History, M.A. Thesis Directory
Name Title Year
Abram, Susan Marie To Brighten the Chain of Friendship: The Cherokee Indian Agency Record, 1801 2002
Alexander, William K. “Fought Like Them Tigers:” The Life and Times of the Thirty-Third North Carolina Infantry Regiment 2003

Altizer, Whitney

Andrews, Edwin R.

Determined to Rise: Politics, Labor, and Black West Virginians in the Era of Brown
“Poor and Unknown and Very Ambitious:” A Study of W.W. Holden the Person, 1843-1865

Armstrong, Elaine Hamby Faith of our Mothers: Formation of Woman’s Missionary Societies in the United Brethren and the Methodist Episcopal Churches, North and South, 1870-1920 1980
Banerjee, Ruby

Barksdale, Kevin T.
From Saris to Skirts: A Study of Changing Lifstyles of Indian Women Immigrants to the United States
The Cherokee’s Obedient Servant: The Missionary Life of Dr. Elizur Butler, 1821-1839


Bartlett, Nathan

Bellamy, Carol Lorraine

Crime and Crisis: The Conjuncture of Social Forces in Early Modern Leiden
Student Life at Cullowhee: The Hunter Years, 1923-1947



Bishop, Chris

Bissett, James Scott
The Highest Style of Humanity: Religion, the New South Creed, and Holland Nimmons McTyeire
The Espionage and Sedition Acts, 1917-1918

Bowen, Michael Lee Slavery Among the Brethren 1974
Brayon, Bill Preachers of Social Peace 1990
Brown Jr., Anthony E. George III, England and the French Revolution, 1789-1793 1978
Brown, Jane L. Out of their Gardens: The Application of Murdock’s Model to Cherokee Acculturation 1995
Bridges, Glenda Lynelle “Rescue the Perishing”: Alexander Jeffrey McKelway Social Gospeler and Social Reformer 1997
Bryan, David Martin The Atlanta Project: Former President Jimmy Carter’s Attempt to Revitalize Urban Atlanta 1998
Burrell, Dagan LaMont All Quiet at the Western Front: A History of Black/White Race Relations at Western Carolina University 1992
Cahoon, Bruce

Camichos, Lisa Catherine
The Sacralization of the Southern Social Order and the Foundations of American Confessionalism, 1837-1865
Non-Governmental Relief to Greece: 1940-1949. A Comparative Study with the Truman Doctrine

Carriker, Frederick Thompson Wheels of Progress: The Social and Economic Ramifications of The Automobile in Buncombe County, 1930-1939 1996
Castano, Vincent J. Saviors from Above: The Close Air Support Mission of the USAF During the Korean Conflict 2000
Conkle, Justin Marcus South of the Dixie: The American Diplomatic Response to Voluntary Confederate Exiles in Peru and Latin America 2000
Coyle, Alexander Ethan Birth of the Airmobile Division: The Howze Board and the 11th Air Assault Division 1995
Culpepper, Linda Parramore Blood, the Tie that Binds: The Role of Scottish Clans in North Carolina Loyalism during the Revolutionary Era 1998
Ellis, Naomi

Elniff, Terrill Irwin
Breaking the Bonds: Women Who Refused to Conform to the Ideal Feminine Image in Postwar America
The Guise of Every Graceless Heart: Human Autonomy in Puritan Thought and Experience

Evans, Joel C. “We Were Real Experts in Unconventional Warfare:” U.S. Army Special Forces Doctrine and its Application During the Vietnam War 2003
Felts, Joe Monroe The Interpretation of the Slave Code by the North Carolina Supreme Court 1974
Ferguson, Joan Wright Gertrude Dills McKee: A Biographical Analysis 1988
Ferguson, Robert Hunt Carolina Mountain Home: Place, Tradition, Migration, and an Appalachian Musical Family 2004
Fortwendal Jr., Cletus Francis Joseph Federal Agent Silas Dinsmoor and the Cherokees: A Study in Frontier Policies, Politics and Personalities 1996
Frizzell, George E. The Legal Status of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians 1981
Frizzell, Earl Nathan Ante Up, Mister President: The Impact of the New Deal in Jackson County 1998
Fulcher, Kristina

Gillespie, Elizabeth Seay
Scenic Pleasure Grounds of Industry: The Relationship Between Industrialism and Tourism in Western North Carolina, 1900-1920
North Carolina School Integration: The Rhetoric of Resistance, the 1860s and the 1950s Compared

Gilmer, Robert

Greene, Joan
"A Lake of Tears": Place and Identity in the Little Tennessee River Valley
Federal Policies in the Schools of the Eastern Cherokees, 1892-1932

Head, Constance
Justinian II: A Study of his Life and of the Byzantine Empire Under his Rule (685-695; 705-711) 1966
Helton, Michael Edward Eastern Cherokee Tribal Court: The Evolution of Indian Law 2002 
Herdman, Catherine Nicole The Effectiveness of Cultural Programs in Grass Roots Social Change at Highlander Folk School and Research and Education Center 2004
Hirschten, Sean

Hogsed, Daryle

Horstman, Jonathan William
"Made Useful by the Grace of God": Sophia Sawyer's Life as a Missionary Among the Cherokee
"If Only We Were as Well Cared for as Them Tarheels": The North Carolina Quartermaster's Department, 1861-1865 
The African-American’s Civil War: A History of the 1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers


Howe, Tyler Barrett
“For the Regulation of Our Own Civil Affairs”: The Broomstown Cherokee Law of 1808 and the Creation of the Cherokee Light Horse Guard 2005
Huddle, Mark Andrew “Incendiaries in Our Midst”: Wesleyan Methodist Abolitionism in North Carolina, 1847-1860 1995
Hudson, Harold O. An Analysis of the 1868 North Carolina Constitutional Convention: A Study in Partisan Control 1971

Hurley, Joseph

Ingram, Jill

Isenbarger Jr., Dennis Lee
A Vision of Progress: Identity and Urban Development in Asheville, 1919-1931
Man in the Middle: The Boarding School Education of Will West Long
Perpetual Stubbornness: The Relationship of President Jefferson Davis and Major-General Daniel Harvey Hill, C.S.A.


Jones, Greg

Kehoe, Denise M
Out of the Mountains: The Motivations of Confederate Soldiers from Western North Carolina
The Forgotten Intervention: Morale of the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces, 1918-1919

Koski, Geoffrey A A Check Upon the Slave Trade: The Buchanan Offensive and the United States Navy’s Attempt to Suppress the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1858-1862 2004
Laffin, Seth McClellan Spit Swapping in Western North Carolina: The Effects of the 1918 Flu Pandemic 2001
Leatherwood, Jeffrey M. Nine from Aberdeen: Colonel Thomas J. Kane and the Genesis of U.S. Army Ordnance Bomb Disposal 2004
Ledford, David Lee A Different Call: Covenant Christian Church and Jesus People USA 2002
MacDonough, Matthew
Manganiello, Christopher John
"The Eagle's Call": The Evolution of Manifest Destiny, 1835-1848
From a Howling Wilderness to a Howling Tour: Revisiting the Wolf in North Carolina, 1585-2000

McDowell, Suzanne Hill Affirmation of Faith: A History of the Cullowhee United Methodist Church 1991
McKay, Joanne To Begin the World Anew: Arthur Dobbs, Mid-Eighteenth Century Colonial Speculator 1998
McLachlan, Carrie Ann Cherokee Cosmology 1999
McTyre, Barbara Ann Chapman American Indian Policies from Settlement to the Administrations of George Washington 1996
Menestres, Daniel P. “Where Do You Stand, Jim?” Jim Hunt, Jesse Helms and the Emergence of Two-Party Politics in North Carolina, 1948-1984 2003
Morgan, Lynda Joyce The Status of Women in New Hanover County, 1750-1800 1978
Moore, Stacy Barton The Onset of Liberty: Triumphs and Tribulations of Eastern North Carolina Freedman, 1862-1865 1996
Murray, Heather M.


“Pushing the Bus Up the Hill:” The Effects of Public and Private Education on Black Community Cohesion; Jackson County, North Carolina, 1950-1966 2002
Nash, Steven E. Presidential Reconstruction in Western North Carolina, 1865-1867 2001
Northington, Leonard M. III “Death of the Machine”: Harry Flood Byrd, Sr., and the Downfall of the Byrd Political Machine in Virginia 1998
Nugent, Christine

Ragan, Angela

Raxter, Linda Hoxit
German Vergangenheitsbewaltigung, 1961-1999: Selected Historiographic Controversies and Their Impact on National Identity
From the Red and White to the Red, White, and Blue: Continuity in the Cherokee Warrior Ethos
The Orphan Strip Community: Crucible of Cultural Change


Reavis, Scott Aaron Wachovia During the Revolutionary Era: Societal Transformation and Cultural Assimilation 1998
Redding, Kristi

Rohr, Karl Barousse
One's Place in the World: Prostitution and Space in Classical Athens and Late Medieval Europe “Climbin’ on Top of the Hill”: The Socioeconomic Background of the North Carolina Blues 2007

Ruff, Rowena McClinton To Ascertain the Mind and Circumstance of the Cherokee Nation: Springplace, Georgia, 1805-1821 1992
Stair, Margaret J. A Peculiar People in a Strange Land: The Development of Mormonism in Western North Carolina 1990
Siegle, Brian Eugene Run of the Mill: A Case Study of The Royle & Pilkington Textile Firm, 1928-1968 1993
Smith, Ngaire Isobel Robyn What Will Become of the Aristocrats of the South? Wilmington’s De Rosset Family in the Civil War Era 2004
Smith, Susan Clarke The Benighted South: North Carolina as a Case Study 1996
Sowards, David

Steward, Rodney J.
Julian Shakespeare Carr: A General in the Army of the New South
“If We Be Wise in Our Day”: David Schenck and the Make-up of Confederate Identity

Stewart, Bruce E. “The Weather-Cock Ukases” of the IRS: Moonshining, Klan Violence, and the Politics of Liquor Taxation in Western North Carolina, 1865-1876 2001
Sullivan, Julia M. Resource Extraction with Human Consequence: The Hazel Creek Story 2000
Suttlemyre Jr, Charles Greer Gold Mining in North Carolina: 1799-1860 1970
Swafford, Tamrala Greer Self-Determination in the Smokies: The Cherokee Boys Club, 1964-1984 2002
Taylor, James Carlisle The 60th North Carolina Regiment: A Case Study of Enlistment and Desertion in Western North Carolina During the Civil War 1998
Tate, Jerry W. The Failure of Methodism’s Social Creed in North Carolina, the 1920’s 1983
Webnar, Cynthia Lee Alexander Stephan’s Nance and the AFL-CIO Rupture in Georgia 1994
Wesolick, Duane L. Old Hickory: The 30th Infantry Division in Normandy 1998
Yang, Xiao-yan Salvation and Social Services in China: The Work and Life of F.A. Brown (1910-1949) 1988
Yarochowicz, Helen Anne Studies in North Carolina Elections, 1836-1860 1976
York, Lynn Fuller The Demagoguery of Coleman Livingston Blease 1976



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