Diversity Dialogues

College is more than an education, it’s an experience – an often unexpected, exciting, life-changing experience that shapes who we become. College changes us, and it does so by bringing us together with diverse people and opening our eyes to different views of the world. This February, in honor of Black History Month, WCU sets out to explore one unique collection of student perspectives – those of students of color. We invite you, on this page and on social media, to hear, to learn and to share your own story.

Student Voices


Jai Graham

I think that when I first came to WCU, I already had an idea of what to expect because I was practically raised in Asheville and went to schools there throughout my entire... Read more


Tenae Turner

When I first got here, I didn’t really see a lot of African-American students. I really just stayed in my room, went to class, went to the cafeteria with my roommate... Read more


Manteo Mitchell

When I attended WCU, the numbers overall were slim. There were less than 8,000 students on campus. Coming from a predominantly white high school, I already... Read more


Hlekani Totten

Being here at Western as an African-American student and an African-American woman, it’s been both good and bad. The good side is I feel like being here, I was able... Read more


Clifton Price

At WCU I experienced many things. I received a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Education, and a minor in Psychology. I'm currently attending WCU for a masters... Read more


Mya Lesley Drakeford

When I first got here my freshman year, fall of 2013, it was very awkward because I wasn’t used to being around a lot of white people. It was kind of a culture shock... Read more




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