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Conversational and Beginning Language Classes

Speak German Course


German for Beginners
February 7 - April 11, 2018

Wednesday Evenings from 5:30pm to 7pm
Room 143 - Cordelia Camp Building
$59.00 before February 1 / $79 after Feb. 1

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Deutsch für Anfänger (German for Beginners) is a self-contained, conversation-based beginning German course designed for adults and built around high-quality, original, electronic materials designed by the professor and requiring no extra purchase. Topics to be covered include formal and informal introductions, talking about origins and hometowns, shopping, traveling, eating, clothing and colors, the weather, asking what things are and how to spell them, family life, marriage, hobbies, and more.

Dr. Will Lehman teaches all levels of German-and sometimes Spanish-at WCU. He is himself an avid traveler and language learner and has also taken classes in Dutch, Hebrew, and Cherokee. He is currently learning Mandarin, for which he has taken courses in the US and in China. Every summer he takes a group of WCU students to his “Zweite Heimat” (home away from home) in Stuttgart, Germany.

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