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Chancellor’s Choice is an early identification program that looks for high school students who appear to be a good match for WCU. Just as high school students are on the hunt for the perfect college, colleges and universities are on a quest to find students whose interests, characteristics, and abilities align well with their missions, student body profiles, programs offerings, etc.

Chancellor’s Choice is one means by which WCU discovers students who may be a good match. During their high school years, many students provide information about themselves to various organizations in various ways. For example, varying amounts of information are collected about students when they take standardized tests or fill out profile information on college search sites. Many students grant permission for those organizations to share select information with colleges and universities (i.e., self-reported courses and grades, academic interests, activities in which they have participated, ranges in which their test scores fall, desired college size, geographic areas of interest, college activities they seek, etc.).

While thousands of good colleges exist (accredited colleges and universities); not every institution is a good choice for every college-bound student. Nationwide, many students stop or flunk out of college, not because they are incapable college students but because they did not find a good fit.

WCU is concerned with student success (i.e., retention and graduation). Finding high school students whose attributes best align with the attributes and offerings of WCU is crucial. So, WCU actively pursues information about prospective students that leads WCU to believe that they just might be a good match—thus Chancellor’s Choice.

While WCU knows some things about students who are identified as Chancellor’s Choice, much of the information is unofficial because it is self-reported, and some of the information may have changed from the time the student provided the information (i.e., academic performance, intended major, and preferences regarding the type of college of interest). So although WCU knows enough to suspect that a Chancellor’s Choice student may be a good match for WCU, these students still must go through an application for admission process so that WCU can substantiate what is already known and fill in what is not yet known about Chancellor’s Choice students.

What does Chancellor’s Choice offer the prospective student?

·         A streamlined application and application process;

·         The earliest opportunities to be considered for admission—for those who complete the application process during the Early Action (nonbinding) period, Chancellor’s Choice:

o   Places every possible admission path on the table, including the Great Grades Guarantee and the Academic Success Program;

o   Assures receipt of an admission notification before winter break;

o   Positions those who are admitted the opportunity to submit necessary information to have earliest priority for requests (i.e., residence hall preference, roommate requests, learning community requests, etc.);

·         The earliest and greatest opportunity for consideration for selective campus programs and opportunities (i.e., Honors College, scholarships);

·         The earliest notification of special programs and events such as open houses and WCU on Tour (some events, like Honors Day, may be by invitation only);

·         The greatest opportunity for receipt of information and interaction with admission counselors throughout the admission process;

·         The opportunity to be considered for an application fee waiver (for those who submit a formal request and can document sufficient financial hardship or need); 

·         The best means of discovering whether WCU is the right fit for them.

Since WCU does not know everything about Chancellor’s Choice students, the Chancellor’s Choice distinction does not automatically waive the application fee, preclude submission of official transcripts and test scores, or guarantee admission or a scholarship. But because of the information that WCU does know about Chancellor’s Choice students, WCU has discovered that they are likely to be a good match; therefore, they have the opportunity to place themselves on the fast track for information, consideration, communication and opportunities.

So, if you have been identified through the Chancellor’s Choice early identification program, congratulations! And if you are a senior in high school, the application for admission is the next step on the fast track to the possibilities awaiting you at Western Carolina University. Come climb with us!


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