Student Parking Ticket Appeals

We, the Student Government Association Supreme Court, process student’s parking ticket appeals and make verdicts on them. The court is an unbiased panel consisting of six Justices, an associate Chief Justice, a Chief Justice, and a Clerk of Court.

The court is held weekly at the University Center. Our office location is in room 216 on the second level of the University Center. The court is here for the benefit of the students of Western Carolina University, however the court’s decisions are based on the University’s parking regulations. Last but not least, READ THE SIGNS, they will tell you where to park.

Please keep in mind that the following will result in an automatic guilty and the Traffic Court will not hear this appeal:

  • Parking in a Handicap Spot
  • Parking near a Fire Hydrant
  • Parking in a Fire Lane
  • State Citation (not campus issued)
  • If ticket is appealed more then seven days after the ticket is written
  • If the appeal form is not filled out completely

SGA Traffic Court meets every Wednesday evening in the UC.
Please email your questions for SGA Traffic Court at

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