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Your Records

All of your documentation does not have to arrive together. Any information received in advance of an application (i.e., official transcripts) will be held for 12 months in anticipation that an application is forthcoming. Information that is received after an application has been received will be processed and added to the applicant’s record. Send all records to:

Western Carolina University
Office of Undergraduate Admission
1 University Way
Cullowhee, NC 28723

What must you submit or do and what should you submit or do as part of your application for admission?


  • Application: Be sure that you complete the correct application. Be sure to be truthful, accurate and thorough. Read each question carefully. Submit the application (and all required information) in advance of application deadlines.
  • Application Fee: This required, nonrefundable processing fee should be submitted at the time of application. The online application provides information about electronic submission of the application fee. If the application fee is paid by a check, be sure that the applicant’s full name (as it appears on the application for admission) is noted on the check.
    NOTE: Application fee waiver requests, based upon financial need, must be submitted in writing in advance of any application deadlines, and financial need must be verified by an official third party (i.e., College Board SAT Fee Waiver Approval). Approval will be based upon level of demonstrated need, timeliness and thoroughness of the request, and the number of waivers that already have been approved for the term in question. For more details, please click here.
  • High School Transcript: A majority of first-year prospective students submit an application prior to high school completion. An official high school transcript (or its equivalent) showing work completed to date is required at the time of application and prior to application deadlines. An official, final transcript is required of any first-year applicant as soon as the applicant completes high school (or its equivalent). If a student has attended more than one high school, an official transcript is required only from the most recently attended school, provided that all high school coursework, performance and graduation information are posted on the transcript.
  • Standardized Test Scores: First-year applicants are required to submit official SAT I (which includes the writing component) or ACT scores (must include the writing component, which is not part of the standard test). Applicants are encouraged to take the same type of test at least twice (once in the spring of the junior year and once in the fall of the senior year) and may consider taking both the SAT I and ACT based upon score results.
  • College Transcripts: First-year students who have attempted college courses (i.e., early college or other dual-enrollment students) should request an official transcript at the point of application showing any completed work and final college transcripts once all work is final. A copy of a college course schedule for any courses in progress during a student’s final year of high school also is very beneficial for advising and course registration purposes. Advanced standing credit cannot be awarded from a high school transcript.
  • Credit Examinations: Official examination scores (i.e., AP, IB, CLEP subject, DANTES) are required in order to access and grant appropriate credit. Credit cannot be granted from course grades.


  • Formal Campus Visit: Part of the deliberation regarding an applicant is an assessment of the applicant’s likelihood to persist and graduate. Applicants who have made a formal visit to campus can more accurately determine whether WCU is the best fit for them; therefore, they are more likely to remain enrolled and graduate. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to take part in a campus tour and presentation or an open house.
  • Personal Essays or Bio Sheets: Essays are not required of all applicants; however, any essay or bio sheet that is received is included in the applicant’s record and is considered in tandem with the required documentation. In some cases, an applicant may be encouraged to provide a written explanation in regard to information received. Essays should reinforce the academic information provided and shed added perspective on an applicant’s ability and willingness to perform at a competitive level in college.
  • Reference Letters: Reference letters are not required of all applicants; however, submitted references become a part of the applicant’s record and are considered in the review process. In some cases, an applicant may be encouraged to submit recommendations. Reference letters should provide added insight into the ability and motivation of a student to perform at a competitive level at WCU. References do not replace the significance of academic records; rather, they supplement the required documentation.
  • Updated Progress Reports: Because both “regular action” application deadlines (Feb. 1 and March 1) occur after many applicants have received first-semester grades in their senior year, and because the greatest weight of an admission decision is placed upon classroom performance, submission of midyear grades is encouraged. Greater weight is placed upon the most recent work, particularly in college-preparatory courses. Seeing that a student has successfully completed or exceeded Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) in the senior year strengthens an applicant’s record.
  • Courses in Progress: Knowing what high school and college courses a first-year applicant is taking or has remaining is beneficial in the application review, advising and registration processes.

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