Group Counseling

Arika Morrison

Therapy groups are typically small groups that meet weekly to discus topics of concern.  The group is generally organized around a theme or issue and allows group members to listen to each other, provide feedback and gain insight both through talking about their own concerns and helping other group members work through their issues.  Research shows that group is at least as effective as individual therapy for a variety of concerns and benefits multiple people while allowing for a real life examples of interactions for all members. If you have questions about group counseling, contact our group therapy coordinator, Betsy Aspinwall.

Therapy Groups

interpersonal process groups

Participants in interpersonal process groups explore and talk about patterns of relating to self and others with the aim of developing greater understanding and acceptance of themselves and others. Presenting issues vary widely and include; depression, anxiety, difficulties relating to/accepting self or others, issues of family conflict or abuse, etc. Students who want to resolve specific concerns as well as those seeking personal growth are welcome. This can be a good time for individuals to get their peers' perspectives on various issues, and recognize that they are not alone.

mindfulness matters practice group

Mindfulness is a universal human capacity—a way of paying attention—that can be cultivated, sustained and integrated into everyday life.  Join these ongoing practice groups to strengthen your mindfulness meditation skills.

rainbow room

Whether you are questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation or you’ve already "claimed" your gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender identity, sometimes it’s helpful to have a safe space where you can regularly connect with a small group of people with similar life experiences. Rainbow Room is a confidential, respectful, counselor-facilitated support group! Issues discussed could include coming out, gay life in rural communities, spirituality, handling discrimination and oppression effectively, and more. This meeting will be held on a regular basis but for privacy’s sake the specific location & time will not be published.


For more information or to schedule an appointment for a brief pre-group interview, contact CAPS at 828.227.7469 and ask for Jay Manalo

resiliency & stress management

This is a solution-focused group aimed at helping students acquire skills necessary to feel better fast and reduce stress. It targets specific stress management and coping techniques. You can come for one group meeting, or attend them all!   All students who participate in the Resiliency & Stress Management Group need to have an initial meeting with a CAPS counselor prior to attending group.

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