradshaw

Frank and Becky Brown

Rick Carlisle

Richard Craddock

Robert and Nancyann Failing

Christopher Faw

William and Marion Forsyth

Gerri and Brian Garrett

Jack and Lynn Guffey

Brent and Patricia Hall

Ed Hamlet

Gary Harris

Robert Helms

Max and Tucker Hopper

Wallace and Jeanette Hyde

Tony and Frances Johnson

Pat and David Kaemmerling

Gerald and Melanie Kiser

Joan and Malcolm MacNeill

Tim and Debbie Martin

William Mason

A.L. and Mysa Crawford Mathews

William and Patricia McDonald

Denise and William McIntyre

Jim Miller and Tara Melton-Miller

Reg and Judy Moody

Jim Moore

Howard and Cathy Peabody

Richard and Linda Reese

Kirstin and Christopher Schlenker

Katherine and Tommy Simmons

Darryl and June Smith

Phillip and Joan Walker

Fred Wall

David and Brenda Warlick

Brenda Wellmon

Elaine and Steve White

Eric and Melissa Wilkinson

Teresa and Richard Williams

Debbie Wright

SILVER SCHOLARS: $500 - $999

Gerald Austin

Max Beam

Edward and Meredith Blair

Genevieve and Larry Burda

Douglas and Doris Cody

Dawn Day

Tracy and Susan Gasperini

Robert Griffin

Earnestine Kennedy

J. Leonard

Gerry and Andrea Liverman

Mary Ann Lochner

Joel Monteith and Barbara Mustoe-Monteith

Henry Russ

Eva Sandusky

Rebecca and Michael Schlosser

Doyle Smith and Frances Owl-Smith

Wardell Townsend

BRONZE SCHOLARS: $250 - $499

Joey and Martha Aiken

Neal and Jo Andrews

James Arnott

Dianna Benfield

Stacey and Robert Blake

Frank and Florence Bowman

Sara Brown

Natalie Clark

Sharon and James Cooper

Rosalie and Harry Corbin

Ronald Craddock

Howe Crockett

Jill and Thomas Davis

Kenneth and Patsy Dellinger

Charles Dorton

Paul and Vicky Faris

Robert and Kay Folsom

Stan and Mary Ann Gantt

Michael and Elizabeth Gillespie

Jacqueline Grant

Angela and Gary Gustafson

Harvey and Jean Haynes

Debra Higdon

Julius and Pam Hill

Charles and Linda Holmes

James and Vivian Ingram

Farrell Jamison

Pat and Vance Johnson

Charles Landen

Hugh and Norma Lee

Jim and Teresa Manring

Joseph Matthews

Jerry and Suzanne Miller

Donald and Dianne Mincey

John and Melinda Mosbey

G. and Dorothy Neslen

William Phillips

John and Barbara Rogers

David and Cindy Shumate

Mark Tedder

Darrell and Patricia Tilley

Ronald and Patra Wansley

Melissa Wargo

Steve Way

Randy Whitaker

David and Dina Wiggins

H and Judy Wittman

Allen Wood

Forrest and Mary Ann Wright

Alan and Cynthia Yount

PURPLE SCHOLARS: $100 - $249

Christopher and Kathleen Ackerman

Robert Adams

Michael and Libby Alexander

Cheryl and Ronald Allari

Robert and Barbara Allen

Levern Allen

Jo Allman

Steven Almasy

Hoyt Almond

Bennett Arvey

Carolyn and Thomas Ashton

James Aydelette

Donald and Cathy Babb

Lisa and J Bacon

Paul and Wendi Badgley

James Bailey

Stephanie Ballerini

Beverly and William Barr

James Bass

Karen and David Bates

John and Elizabeth Beach

Sam and Dorris Beck

Marla and Stephen Bell

Robert and Kathleen Bellamy

Marjory and Charles Benfield

Vicky Best

Timothy and Kathy Binkley

James and Sheree Bissett

Ronald and Candace Blackley

Dale Blaine

Jamey Blalock

Frank and Sonja Blalock

Pamela and Paul Blomquist

Diane and Peter Blum

Sidney Boland

Ann and Woody Bolinger

Russ Bolt and Jennifer Duncan-Bolt

Carol and Coy Bost

Millicent and William Bowman

Camille and Morgan Boyd

Sue Bracey

John and Liz Bradley

Evanell Bradshaw

Mabel and James Brandon

Thomas and Kaye Brandon

Robert and Jean Brandon

Joyce Brendel

Sue Ellen and Ben Bridgers

Glenn and Joyce Bridges

Kevin Brooks

Marti Brooks

James and Melissa Brown

June and William Brown

Wayne and Barbara Brown

Richard Bruce

Cynthia Bruce

James Bryant

Curtis and Braxton Buchanan

Paul Buckner

Wanda Burns and Harold Orr

Paul and Frances Burton

Michael Byrd

Pamela and Keith Cabe

Larry Cabe

Larry and Glenda Callicutt

Andrea Calloway

Linda Campbell

Angela Cannady

Barbara Capps

Cynthia and Paul Carey

Samuel and Linda Carothers

William and Margaret Carpender

C and Leesa Carpenter

Almon and Vivian Ann Carr

Gilmer and Laura Carver

Cory Causby

Maria and David Caussyn

Donald and Harriett Chalker

James and Joyce Chandler

Quilla and Raeford Chapman

John Citty

Eric Clark

Darrell Clark

Susan and Randall Clark

Deborah and T Claxton

Marie and Homer Clontz

Robert and Katherine Cogburn

Joyce and Donald Coggins

Mary and James Cole

Carolyn and Randall Collins

Hilda and David Collins

David and Velvet Cook

Judy and William Cook

William Cope

Laura Coppedge

Timothy and Alison Corey

Lynda Cornell

Ellen and James Cornette

Edna and Michael Corrigan

Robert Craig

W. and Aleda Cramer

Peter and Jane Cregger

Bishop and Joselle Culp

George and Jo Curtis

Cromer and Mary Curtis

William and Ann Dalton

Dean Daniels and Pat Ellis Daniels

Kay and Thomas Davis

James Davis

Pamela and Kevin Davis

Linda and Clarence DelForge

Philip and Fara Dellinger

Karen Denney

Ann and Hal Dennis

Thomas Dillard

William and Linda Dills

Erik Dixon

James and Sylvia Dobbins

Debra and John Dugas

Peggy Eaker

Patricia Edwards

Stephen and Marlene Edwards

T and Rilla Edwards

Harold and Harriette Edwards

Bruce Edwards

Stormy Ellis

Rachel Emery

H and Suzanne Faircloth

Jesse Flake

Jane Foster

Dennis and Susan Fox

William and Gwen Fox

Charles and Lillian Freel

James and Willa Friday

Brian Galloway

Glener Gilland

Patricia Gillis

John and Rita Goebel

Keith and Elizabeth Gogel

Tony and Judy Goldman

Donald and Jan Good

Jim Goode

Billy Goodman

Jeffrey and Kelli Gordon

Winford and Heather Gordon

Myra Grant

Eddie Gray

Arthur and Dolly Green

Clyde and Mary Green

Donald and Lisa Green

Linda and Ronald Greene

Susan Greenway

Richard and Patty Griffin

Peter Grimes

Daniel and Lynn Grimes

Susan and Stephenson Guffey

Terry and Kathryn Gullion

James and Catherine Hackney

Constance and R Haire

Audrey and Thomas Hall

William and Mildred Hamilton

Carolyn Hammond

Irene and Tim Hamrick

David Harling

Garland and Jessica Harris

Keith and Shannon Haskett

William and Malissa Hawkins

Colleen Hayes

Drina Hedgpeth and Neill Thompson

Jeanette and James Hedrick

Judy Hellen

Jill and Tom Hendrickson

Benny and Ai Yen Hendrix

Matthew and Angela Henley

Gregory Hennessee

Caroline and James Henry

Kathy and Harold Hermann

Paul Herron

Robert and Brenda Hicks

Herbert and Gloria Hickson

Danny and Maria Higgins

Pamela and Markus Hill

Jane and George Hipps

Henry and Virginia Hodge

Bobby and Vicki Holcomb

James and Robin Hollis

Bruce and Jane Honeycutt

Keith Horton

Grady Howard

Donna and James Howell

David and Lestine Hutchens

Howard and Jo Hyatt

Harry Hyatt

Shirley Inscoe

Donald Janney

Joseph Jenkins

Vickie and Sidney Johnson

J Jolly

Richard and Melissa Jones

Joe Jones

Richard and Susan Keeler

Patricia Keever

Frank and Susan Kelly

Wilmoth and Donna Kerns

Charles Koontz

Jody Kraner

Lynne Kucera

Shirley Kuykendall

Lee and Pauline Kuyper

Richard Lanning

Lois Lawton

Cartha and Johnny Lee

Howard and Marilyn Lee

Jennifer and Thomas Leonhardt

Janet Levine

Karen and Jeff Lineberger

Harold and Jean Litaker

Renee Long

Donald and Donna Lucas

Angela and Joseph Luke

Sonna Lyda

James and Julia MacRae

Steve Maloy

Jonathan Marr

Ken and Faye Marshburn

Brian and Elizabeth Martin

Allen Martin

Raymond Martinez

Sandra Massey

Gary and Lisa Mathes

Glenda Matthis

Marilynn Mattox

Sharon Maulden

Jo Anne McBrayer

William and Carole McClure

Al McClure

Sandra McCracken

Benjamin and Paula McDonald

Thomas and Rhonda McKeel

Deborah McKenzie

James and Nina McMahan

Julia and Phillip McManus

Peggy McQuade

Katherine and Thomas Mellown

Clifton and Marie Metcalf

James and Judy Meyer

Joseph Miglino

Sue Mitchell

Carmaleta and Max Monteith

R and Mary Moody

Maurice Moody

Michael Moore

Sara Moore

Alice and Gary Moore

Dorlan Mork

Sandra Morris

Edwin Morrow

Joel and Pamela Moser

William Moss

Heidi and Mark Nash

Virginia and Luther Nicar

Charles and Ramona Nichols

Gene Nichols

Jane Nichols

Kenneth and Karen Nicholson

Riley Oakley

Gregory Osborne

Ned Owings

Wanda and Charles Padgett

Charles and Anne Parris

Hugh and Linda Passingham

Robin and Trace Pate

Carey and Nancy Patton

Richard Pegg

Alan Perkins

Eunice Pierce

John Pirich

Roger Plemens

John and Tina Poltrock

Nancy and James Pomeranz

Robert Potts

Bruce and Faith Powell

Joseph Pratt

Homer Price

Homer and Brenda Purser

Suzanne Pyron

Eric Rader

Katherine Rea

Sibyl Reed

Karen and James Register

Albert and Gayle Reid

Sylvia Revis

Larry Riggan

Linda Rigono

Kenneth Roberts

Carl and Susan Robinson

Robert and Dianne Robinson

Bobby and Charlotte Rogers

Alfred Rogers

Fred Rosenkampff

Traci and Mark Rutledge

David and Ellen Ryan

Jeffrey and Cindy Sackett

Sallie and Edward Salley

Sandra Saunders

Dwight and Betty Saunders

Carol Saunooke

Jon Saylor

Karl and Rachel Schul

B Scroggs

Christopher Seigh

David and Ann Setzer

Dwight and Dorothea Sherrill

Mary Shields

Daniel Shuford

Edwin and Ann Sizemore

Lenny and Marjorie Smathers

William Smith

Jack Smith

Mark and Lisa Smith

W Smith

Sandra Sosby

Frederick and Myra Spitzhoff

Wade and Elisabeth St. John

Dianne Starnes

Milton Staton

William Staton

William and Leigh Stephenson

Dennis Stewart

Ruth and Vernon Stewart

Donnie Stiles

James Stinson

Kay and Michael Stone

Amy Strickland

Walter Stringer

Nancy Stroud

Lucian Szlizewski

Michael Tanner

Sharon and George Taylor

Thomas and Ann Taylor

Paul and Olive Taylor

Romulus and Kimberly Teague

Melinda and Stanley Tedder

Freida and Joe Terrell

Robert and Pamela Thomas

Edward and Rebecca Thompson

Robert and Janice Thompson

John and Sharon Thurman

Gerald and Cynthia Towson

Shannan and Katherine Triplette

David Truell

Robert and Angela Tuck

Lawrence and Georgia Turner

Jo and Jeff VanDyke

Gene and Rita Vinson

J Vinson

Samuel and Tara Walker

Susan Waller

Julia Warren

Bob Washam and Doris Smith-Washam

Albert and Anne Washington

Vesta and Ron Watson

Oren and Mary Webb

Roberta Wessling

Malvern and Nancy West

Mary West

Herbert and Marianne White

Jacqueline White

James and Dottie Whitesides

Kelly and Pamela Wilkinson

Lowell and Deanna Williams

David and Lucy Williams

William Willis

Tony and Sherry Willis

Rosella and Russell Wilson

Margaret Witt

Stephen and Mary Woody

Edsel and Hedy Wooten

Charles Wright

Robert Wykle

June Wynne

Ted and Jackie Yoder


Nora Abel

Loretta and Douglas Adams

Julia Adams

Melissa Adams

Dawn and Peter Adams

Linda Alden

Mary and Carl Aldredge

Jimmy and Barbara Alexander

Linda Alexander

Marcia Allen

Gaius and Geraldine Allen

Betty Allen

Inga and William Allred

Hal and Donna Ammons

Jane and Terry Andersen

Jacqueline Anderson

Betty and Jerry Anderson

Jeanie and Ray Anderson

Kim Andrews

Ellen and John Arnold

James Arrington

Jane Aslinger

Elaine Austin

Sharon Bagwell

Tracey and Charles Bailey

William and Carol Baker

Laura and Gerry Baker

Frank Baker

Samantha Baldwin

Richard and Barbara Baldwin

Gary and Janet Ball

Barry Band

Celina and Cecil Barber

Goodlow Bark

Pamala Barmore

Patti Barnes

Christine Barnett

David Barrineau

Robert and Nancy Barron

Daniel Bartholomew

Glen Bass

Henry and Glenda Baucom

Dona Baucom

Brenda and Alan Beam

Peggy Beaman

James Beasley

Paul Beasley

Lloyd and Dodi Beaver

John Beavers

Kenneth and Shirley Beck

A. and Sarah Beddingfield

Douglas and Sandra Belch

Sibyl Bell

Doris and Daryl Bennett

Everette and Gail Bentley

Bruce Berrier

Colleen Berson

James Biddix

Laura Bishop

Myra Blackburn

Thurman and Marie Blackman

Sandra and William Blake

Bonnie Blalock

Lacy and Wendy Blanchard

John and Janet Blevins

Dewey and Patsy Bodenhamer

Judith Bodley

Karen Bograd

Kathleen Bonfoey

Kathleen Bonisa

Lowell and Marilyn Bonnett

Shannon Boone

Donna Boone

David Boone

Andrea Border

Byard and Susan Bost

Welch Bostick

Mary Jo and Charles Boswell

T and Tonya Bovender

Linda Bowers

Carl and Anne Bowers

Brenda Bowman

Philip Bowser and Carolyn Dawson

Dean and Tanya Boyd

Virginia and Robert Boyd

Pat and Charles Boyd

V. and Martha Boyles

Wanda and Norman Bradford

Ernest and Diana Bradley

Kevin and Frances Brandon

George Braswell

Patricia and John Brenner

Larry Brinson

Julia Britt

John Britt

Karen Broadway

Marion Brock

Myriel Brooks

Kitty and Mark Brooks

Sandra Brooms

Gordon and Jewell Brown

Carolyn Brown

Jane Brown

James Brown

Sheila and Scott Browning

Robert and Sue Bruce

Vicki Brunnick

Timothy Byrd and Ruth Hepler-Byrd

Lula Bryson

Hale Bryson

Cory Bryson

Linda Buchanan

Bobby and Barbara Buchanan

Heather and Walter Buck

Thomas and Alice Buckner

Rodney and Teresa Buckner

Bobby Buff

Lisa and Mark Buff

Rollan and Eleanor Bullman

Rita Burch

Kristen Burgess

Donald and Edna Burgin

Allison Burnette

Dorothy Burnette

Jane Burns

T Burns

Bryan and Margaret Burrell

Tonya Burris

Wynona Butner

Sandra Butt

Alton and Phyllis Byers

Robin Byrd

Mary Byrd

Wendy and Bill Cagle

James and Jean Calaverne

Judith and Wayne Caldwell

Janice and Roger Caldwell

Helen Caldwell

Laura Call

Jack Calloway

Jack and Kathy Camp

Billy Campbell

Rosemary Campbell

Cynthia and Clarence Campbell

Hamilton Campbell

John Cannon

Millie Cansler

Francis Capps and Louise Randall-Capps

William and Jane Caraway

Ednanne and C Carmon

Scott and Susan Carr

Constantine and Cristina Carras

Joseph Carreiro

Susan and Clark Carringer

David and Cynthia Carter

Sam Carter

Genia Carter

Nancy Carter

Marlene Carver

Pam Casey

Edward Cates

Debbie Chadwick

Franlyna and James Charles

Charles and Libby Cheek

John Cheney

Lisa Cherry

David Cheyne

Lynne Chiger

Christina and Carey Childers

Margaret Chiriaco

Jill and David Chouvelon

William and Martha Chovan

Anita Churm

John and Marilyn Clark

Michael Clark

John and Carol Clark

Tommy and Dorothy Clark

James and Francine Clarke

Betty Clary

Larry Clifton

Pamela Clippard

Anne and Patrick Cloninger

Lewis and Marietta Cloud

Norris Clouse

Richard Coburn

Susan and David Cochrane

Kim and Troy Cole

Michael Coleman

Robert Colgan

Robert and Pamela Collette

Sherri and Paul Collins

John and Bobbie Collins

Eunice Colmore

Lisa Combs

Benjamin and Paige Comm

John Condrey

David and Jean Conley

Barbara Connell

Norma Cook

Loretta Cooper

Jane Copeland

Harold Copley

James Corbett

Elizabeth Cornwell

Clyde and Wanda Corriher

Karen and Daniel Costner

James and Rhetta Cothran

Patricia Cowan

Dillon Cox

Ricky Cox

Letha Cox

Gabrielle and Jon Craig

Christy Craig

John Crane-Baker

Sybil Crawford

Patty and Harold Crawley

Danielle and Henry Creech

Robert and Yvonne Creekmore

Teresa Crider

Trisha Crisco

Thomas and Beverly Cropp

Clarence Cross

Kimberlee Crouch

Clara Crutchfield

Lynn and Clarence Cunningham

Rebecca Cunningham

Susan Curtis

Tony Dagenhart

Mary and Thomas Daily

Dixie Dalton

Lucille Daniel

Elsie Daniels

Nancy Daughtery

Elizabeth Davenport

Jean and Willard Davenport

James and Glenda Davis

Kyra Davis

Marie Davis

Jeffrey and Lori Davis

Robert and Margaret Davis

Benjamin and Stacey Davis

James and Jolinda Deal

Michael and Robin Deal

Michael Deal

James and Jewel Deangelis

Gail and Jack Debnam

C. and Teresa Decker

Donald Deibert

Robert and Barbara Dellinger

Brenda Dellinger

Jane Demartini

Ann Demiter

Sherry and Tommy Dendy

David and Pamela Dennis

Bonnie and Dennis Detar

Mary and James DeWeese

Karen Dickert

Christie Dietrich

Gale and Cecil Dills

Derrill and Cynthia Dilworth

Robert and Jean Dinkins

Stephen Dixon

Karen Dobert

Diane and Robert Dolman

Kathleen Doole

Joseph and Kathy Doughton

John and Gail Dove

Sandra Doyle

Betty and Dave Driver

Max Duckett

Jack and Nancy Duckworth

Deborah and Richard Dukes

Kendra Duley

Colin and Laura Dunnigan

Nancy Easton

Timothy and Sheryl Ann Eaves

Lynn and James Ebner

James and Linda Echols

Rodney Eckard

Kelly and Angela Edens

Stephanie and Steven Edlund

Elizabeth Edmonds

Michael and Caroline Edmondson

Kenneth and Vickie Edwards

Lorraine Edwards

Joseph and Cheryl Edwards

Geoffrey and Tara Edwards

Kimerly and James Edwards

Ralph Edwards

Pauline and Bob Egelson

Fitzallen Eldridge

Joe El-Khouri

Lydia Elliott

Gilbert Elliott

William Elmore

Janet Elrod

John and Gail Embler

Carla Emch

Linda and Carl Englert

Vicki and Richard Erwin

Anita Erwin-Smart

Robin Estes

Janet Estes

Grover and Hilda Ewart

Clinton Fairey

Charles and Deborah Farrington

Pamela Fedor

Kenneth and Kathy Ferebee

Carola Ferell

David Finn

Leslie Fisher

Forrest and Nancy Fleming

Robert and Linda Forcum

Mary Ford

Dawn and Jonathan Ford

Steven and Mary Foster

Betty and Charles Foti

Ashley and Jo Ann Fowler

Paula and J. Fowler

Michael Fox

Kelly and Burnis Frady

Heather Francis

Richard Francis

Jennifer Freda

Patricia Freeman

Patricia Freeman

Mae Freeman

Ted and Betty Freeman

Timothy and Julia Freeman

Theresa and Michael Frey

Kenneth Frick

Susan and Jim Fritts

Jerry and Ginger Fullbright

Eddie and Renee Funderburk

Travis and Aprille Furr

Mary and Leonard Gabris

Thomas and Bobbie Gaffigan

Renfrow and Gayle Galloway

Judy and Michael Gantt

Thomas and Gail Gardner

Mary Garrett

Tony Garrison

Susan Garrison and Nolan Prestwood

Paula Garrison

Lynne Gasiorek

Paolo Gasperini

Chenoa Gass

Shela and Ronald Gearren

James Geiger

Jo George

Elizabeth Giandomenico

John and Martha Gibson

Walter Glance

Gerald and Carolyn Glendenning

Elizabeth Glenn

Sarah Glines

James Goff

Hart and Sara Goodson

Barbara Goolsby

Charles and Nancy Gordon

Beth and Scott Gorman

John and Virginia Gorski

Edna Goshorn

Donna Gower

John and Marilyn Graham

Penny Graham and Charles Stephens

Kathryn Graham

Linda and James Grant

Deborah Gravely

Beth Gray

Tracy Green

Frank and Lucy Greenwell

Julie and Billy Grice

Franklin and Rita Griffin

David Griffiths

Suzanne Grissom

Charles Groce

Hughes and Saundra Grogan

Steven and Gayle Grogan

George Grow

Kimberly Grugan

William and Christa Grymes

Charles and Hester Gurley

Nancy and Norman Guthrie

Barbara Hackett

Kathy and Donald Haehnel

Deborah Hage

Ricki and Thomas Hall

Ronald Hall

Roland Hamby

Dennis and Shirley Hamilton

Susan Hamilton

Cynthia and Dennis Hamrick

Kenneth and Catherine Hannah

Sandra Hansen

William Hardesty

Mitzi and Barry Hardin

Amy Hargrove

Charles and Mary Harkins

Betty Harraman

Sue and Claude Harris

Michael Harris

Jack and Frances Harris

Robert and Linda Harrison

James and Terri Harrison

Richard Harrison and Adrienne Fox

William and Alice Hart

Ralph Harwood

Ralph Haselman

Lani Hashimoto and Jack Tomplins

Joan Haskett

Barbara and James Hastings

Jerry Hawkins

Joe Hawkins

Michael Hawthorne

Pamela and Brian Haynes

Johnny Haynes

David and Lynn Hecht

Joe and Frances Hedden

W Hedrick

James Heglar

Deborah and Pierce Hegler

John and Carmen Heiser

Kevin and Donna Helms

Denise Hembree

Virginia Hemmer

Jeffrey and Katherine Hemric

James Henderson

Olivia Henderson

Kimsey and S. Deneese Henderson

Nita Henderson

Wallace and Janet Henry

Rodney Herlong

Charles Hicks

Richard Higgins

Barbara and Harlen Higgins

Bobby High

Sharon and Michael Hill

Nancy Hill

Robert and Luann Hill

Naomi and Charles Hillon

Kenneth and Susan Hills

Betty Hines

Fred Hinson

Ada and Herman Hipps

Carleson Hipps

Dennis and Jennifer Hobbie

Robert and Brenda Hogsed

Belinda Hogue

Kathleen and Ronald Holland

Stephen Holland

Wayne Holland

Robin Holley

Leonard and Lynn Hollifield

Nancy and Roy Holloway

Virginia Holmes

Margaret Holsopple

Robert Holt

Earl Honeycutt

C and Lynne Hood

William and Marthann Hooper

David and Zada Hooten

Laton and Mary Horton

Michael and Nancy Hough

Lynde and Edwin Howard

Lowell Howell

January and Lee Howell

Martha and Robert Howell

Crystal and Philip Hubbard

Elizabeth Huffman

Gilbert and Patricia Huggins

Ellerd and Phyllis Hulbert

Christopher and Amy Hull

Robert Hull

Carolyn HuntRobin Hunter

Leslie Hutcherson

Nancy Huy-Perry

Linda and Michael Hyde

Brent Icenhour

Stoney and Diane Ingram

David Irvin

Dwight Jackson

Beth Jackson-Perez

William and Anne James

Dana and Kenan James

Ellen Jeffers

Antony and Christine Jelley

Melody Jenkins

Amanda Jessup

Delina and Ralph Jewell

Barbara and Robert Johnson

Frankie Johnson

Alzia Johnson

Sharon Johnston

Richard Jolly

Elizabeth Jones and Ben Eller

Tina and Mark Jones

Donald Jones

Dana Jones

Bobby and Martha Jones

James and Kimberly Jones

Mack and Betty Jones

Gary Jones

Robert Jones

Laurie Jones

Kenneth Jordan

Edward and Jean Jordan

Kenneth Jordan

Ivan and Marjorie Joslin

Anita and John Joyce

Stephen and Frances Juhlin

Glenn Kahn

James Kane

John and Patricia Keeter

William Keeton

Sandra Kellum

Margaret Kennedy

Wilson and Joan Kennerly

Jackie and Jay Kent

Steven and Candice Kerhoulas

John Kilby

Maryann and Craig Killen

Frank Killian

Ruth Kimberly

Bradford Kimzey

William and Billie Kindley

Judith Kinney

John Kirby

Clifford and Marjorie Kircus

Ethel and William Kirkpatrick

James and Melissa Kiser

Evelyn and W Kiser

Ruby and Herbert Kluttz

Patricia Koonts

Louise Koontz

Donald and Carrie Kostelec

Todd and Catherine Kratzer

Catherine and David Kulla

Charles and Suzanne Kullman

Terry and Margaret Kunz

Joyce Lackey

Evan Lackey

Janet Ladd

Susan Laden

April and David Lamanno

Kenneth and Brenda Lamb

Kimlyn and Douglas Lambert

Cyndi Lampros

William Lancaster

Susan and John Laney

Mary and Bill Lanning

Shari Latta

John and Donna Lawlor

Edward Lawrence

Laura Lawson

Laura Leatherwood

Carla Lee

Charles and Dorothy Lee

Mary and Michael Lemmons

Carole Lentz

Gloria and Eugene Lentz

Donald and Joanna Leonard

Wade Leonard

Joan Lester

Pearl Levar

Caroline and Terry Levi

Kathy Leviner

Betty Lewis

Sherwin Lewis

Debora and Michael Lindsay

Norma Lindsay

Jennifer and Philip Lindsey

Charles and Melody Lindsey

David Lingerfelt

Emory Lipscomb

Betsy and Ronald Lisk

Harry Litaker

Michael and Sue Litaker

Tillman and Sarah Little

Charles Little

Penny and Thomas Locke

Queen Locklear

Robert and Judith Lodding

Sharon Loftis

Norman Long

Stephen Long

Sharan Long

Arthur Long

Donna Longwith

Michelle and Donald Lourcey

Lucille and David Lowe

Tiffany and Brent Lowery

Patricia Lucas

John and Elizabeth Lusby

Rita Lutz

Patricia Lybrand

Mary and Thomas Lytle

Philip and Kristie Macchia

Hugh and Lisa MacDonell

Jacqueline MacKay

Robert and Sandra Magee

Thomas Mahon

Laura Maierhoffer

Teresa and Charles Mallonee

Evelyn and Joe Mando

Rodney and Jacqueline Mangum

Shelton Manning

Keith Manuel

Cathey Maples

Kathleen Mara

Marshall and June Martin

Carole and Richard Martin

Fred Martin

Billy Martin

Sally and Fred Martin

Michael Martin

Timothy and Linda Martin

Cecil and Barbara Mashburn

Charles and Kathy Mashburn

Vickie Massey

Gerald and Judy Matheny

Lisa Mathes

Hurschell and Angela Mathews

Jeffery and Dayle Mathis

James Mathis

Robert Matthews

Sherri Maxwell

Sarah and Glenn Mayes

Richard and Jane Mayr

Patricia McCall

Margaret and J. Dan McCall

Steve McCallie

William McCanless

Jeffrey McCarthy

Mark and Joanne McClain

Richard McClellan

Maureen McClure

Carol McConnell

Patrick and Paula Michelle McCora

Robert McCoy

Judy and Carl McCracken

Roger McCrosson

Gregory McDade

Alice and William McDonald

Philip and Julie McFall

Cynthia and John McFerran

Karla and Brandon McGaha

Johnna McGinnis

Betty McGuire

Charles and Darlene McIlwain

April and Barry McKinney

Sylvia McLendon

Barbara McMorrow

Manilla and Robert McNeal

William McNeely

Jeri McNeilly

Deborah McRae

Samuel Meade

Bruce and D. Annie Mears

Wilda Medford

Bruce and Sarah Medlin

Richard Meek

Sharon Mehaffey

John and Deborah Mehaffey

Frances Melton

Iris Meltzer

David and Shirley Messer

Norma Messer

Roger and Anita Metcalf

Bruce Meyers

David Michael

Niall and Terry Michelsen

Margaret and Phillip Miller

Georgia and Edward Miller

Patricia Miller and Michael Duncan

Susan and John Miller

Mackey Miller

Joseph and Phyllis Miller

Ronnie Miller

Clota Millsaps

James and Mary Mincey

Robin and Chris Minick

Allen Mintz

Laura Misner

Catherine Mitchell

Phillip Monk

John and Pamela Montagna

David and Phyllis Monteith

Russell and Courtney Montgomery

Bruce Moon

Carl Mooney and Sheila Gardin-Mooney

Elbert Moore

Robert and Helen Moore

Cheryl Moore

Ramona Moore

Robert and Peggy Moore

Erica and Russ Moore

John Moose

Louise Morgan

William and Susan Morgan

Sonya Morgan

William and Janet Morgan

George and Patsy Morgan

Leonard Morgan

Becky Morris

Jennifer Morris

Joan Morrison

Jesse and Margaret Moss

Rita and Randal Moss

Stanton and Rebecca Moss

Edna and Robert Munro

Charles Murdock

Mary and Michael Murphy

Perry Murphy

Robert Murray

Mary Muse

Michael and Sandra Myers

Otis and Kathy Myers

Eric Naimark

Elmo Neal

Dawn Neatherly

Deborah Neill

Lisa Nelsen

Steve Nelson

Andrea and Aaron Neumeyer

Kevin Newman

Warren and Shirlene Newsom

Erika Newsom

Michael Nichols

Plummer and Jane Nicholson

Furman and Cathy Nicholson

Jenny and Walter Nicholson

Debbie and David Nix

Jack and Nancy Nixon

Sharon Noble

James Noland

Nancy and Ted Norcross

Harold Norman

Stephen and Sharon Norman

Michael and Sharman Norman

Sandy Norris

David and Sandra Norris

Leonard Northington

Barbara and James Norton

Ruth and L Oakes

Evette and Garrett O'Connor

Leonard Odom

Tony and Karen Oliver

Teresa Olsen

Bernard Olson

Cindy and Brian Osborne

Vicki and Malcolm O'Shields

Linda and H. Overcash

Donald and Geraldine Overman

Karen and William Packer

Merel and George Painter

Jerry Parker

Ray Parker

Randall Parker

Zachari Parker

Boyce and Donna Parks

Deanna Parrott

Roy Parton

Barbara Passmore

Brenda and Gary Patterson

Roy and Nancy Patterson

Norma and Robert Pattillo

Myra Patton

Carol Paxton

John and Teresa Payne

Olivia and Charles Payne

Edward and Sandra Payne

Cheri Paysour

David and Joyce Pearce

Neal and Wanda Peek

Michael and Karen Peeler

Jeremiah Pegram

Susan and Gil Pender

Grace Penny

Gina Perkins

Margaret Perkins

Rosann and Eugene Perrotta

James Perry

Betty Perry

Michael Peters

Carolyn and V Peterson

William Petrie

Frank and Barbara Pfau

Donna Pharr

Susan Phillips

David and Wendy Phlegar

Diana and John Pierce

Mark and Lesa Pierce

Donna and Dwain Pilkington

Norman Pingley

William and Lucy Pipes

Julia Pittman

Julia Plemmons

James Plemmons

Zelda Ponder

Carrie and Reginald Ponder

Larry and Gwendolyn Poorbaugh

Debra Post

Steven and Deborah Poteat

Kathryn Potts

Dwayne and Shanaia Powell

Robert Pozner

Susan Prendergast

Ruby Price

Laura Price

Craig and Nancy Probst

Frank and Mary Prochaska

Barbara and Evans Proctor

Ardith Propst

Carollyn Pruett

Eliot and Catherine Purdy

Julie Queen

Carl Queen

Nancy Quinn

Walter Rabb

Pamela Raines

Jeffrey and Charlotte Rainwater

James Ramey

Angela and Adam Ramsey

Martin Ramsey

Watson and Emeline Rankin

Philip Rash

David Raymond

Susan Reese

Cynthia Reeves

Ronald and Angela Reid

John and Joanne Reid

Larry Reid

Kathryn and David Rentz

Robert and Loretta Revis

Helen and Don Reynolds

Judith and Carter Rhinehart

Patsy Rhodes

Arbie Rhodes

Alice Rhoney

Anita Rice

Serenity Richards

Jane and Max Riddle

Roy Ridenhour

Edward Ridings

Jim and Joyce Riggs

John Riley

Cynthia and Gerald Rinaman

Laurie Ritter

Steve and Wanda Roberson

Noble Roberts

Joyce and Norman Roberts

Judy Roberts

Jo Ann Robertson

Wayne and Linda Robinette

Myra Robinson

Linda and Harry Robinson

Beverly Robinson

Clara Robinson

Dora Robinson

Jean Roderiguez

Brian Rogers

Stephen Rogers

Jerry Rogers

Elvena and Kenneth Rogers

George Roland

David and Debbie Roper

James and Sherry Roshelli

William Rothermel

Jane Rouse

James and Rena Rowell

Larry Rowland

Jessica Rowland

Phillip Royall

Jacqueline and Edward Roye

Judith and David Russell

Clifton Saintsing

Ronnie and Zoe Sams

Paul Sanders

Gilbert Sarvis

Frank Saunders

Viana Schmidt

Michelle and Andy Schmidt

Denissa and David Schulman

Jane Schulz

Ellen Schwerer

Nancy Scott

Rick and Lynette Scronce

Ezilee Seals

William and Susan Seaman

Jane and Donald Seawell

James Seay

William and Anne Seippel

Barbara and Larry Settlemyre

Nicky and Evelyn Setzer

Bobby and Hazel Anne Setzer

Dennis and Beth Setzer

R Seymour

Margaret and William Shafer

Edwin and Brenda Shaver

Richard and Marilyn Shaw

Madelon Sheedy

James and Carol Shell

Jimmy and Patricia Shelton

David and Paulette Shemelya

Heidi Sherman

Nancy Sherrill

John Shoffner

Nancy Shope

Frances and Daniel Shuler

Brian Siegle

Shelley Silliman

James Singleton

Olen and Mary Sisk

Lynn Skipper

Kellye Slate

John and Gracia Slater

Barbara and Carlton Sligh

Alice Sluder

Robert Sluder

Kathy Small

Bruce and Kathy Smart

Gerald and Anne Smart

David and Susan Smeltz

Phillip and Sharon Smiley

Thomas Smith

John Smith

John and Rebecca Smith

Martha and Robert Smith

Linda and Tom Smith

Perry and James Smith

Bettie Smith

Freida Smith

John Smith

Laura and Anthony Smith

Sandra and G Michael Smith

K and Elizabeth Smith

Ralph and Nancy Smith

Jane Smith

Lynnelle Smith

James Smith

Christian and Alton Smith

Gwynette and Randy Smith

Nathan and Porsha Smith

Wayne Smith

Carolyn Smith

Danny and Carolyn Snead

Amy Snyder

Richard and Katherine Soderquist

Jean and Mike Somers

Dwight and Lilian Sparks

Gerald Spaugh

William and Sylvia Spell

Patsy Spencer

Margaret Spilker

Ellen and Lynn Sprague

Peter Sprague

Dean Sprinkle

Marilynn and James Sproull

Edward and Judith Spry

Julian Squires

Leisa Stamey

Marty Stamey

Charles Starnes

Richard Steiner

Peggy Steinke

Gloria Stephan

Jo Stephens

Gordon Stephenson

George and Jane Stevens

Genevieve and Robert Stevens

Frankie Stewart

Linda Stewart

Betty Still

Kathy Stillwell

Misty and Christopher Stiltner

Kay Stogner

Kelley Stokes

David Stokes

John and Gloria Stokes

Phyllis Stowe

James Strickland

Rhoda and Warren Strickland

John and Dorothy Stroup

Chauncey Stroup

Leura Stubbs

Dorine Styles

William and Lee Ann Sullivan

Thomas and Kim Sullivan

Susan and Bryan Sullivan

Cynthia and Jimmie Sumerel

Cynthia and Brian Summers

Nancy Sutton

Alton and Rena Sutton

Karen and Bruce Sutton

Judy and Jack Sutton

Edith Swaringen

William Sweet

Douglas and Martha Tallent

Patsy Tatham

John and Helen Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Jerry and Cheryl Taylor

Carolyn and Joe Taylor

Lora Taylor

Kermit and Reta Teague

Kevin Tennyson

Byron and Tamara Terrell

Carlton and Shawna Terry

Colleen and F Thomas

Donald and Jesalyn Thomas

Susan Thomasson

Gloria and Bobby Thompson

Virginia Thompson

Edna Thompson

Janice and Eric Thompson

Regina Thompson

Cathy Thornburg

Jim Tiger

James Tiger

Betty and Fred Tinsley

Daniel Tinsley

Richard and Pat Todebush

Dominique and Michael Toedt

Dolores Tola

Ashley and Stuart Toler

Perry Tomlin

James and Michelle Tripp

Steve and Ann Trogdon

Rufus and Judy Turner

Shannon Turner

Linda and Bill Turner

Sara and Joseph Tyburski

Linda Tyler

James Van Arsdall

Julia Van Buren

William and Sally Vanhoy

Vickie Vaughan

Wanda and Gene Venable

Jewell Vinson

Nicki and Daniel Vogel

Debra and Andrew Von Plinsky

Michael Vorwerk

Barbara and Michael Waggoner

David and Edna Waldrop

Laura and Mitchell Waldroup

Wayne and Patricia Walker

Jann and William Walker

Lewis and Barbara Walker

Hugh Walker

Sandra Walker

Mary and Jimmy Wall

Karen Wallace

Cheryl Wallen

Jill and Richard Waller

Jack Walter

Robert and Lily Walton

Cynthia and John Ward

Melinda and Michael Ward

Rebekah Warner

Gary Warren

Beverly and Chuck Warren

Edward and Samantha Warren

Mark Warwick and Paige Posey

Margaret Waters

Richard Watkins

Glenda Weaver

Brian Weaver

James and Tamara Webb

Sandra and Lee Webster

Kevin and Robin Weeks

Barbara Weinkle

Catherine Wells

Katherine and Harold Wells

Bobby Wells

Dona and Tom West

Sandra West

Mark and Linda Whisenhunt

Jean Whisnant

Janet and James White

Paula and Maurice White

Gail White

Robert and Denise White

Judyth White

Clifton and Lisa Whitfield

Franklyn and Pamela Whitlock

Ron and Susan Whitmire

Zana Whitmire

Boyce and Jeanette Whitmire

Yolonda and Larry Wiggins

Pauline Wiggins

Kenna and Jon Wiggins

Katherine Wiggins

Warren and Leslie Wilkes

Ludy Wilkie

Ruth and J Williams

Shelley and Christopher Williams

Trina and Louis Williams

Doris Williams

Douglas Williams

Franklin Williams

Vanessa Williamson

Beth and Erick Willis

Janet and Phillip Wills

Kathy Wilson

Myra Wilson

Celeste Wilson

Linda and Ronald Wilson

Donald and Mildred Wilson

Kathleen and Kenneth Wilson

Dorland Winkler

J Wise

Dana and Michael Wiseman

John and Jenny Witter

Curtis Wood

Rhonda Wood

Kevin Woodard

Evelyn Woody

Royce and Marcia Woosley

Cecil Worsham

Harriet and Waring Worsham

Joseph Wray

Michael Wright

George and Susan Wright

Murat and Christy Yazan

Kathryn Young

Lester and Joyce Young

Reilly Yount

Ronald and Dianne Yount

Susan and Ronald Yowell

Joel Zibelin and Patricia Chastain

Paul Zimmer

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