2013 Leadership Retreat Agenda


9:00-9:30 Registration and Check-In

9:30-10:30 Opening Session
"The Leader's Touch"
Darrell Parker, Dean of WCU's College of Business.

10:30-11:45 Workshop Session 1

In this session, you may choose from the following five workshops:

Enrich the Total Student Experience: Synthesis: The Great Divide

In this interactive session, participants, through an deeper understating of Student Involvement and Engagement Theories, will understand ways in which students, faculty, and staff can create a collaborative, cohesive and collective environment for our students and bridge both Academic and Student Affairs experiences to achieve and enrich their total college experience.

Facilitator: Mike Corelli, Associate Director of Leadership Programs

Fulfill the Educational Needs of the Region and the State: Distance and Continuing Education

In this session, learn about the students in WCU's distance and continuing education programs. Who are they and what brings them here? What can we/you do to help support the educational needs of WCU's non-traditional student population?

Facilitator: Regis Gilman, Dean of the Division of Educational Outreach

Enhancing External Partnerships: Our Mountain Heritage: Engaging our Region

In this session you will explore opportunities for enhancing the relationship between WCU and the local community. You will interact with several of WCU's neighbors while exploring community needs and aspirations. You will also learn how you and WCU can make a difference in our region.

Facilitator: Scott Philyaw, Director of the Mountain Heritage Center (in addition to our community partners)

Invest in Our Core Resources: BUDGET 101

In this session, find out more about how WCU's budget works and how you can think strategically about your resources. Please note that this session is not just for budget managers, as WCU's funding models affect all of us.

Facilitator: Robert Edwards, Robert Edwards, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Invest in Our People: Effective Communication

Why is interpersonal communication important? Personal success depends on our ability to communicate. Effective human relations depend on our communication skills. Overall, interpersonal communication skills are necessary for understanding and for action. This workshop explores interpersonal skills and techniques necessary for successful interactions.

Facilitator: Patrick Hughes, Human Resources Consultant

11:45-1:00 Lunch and Conversation

1:00-2:15 Workshop Session 2

Enhance the Total Student Experience: "In Their Own Words"

In this panel discussion, students from WCU campus community will interact and share their personal stories on how they have connected their classroom experiences with their co-curricular practices and how the lessons learned have aided them in creating a sustainable vision for their future career paths.

Facilitated by the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement

Fulfill the Educational Needs of the Region and the State: Pathways for Graduate Students

In this session, you will learn about WCU's graduate student population, including their pathways to graduate school and their pathways to careers after graduate study. Find out more about how what we can do—and you can do-- to help support the success of our graduate students.

Facilitator: Mimi Fenton, Dean of the Graduate School and Research

Enhancing External Partnerships: K-12 Education Past, Present, and Future

In this interactive session, participants will engage with the challenges and opportunities facing K-12 education in NC today and in the future. Find out more about what you can do to enhance education and to support teaching at all levels.

Facilitators: NCCAT and other K-12 representatives

Invest in our Core Resources: Information Technology

In this session, you will find out more about how WCU's division of IT works, the challenges and opportunities of IT, and future plans for developing WCU's technological capabilities. Find out about how what the division of IT can do to help you, and all of the campus, reach our strategic goals.

Facilitator: Anna McFadden, Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance

Invest in Our People: Managing Your Career

Who is responsible for your career success? Your boss? Your employer's HR or Training department? The school or university from which you graduated? Certainly each of these players can help you achieve what you're after, but the bottom line is when it comes to managing your career, nobody holds more responsibility than you. Luckily, nobody holds more power over determining your success either.

Facilitator: Patrick Hughes, Human Resources Consultant

2:15-2:30: Break

2:30-3:30: Planning for the Future

3:30-4:00 Closing Session
"The Story of Us"
Melissa Wargo, Assistant Vice Chancellor

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