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Science Fair Winners



Elementary | Grades 3-5

First Place, Alex Haiss, Swain West Elementary, "pH Levels in the Nantahala River." Second Place, Frank Parsons, Brevard Elementary, "Going Green with Energy Efficiency." Third Place, Abigail Byrd, St. Anthanasius Academy, "Monarch Metamorphosis: Egg vs. Caterpillar." Honorable Mention: Eliza Davis and Ben Davis, Marion Elementary, "An Eggcellent Fix." Faith Wanicka and Seth VanWyck, Solid Rock Education School, "The Flying Screaming Monkey." Caroline Jones, Pisgah Forest Elementary, "How High Will I Fly." Bobby Brown, Pisgah Forest Elementary, "Water, Water Everywhere." Chloe Tackett, Provience School, "Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?"

Junior Division | Grades 6-8

Junior Biological Science A- First Place, Becky Pechmann, Lucy McRae, and Sydney Rice, Cullowhee Valley School, "Caney Fork Stream Health." Second Place, Lena Kantz, Cullowhee Valley School, "How High and Low Can You Go?" Third Place, Alyssa O'Shields, Rosman Middle School, "Which Will Stop/Slow Growth?" Honorable Mention: Samantha Davis, Evergreen Community Charter School, "Yummy Yeast." Jessica Givens and Kaitlin Mathison, West McDowell Middle School, "Soccer Science."

Junior Biological Science B- First Place, Matthew Piwowar, Asheville Christian Academy, "Carnivorous Plants." Second Place, Audrey Meigs, Asheville Catholic School, "Do Different Tree Species Change Their Pigment Composition at Different Rates?" Third Place, McKenzie Shuler and Charlee Nale, Brevard Middle School, "Memory Matters." Honorable Mention: Makayla Stevens, Old Fort Elementary, "Egg-Mosis."

Junior Chemistry- First Place, Katie Cochran, Heritage Christian Academy, "Cool Cocoa Isn't Cool." Second Place, Grace Vo, Asheville Catholic School, "How Much Energy is in Different Types of Foods?" Third Place, James Thompson and Benjamin Dills, Cullowhee Valley School, "Skyscraper Biscuits." Honorable Mention: Lance Merrill, Brevard Middle School, "Staining Eggsperiment." Philip Pebbles, Mountain Community School, "Electrolyte Challenge."

Junior Earth / Environmental Science- First Place, Sarah Branagan, Henderson County Homeschool Association, "Electrosmog the Invisible Pollution." Second Place, Ian Crews, Brevard Middle School, "Fishing for Answers." Third Place, Ellie Stout, Susanne Thomas, Kathryn Worley, Asheville Catholic School, "My Worms are Dead!" Honorable Mention: Fritz Ruppert, Cullowhee Valley School, "Enhance Retention of Water in Soil by Adding Oils." Abbey Ende, Brevard Middle School, "Let it Shine."

Junior Physics- First Place, Eli Costa, Cullowhee Valley School, "Eggs as Domes: Structure and Stability." Second Place, Brooklyn Rising, Brevard Middle School, "Plastic From Milk." Third Place, Sam Wilson, Mountain Community School, "How Temperature Affects a Magnet."

Junior Technology / Engineering- First Place, Brayden Fox, Morning Star Academy, "The Cold Hot Truth." Second Place, Liam Baird, Glenwood Elementary, "How Light Moves." Third Place, Noah McCarthy, Mountain Community School, "Breaking Balsa Bridges." Honorable Mention: Isaac Smith, Brevard High School, "Bridging the Distance." Ethan Campbell-Steinberg, Swain High School, "Shapes a Drag Man."

Senior Division | Grades 9-12

Senior Biological Science A- First Place, Carly Onnink, Abigail Williams, Brevard High School, "Olfactometer and GC/MS evidence for (E)-2-Hexenal." Second Place, Alexandria Treadway, Brevard High School, "The Anthropod Playlist." Third Place, Justin Coye, Brevard High School, "Isolation and Identification of Endophytes from Chinese Chestnut Trees and Their Inhibitory Effect on the Blight Fungus." Honorable Mention: Emma Moore and Nicole Miller, Swain County High School, "Medicinal Properties of the Cherokee Medicinal Plants Saguinaria canadensis and Vaccinium corymbosu."

Senior Biological Science B- First Place, Joseph Roberts, Lauren Tooley, and Eliza Witherspoon, Swain County High School, "Screening for VOC Producing Endophytes in an Effort to Target Biofuel Producing Fungi." Second Place, Storm Ledford, Swain County High School, "Color Preference in Fruit Flies." Third Place, Rachel Schneider, Brevard High School, "Turnip Peroxidase Enzyme Inhibition." Honorable Mention: Dana Sutton, Swain County High School, "CO2 Production Rate in Different Sugars." Lianne Duscio, Garland Joseph, Brevard High School, "Antioxidant and Anti-Tumor Effects of the Berries from Elaeagnus umbellata and Lindera benzoin." Brannon Edwards, Swain County High School, "Enzymatic Impact on Photosynthesis."

Senior Chemistry- First Place, Erin Smith, Cameron McCathern, Elizabeth Johnson, Brevard High School, "A Comparison of the Anticancer Potential of Extracts from Trifolium Pratense, Pueraria lobata and Plantago Major." Second Place, Benton Tynch, Samuel Farrar, Noah Graham, Brevard High School, Evaluation of the Invasive Plants Kudzu and Autumn Olive as new Sources of oils for the production of biodiesel." Third Place, Shade Presnell, Tuscoloa High School, "Burrrr....." Honorable Mention, Sarah Ferguson, Tuscola High School, "Cabbage Chemistry." Reilly Carter, Tuscola High School, "The Effect of Chloride Salts on the Ebullioscopy of Water."

Senior Physics- First Place, Matthew Harris, Brevard High School, "Construction of a Smartphone Spectrophotometer to Determine Antioxidant Concentration in Plant Extra."

Senior Technology Engineering- First Place, Samuel Kicklighter and Damien LaForenza, Brevard High School, "Development and Evaluation of Solar Collectors Constructed from Recycled Materials." Second Place, Cade Brinkley, Brevard High School, "Bidirectional Transmission of Data and Energy Between Inductive Coils." Third Place, Larry Thomas, King Mountain Academy, "Too Much Sound to Go Around."


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