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Russell Conover

"Chandrika's lively personality and her enthusiasm make her classes come alive, regardless of what we're discussing. In his courses, Chris promotes a real sense of community that has enhanced my understanding of, and appreciation for, TESOL. Together, the two of them have made my studies in the WCU TESOL program a joy."

- Russell Conover, current TESOL student

TESOL & Applied Linguistics Journals

WCU's Hunter Library offers several useful academic journals to help with TESOL research. To access these journals, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Hunter Library homepage.
  2. Locate the Library Catalog Search feature on the top right of the page.
  3. In the top line, the type of search, select Journal Title.
  4. In the bottom line, type the name of the journal you wish to access.
  5. Click "Go."
  6. Click the link to the journal you wish to access.

Journals Available through WCU

Below is a list of journals related to TESOL and applied linguistics that are available through the WCU library system. Most of these can be accessed online through the WCU library link above.

Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Annual Review of Applied Linguistics reviews research in key areas in the broad field of applied linguistics. Each issue is thematic, covering the topic by means of critical summaries, overviews, and bibliographic citations. Every fourth or fifth issue surveys applied linguistics broadly, offering timely essays on language learning and pedagogy, discourse analysis, teaching innovations, second language acquisition, computer-assisted instruction, language use in professional contexts, sociolinguistics, language policy, and language assessment, to name just a few of the areas reviewed. It provides over 500 new citations each year. The theme for Volume 26 (2006) is 'Lingua franca languages'.

Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics publishes research into language with relevance to real world problems. It promotes principled and multidisciplinary approaches to research on language-related concerns in the various fields encompassed by applied linguistics.

Canadian Modern Language Review
The Canadian Modern Language Review publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of language learning and teaching -- linguistics, language skills, curriculum, program design, psychology, methodology -- making it a great tool for teachers, researchers, professors, and policy makers who deal with the realities of second language learning. Article topics include ESL, French immersion, international languages, native languages, and many others. The journal's quarterly issues include reviews of relevant books and software, along with research-based articles dealing with second language teaching in the "Focus on the Classroom" section.

ELT Journal
ELT Journal is a quarterly publication for people involved in the field of teaching English as a second or foreign language. It seeks to bridge the gap between the everyday practical concerns of ELT professionals and related disciplines such as education, linguistics, psychology, and sociology that may offer significant insights.

English for Specific Purposes
English For Specific Purposes is an international peer-reviewed journal that welcomes submissions from across the world. Authors are encouraged to submit articles and research/discussion notes on topics relevant to the teaching and learning of discourse for specific communities: academic, occupational, or otherwise specialized. Topics such as the following may be treated from the perspective of English for specific purposes: second language acquisition in specialized contexts, needs assessment, curriculum development and evaluation, materials preparation, discourse analysis, descriptions of specialized varieties of English, teaching and testing techniques, the effectiveness of various approaches to language learning and language teaching, and the training or retraining of teachers for the teaching of ESP (English for Specific Purposes). In addition, the journal welcomes articles and discussions that identify aspects of ESP needing development, areas into which the practice of ESP may be expanded, possible means of cooperation between ESP programs and learners' professional or vocational interests, and implications that findings from related disciplines can have for the profession of ESP. The journal also carries reviews of scholarly books on topics of interest to the profession.

Language Learning
Language Learning is a scientific journal dedicated to the understanding of language learning broadly defined. It publishes research articles that systematically apply methods of inquiry from disciplines including psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, educational inquiry, neuroscience, ethnography, sociolinguistics, sociology, and semiotics. It is concerned with fundamental theoretical issues in language learning such as language education, bilingualism, literacy, language representation in mind and brain, culture, cognition, pragmatics, intergroup relations, and child, second, and foreign language acquisition. Since 1994, the journal's subscription includes an annual supplement -- a volume from the Best of Language Learning Series or the Language Learning Monograph Series. From 2006 there also will be a biennial Monograph, the Language Learning-Max Planck Institute Cognitive Neurosciences Series.

Modern Language Journal
A refereed publication, The Modern Language Journal is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers of all modern foreign languages and English as a second language. This journal publishes documented essays, quantitative and qualitative research studies, response articles, and editorials that challenge paradigms of language learning and teaching.

Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Studies in Second Language Acquisition is a refereed journal of international scope devoted to the scientific discussion of issues in second and foreign language acquisition of any language. Each volume contains four issues, one of which is generally devoted to a current topic in the field. The other three issues contain articles dealing with theoretical topics, some of which have broad pedagogical implications, and reports of quantitative and qualitative empirical research. Other rubrics include replication studies, State-of-the-Art articles, Notes and Discussion, review articles, book reviews, and book notices.

This international journal is devoted to the applications of educational technology and applied linguistics to problems of foreign language teaching and learning. The articles pay attention to all languages and to problems associated with the study and teaching of English as a second or foreign language. The journal serves as a vehicle of expression for colleagues in developing countries. System prefers that its contributors provide articles which have a sound theoretical base with a visible practical application which can be generalized. The review section may take up works of a more theoretical nature to broaden the background.

TESOL Quarterly
TESOL Quarterly, a professional, refereed journal, publishes articles on topics of significance to individuals concerned with the teaching of ESL/EFL and standard English as a second dialect. TESOL Quarterly invites manuscripts on topics in curriculum design and development; instructional methods, materials, and techniques; issues in research and research methodology; testing and evaluation; professional preparation; language planning; and professional standards.

World Englishes
This journal contains peer-reviewed coverage of the study of global varieties of English in their distinctive cultural and sociolinguistic contexts. In particular, it provides international and cross-cultural perspectives on language, literature, and the methodology of teaching English.

Additional Scholarly Journals
For additional scholarly journals in applied linguistics, please refer to the Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, or LLBA, database from Hunter Library.

The following journal is accessible through the link below, rather than the Hunter Library website.

English World-Wide
English World-Wide focuses on different varieties of English.  According to its website, “[the] focus is on scholarly discussions of new findings in the dialectology and sociolinguistics of the English-speaking communities (native and second-language speakers), but general problems of sociolinguistics, creolistics, language planning, multilingualism and modern historical sociolinguistics are included if they have a direct bearing on modern varieties of English.”


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