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WCU Campus Recreation offers regular exercise programming, special events, certifications and training and more for the campus community.

Spring 2017 Group X Schedule
Shape Up Saturday

Make time to de-stress between your study sessions by squeezing in your physical activity with our Group X program fitness classes. Dance through a zumba class, join a strength training class, or go to an intense HIIT class. Classes are offered Monday through Saturday.

It's time to get excited about the Spring 2017 Group X program! All classes will begin on Wednesday, January 11, you'll be able to access the schedule on Monday, January 9. Group X is $10 for the entire Spring semester for Campus Recreation Center members. You can avoid the long lines of the first week of classes by purchasing your passes today!  Cash or check is required for payment at the Campus Recreation Center anytime we are open.

Non-members (faculty/staff/spouses/life partners) interested in participating in Aqua X only can purchase a pass for $25.00 from the Campus Recreation Center. For more information please visit the Campus Recreation Center front desk or call 227-7069. Registration & payment is accepted any time the CRC is open. Cash or check ONLY.



Personal Trainers help instruct and educate you on the most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. A trainer can:

  • Assess your health history and level of conditioning.          
  • Create and accomplish long and short term fitness goals.
  • Ensure a safe and effective workout.
  • Learn new training skills.
  • Enhance your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Improve your overall fitness.
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight.


Wednesday, February 15, 7:00-8:00pm, Studio 2
Join guest instructor, Kelly Timco, for this fun fitness activity featuring homemade hoops. If you have never tried a bigger hoop, now is your chance! The larger the hoop is in diameter, the slower the hoop will revolve around your body, which makes hooping easier. Both on and off body techniques will be taught, dance music and sharing smiles. Calories burn as this total body workout tones, strengthens, and is a proven mood lifter!


Yoga to Love Your Body NOW
Wednesday, March 15, 7:00-8:00pm, Studio 2
Your body is your direct line to the world and your life in it. Don't wait until you achieve the "perfect" body to love life; love your body, and life, as it is, NOW. Chad Hallyburton is the guest instructor to lead participants through this class.



Cross Training Challenge 2017

The Cross Training Challenge is back for Spring 2017 with a fresh new look! Review the directions below and the CTC tracking form to learn the details of what's happening this year.

Dates: Monday, January 16 - Sunday, March 5


  • Choose two of the following categories: cardio, strength, or other. All participants must complete the wellness category.
  • Complete the designated amount of days of your chosen categories.
  • Once you've completed 100% of your two choice categories and the wellness category, turn your form into the CRC.

T-shirts will be ordered at the conclusion of the program. Once they arrive an email will be sent to those who completed the challenge to pick up their hard earned shirt!

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CTC Tracking Form

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