Study Abroad in Nice, France
The Timeless Beauty of France                                
 For students interested in a multicultural and bilingual country, France is an ideal choice for a study abroad program. The official name is French Republic and the capital city is Paris.  France has three climates: Atlantic, Continental, and Mediterranean. The northwest, in particular, Brittany, is mild but damp. The east has hot summers and stormy winters.  France is the world’s leading tourist destination, with well over 60 million visitors a year. Paris is the most visited European city and its attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Nôtre Dame cathedral, the Pompidou Centre and the Louvre, the world’s largest and most popular museum.  There are other tourist attractions in the country like the historic sites along the Loire Valley and in Normandy, the Cathar castles, beaches in the south and southwest, skiing and hiking in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and sailing in the Mediterranean or Atlantic.  France has nearly five million foreign-born residents, a quarter of whom are now naturalized citizens, and a substantial French-born population of immigrant parentage. Catholicism is the dominant religion (88%), Muslim 8%, Protestant 2%, Buddhist 1%, and Jewish 1%. The major ethnic groups are French, North African, German, and Breton. France is a multiparty democracy. The president has strong executive powers, but rules in tandem with a prime minister and government chosen by the Assemblée Nationale. France is Europe’s leading agricultural producer.     
EAI Tech is located in Sophia-Antipolis, the European Silicon Valley, which provides an exposure to the European, Latin and Mediterranean cultures. EAI Tech is part of SKEMA Sophia Antipolis, a leading French School of Management and Technology. It is a French educational institution that operates in the same way as institutions of higher education in the United States. Courses are taught in English and a specific number of credit hours are awarded for each validated course. The grading system is the same as in American universities. The Euro-American Institute of Technology (EAI Tech), with its proud and successful history over the past ten years, is chartered and enabled to guide students in their success in today’s international and multi-cultural world.  SKEMA is a science and business park that is the highly attractive setting for numerous companies, research institutes and schools for higher education. For more specific information go to the International Office website.
Most SKEMA students live in either Antibes or Juan les Pins, close to Sophia Antipolis.   Antibes and Juan les Pins are both Mediterranean towns, yet despite their adjoining locations each has a very different character. Antibes offers a great view of its surroundings, with the sea and its old town set against a backdrop of part of the Alps. It’s a calm, typical provincial town. Juan les Pins, on the other hand, is the place to be during the summer, with its busy nightlife and fashionable bars and clubs; however, it is much quieter in winter.      
EAI Tech offers a very wide range of bachelor’s degree programs and international programs. EAI Tech has scientific & business programs: Technology & Management (Computer and Information Science, Architecture, Construction Management, Environmental Design, Manufacturing, Technology and Management); Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Aerospace, Marine Sciences & Oceanography, Computer); Business (Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Finance, International Business); Science (Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Science); Communication (Electronic Media, Public Relations, Print Media, Journalism, Human Communication, Film radio Television); and Tourism and Hotel (Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism, Park & Recreation Management). International exchange students can therefore, besides learning French or improving their French, complete a great number of general education courses, or courses required for their major, with no disruption to their study programs.      
EAI Tech offers various types of accommodations and meal plans: Apartments, Flats. The school has an association called CERAM Lodgement Service (CLS) that manages a list of apartments located around the school. They can help students find the flat of their dreams.
Cultural Immersion                      
EAI Tech is located in the heart of the French Riviera at the crossroads of Italy, the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and Provence, thus offering intense cultural wealth. The dominant cultures to which international students will be exposed to are the French and Latin cultures. At EAI Tech, students will have the opportunity to learn French, to meet French people, but most of all, they will be at the center of one of the most interesting cultural environments in Europe. Because of the central position of Sophia Antipolis, students can reach many places in Western and Southern Europe.
INTERCULTURE: This association is mainly for international students. It was created to favor student’s integration through parties, dinner and excursions. Also, to develop an international culture in CERAM with foreign events such as the Chinese new year. The association provides an avenue for students to share their cultures and learn from each other.  
Academic Calendar  
EAI Tech follows the American academic calendar divided into two semesters with an additional optional six-week summer session.  
Who May Participate  
WCU undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing (2.75 GPA) may participate on study abroad programs. Undergraduate students can be in their junior or senior year of study. Business students should have completed the 200-300 level courses of the Business Foundations of Knowledge before studying abroad. Graduate students especially need to discuss transfer of credits with their advisors before embarking on a study abroad program.  
Financial Aid  
Financial Aid is available through the WCU financial aid office. For exchange programs, your financial aid package includes: WCU tuition fees, room, board, as well as the cost of your airline ticket, health insurance, in-country personal expenses, passport and visa. Students are required to pass 12 credit hours of coursework each semester when studying abroad or lose their financial aid.
Transfer Of Credit  
Students planning to study abroad must seek approval from their advisors for any course work to be taken abroad. International Programs and Services assists students with this process before they go abroad and upon return. Credits earned for courses validated at SKEMA will be transferred to the student’s university at the end of each semester.

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