Award Forms

Student Forms

We strongly encourage students to apply for scholarships from sources other than WCU. Students selected to receive scholarships from outside sources are required to notify us of their awards. Please submit the appropriate form from the options listed below.

Outside Scholarship Form

The Outside Scholarship Form should be submitted by all students receiving financial assistance from sources other than Western Carolina University.  It is permissible to list more than one scholarship on the Outside Scholarship Form.  This form should not be submitted until you have received notification that you are a scholarship recipient.

Student Athlete Outside Scholarship Certification

This form is required of students who will be participating on one of our intercollegiate athletic teams. Separate forms must be submitted for each outside scholarship you will be receiving.

Donor Forms

If you are providing scholarship assistance for a Western Carolina University student, please submit the Outside Scholarship Donor Form to our office.  This form enables us to appropriately disburse scholarship funds by receiving the following information from you:

The term(s) in which the funds are to be disbursed (fall, spring, summer A or summer B; split evenly fall/spring, etc.):  Please note that our usual practice is to split academic year funds evenly between fall and spring semesters.

Donor name, address, contact phone number and an e-mail address (if available):  In the event that the student withdraws before receiving the funds or does not enroll, we will need to return the funds to the donor.

Enrollment status: Is the student required to be enrolled fulltime (12 hours for undergraduate students and 9 hours for graduate students) or is the student eligible to receive the funds with less than fulltime enrollment?

Faculty and Staff Forms

The Institutional Award Sheet should be submitted by the awarding department in order to post scholarships to accounts for students.  Please be sure to include the Banner account number provided by the Development Office and the full name of the scholarship on the form.

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