Kathy Gould Mathews

Department of Biology
Associate Professor

Kathy Mathews

Phone: 828-227-3659
Email: kmathews at email dot wcu dot edu
Office Address: Natural Science Building 128


  • Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, 1997
  • B.A. Harvard University, 1992


  • Griffith, A. D., D. A. Kinner, B. R. Tanner, A. Moore, R. S. Young, and K. G. Mathews. 2009. Nutrient and Physical Soil Characteristics of Rivercane Stands, Western North Carolina. Castanea 74(3): 224-235.
  • Mathews, K. G., J. Huguelet, M. Lanning, T. Wilson, and R. S. Young. 2009. Clonal diversity of fruiting culms within stands of Arundinaria gigantea (Poaceae; Bambusoideae) in western North Carolina assessed using AFLP fingerprints. Castanea 74(3): 213-223.  
  • Popovkin, A.V., K.G. Mathews, M.C. Molina, and L. Struwe. 2011. Spigelia genuflexa (Loganiaceae), a new geocarpic species from northeastern Bahia, Brazil. In press, Phytokeys.
  • Mathews, K, N. Dunne, E. York, and L. Struwe. 2009. A phylogenetic analysis and taxonomic revision of Bartonia (Gentianaceae-Gentianeae), based on molecular and morphological evidence. Systematic Botany 34: 162-172.
  • Struwe, L., V. A. Albert,M. F. Calió, C. Frasier, K. B. Lepis, K. G. Mathews, &J. R. Grant. 2009. Evolutionary patterns in neotropical Helieae (Gentianaceae): evidence from morphology, chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Taxon 58(2): 479-499.
  • Gould, K. R. and L. Struwe. Phylogeny and evolution of Symbolanthus. 2004. (Gentianaceae-Helieae) in the Guayana Highlands and Andes, based on ribosomal 5S-NTS sequences. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 91: 438-446.
  • Struwe, L. and K. R. Gould.  2004. Redefinition of Symbolanthus to include Wurdackanthus (Gentianaceae--Helieae). Novon 14: 354-359.
  • Gould, K. R. and M. J. Donoghue. 2000.  Phylogeny and biogeography of Triosteum (Caprifoliaceae). Harvard Papers in Botany 5: 157-166.
  • Gould, K. R. and R. K. Jansen. 1999. Taxonomy, phylogeny, and the origin of a Gulf Coast disjunction in the Coelostylis species complex of Spigelia. Lundellia 2: 1-13.
  • Gould, K. R. 1999. Three new species of Spigelia (Strychnaceae) from Mexico. Brittonia 51: 407-414.
  • Gould, K. 1996. A New, Disjunct Variety of Spigelia gentianoides from Bibb Co., Alabama. Sida 17: 417-421.


  • Vascular Plants
  • Flora of the Southern Appalachians
  • Principles of Systematics
  • Lab Methods in Molecular Systematics
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Plant Biodiversity

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