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In addition to grants, faculty and staff may also submit proposals for contractual arrangements for external funding and some grant proposals may allow subcontracts to other institutions/organizations.

Contracts and Subcontracts

A contract is a legally binding document that serves as a procurement mechanism to acquire property or services for direct benefit or use of the sponsor. The idea originates with the sponsor. Contracts entail specific obligations, and define specific details of the legal relationship between both the funding agency/sponsor and recipient. Contracts are a more restrictive mechanism for securing services than grants and may specify penalties for non-performance.

Contracts may be awarded for research, assessment, specific work performance, instruction, training, and/or similar activities. A contract proposal generally includes a description of the project, called the Scope of Work, a budget, the timeline for the work and the proposed reporting mechanism. Your work on a contract is included in your total Time and Effort calculation just like a grant. And, just like a grant proposal, you must submit your contract proposal via RAMSeS no less than five (5) days prior to deadline and receive approval from appropriate institutional authorities and the Office of Research Administration after a thorough review.

At Western Carolina University, we both receive and issue subcontracts. If you are planning to work on a project in which another institution is the lead, you will need to work closely with the Office of Research Administration to develop a Scope of Work and Budget to submit to the lead institution and its sponsored research office.

If you have a grant that includes subcontracts to other institutions or agencies, you also need to work with the Office of Research Administration to develop the expectations you have of the sub-recipients. The sponsored programs office of the sub-awardee should submit a letter of support and budget to WCU’s Office of Research Administration. Our office will then issue the subcontract if the proposal is awarded.

Contracting Concerns- Proprietary Information/Data, Products:

At the time you learn you will be preparing a contract proposal or subcontract, please contact our office. We will be glad to assist you with your exciting project.


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