Biology Faculty & Staff

Biology faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching and research, engaging students in coursework and creative inquiries by promoting the free and friendly interchange of ideas.jim-anthony-dryfalls


Current Faculty

Seán P. O'Connell, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Department Head; microbial ecology, diversity of bacteria and archaea in soils and waters, zymurgy

Kathy Gould Mathews, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Assistant Department Head, H. F. and Katherine P. Robinson Professor of Biology; plant systematics


Greg Adkison, Ph.D., Instructor;  human biology, nutrition physiology, biostatistics  

Barbara Ballentine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; evolution and behavioral ecology

Chris Beyer, M.S., Lab instructor for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Indrani Bose, Ph.D., Associate Professor; molecular biology of Cryptoccucus neoformans virulence

Kefyn M. Catley, Ph.D., Professor, Science Education Coordinator, Director Western Regional Science Fair; systematics and biology of spiders

Heather Coan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; regenerative medicine and the genetics that underlie diseases of bones and joints

Beverly Collins, Ph.D.,  Professor; conservation, restoration, and dynamics of plant communities

James T. Costa, Ph.D., Professor; Director, Highlands Biological Station; evolutionary genetics and behavior of social insects, especially social Lepidoptera and Symphyta

Laura E. DeWald, Ph.D., Professor; ecological genetics, restoration ecology, conservation biology

Jessica Duke, M.S., Adjunct Instructor; conservation biology and restoration ecology

Megan Eckardt, M.S., Adjunct Instructor; arthropod behavior, kin selection, kin-specific communication and signaling

Maria Gainey, Ph.D., Lecturer; Immunology, Virology, Bacteriophage Genomics, and Virus-Host Interactions

Weaver Haney, M.S., Lecturer; microbiology and organismal biology

Darby Harris, Ph.D., Lecturer; molecular physiology, genetics

Sonja Himes, M.S., Lecturer; environmental biology, general biology, anatomy/physiology

Jeremy Hyman, Ph.D., Associate Professor; evolution, behavioral ecology, ornithology

Karen Kandl, Ph.D., Assistant Director Highlands Biological Station; ecology, anatomy/ physiology

Joe Bill Mathews, DVM, Lecturer; anatomy and physiology, animal physiology

Jessica L. Moore, Ph.D., Associate Professor; genetics, cancer biology

Joseph Pechmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor; population and community ecology, herpetology, wetlands ecology

Malcolm R. (Mack) Powell, Ph.D., Professor; immunology and infectious diseases

Thomas H. Martin, Ph.D., Associate Professor; population and community ecology of aquatic organisms.

Noa Sparks, M.S., Lecturer; anatomy and physiology

Sabine J. Rundle, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director; molecular biology of plant development

Anjana Sharma, Ph.D., Instructor; microbiology, plant biology, human biology.

Robert Shetlar, Ph.D., Lecturer; physiology

Jennie Wyderko, M.S., Adjunct Instructor; parasitology, disease ecology

Robert Youker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; molecular biology; protein dynamics involved in apical sorting, signal transduction, and cellular quality control pathways.


Emeritus Faculty

Richard C. Bruce, Ph.D., Duke University; life histories, ecology, and evolution of plethodontid salamanders

Frederick A. Coyle, Ph.D., Harvard University; systematics, behavior, and ecology of spiders.

Fred D. Hinson, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; microbiology, bacterial cytotechnique, antigen-antibody reactions involving Salmonella species.

James Horton, Ph.D., University of North Carolina; plant anatomy

Roger H. Lumb, Ph.D., University of South Carolina; lipid biochemistry, dynamics of lipids in membranes

Henry R. Mainwaring, Ph.D., University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; mycology, cell biology, DNA content and cell division rates

Allen Moore, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; aquatic ecology

James W. Wallace, Jr., Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; plant biochemistry, physiology, and distribution of secondary metabolites; medicinal plants of the southern Appalachians; biological photography

C. Paul Wright, Ph.D., University of Utah; lethal mutants and developmental genetics of Drosophila melanogaster




Krista Schmidt, M.S.L.S., Librarian and Liaison to Biology, and Chemistry and Physics
Misty Cope, Administrative Support Associate


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