Guidelines for Dual Degree Exchange Programs

To be considered for a WCU DUAL DEGREE EXCHANGE, you need to complete the following procedures. After choosing an appropriate study abroad location, you must make an appointment with the IPS Director.

Choosing a Program

___ 1. I have attended a Study Abroad Advising Session with the IPS study abroad advisor and completed a study abroad interest form.

___ 2. I have done research on various study abroad programs listed on the IPS web site for countries, universities, and classes I am interested in.

___ 3. A. For a dual degree in business, I have completed all of the courses in the Business Foundations of Knowledge.

B. For a dual degree in construction management, I have checked with my academic advisor about the pre-requisite courses I need for study overseas.

___ 4. I have maintained a 2.75 GPA.

___ 5. I have talked with my academic advisor about my plans and the courses I need to take overseas. If I am seeking a dual degree in Business, I have talked with the Associate Dean at Western's School of Business.

___ 6. I have confirmed my plans with the IPS advisor, who has provided application materials and discussed thoroughly the process for applying to the locations.

___ 7. I have discussed my plans with my parents/guardians.

Application Procedure

___ 1. If on financial aid, I have submitted the appropriate forms (FAFSA) online.

___ 2. I have copies of all application documents for the exchange program of my choice.

___ 3. I have ordered 2 copies of my transcript from Western's Registrar Office to send to the office of International Programs & Services.

___ 4. I have distributed my letters of reference including an envelope addressed to the IPS advisor.

(Be considerate. Give your referees plenty of time to complete this. Provide referees with information about you that they will need, such as, when professor had you in class, grade received, extra work accomplished, your extracurricular activities and interests, your club memberships, etc.)

___ 5. I have written my letter of intent and have submitted it to IPS.

___ 6. I have checked on the completion of my application with the IPS office and signed a Consent for Release of Information form .

___ 7. I have included a check for the administrative charge for my exchange program made payable to Western Carolina University ($100).

___ 8. I have checked to see that my application is complete and in the IPS office before the deadline.

After Approval for a Program

___ 1. I will attend all offered orientation programs. I know that I CANNOT go on my study abroad program if I do not go to orientation programs.

___ 2. I have a valid passport; q a visa, if required by host country; q applied for a student I.D. card.

___ 3. I have filled out the Green Course Approval Form with my academic advisor and appropriate departments.

___ 4. I have consulted with the Financial Aid Office about my budget for Study Abroad.

___ 5. I have filled out the packet of student information forms (emergency, liability, study abroad agreement) and returned it to IPS.

___ 6. I have pre-registered for the appropriate Study Abroad course (remember that this is a place-holder course that will be removed once Western receives your grades from overseas):

A. If I am attending the Breda Program, I have pre-registered for IBUS 488 for 12 credit hours for next semester.
B. If I am participating on a dual degree program to the University of Glamorgan or GMIT, I have enrolled in the appropriate section of USI 400.

___ 7. I have made travel plans.

___ 8. Through the IPS office, I have bought the North Carolina comprehensive insurance plan that includes medical emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains.

___ 9. I have attended the Travel Clinic available through WCU Health Services.

Additional Important Matters

___ 1. I will make email contact with the IPS advisor as soon as I am settled at my host university and keep in contact.

___ 2. If I take course work not previously approved, I MUST CONTACT my academic advisor and IPS advisor.

___ 3. It is my responsibility to check on the status of my transfer credit when I return to campus. (Most foreign institutions have different semester schedules. Your course information will arrive on campus 6-8 weeks after the start of the next semester. You must bring all course work completed abroad to your advisor/professor evaluating the course as soon as possible).

___ 4. I know that I must pass 12 hours during the semester, 24 for the year, especially if I am on financial aid.

___ 5. I understand that if on financial aid, I may not receive my check before my departure and I have given “Power of Attorney” to a parent, friend, or other reliable person. I am also aware that some expenses will/may have to be paid before receiving financial aid, such as airfare, passport and visa expenses, deposits, etc.

___ 6. I will attend the Re-entry Orientation sponsored by IPS upon my return, and

___ 7. I will fill out an evaluation of my experience abroad and submit it to IPS upon my return.


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