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Agilent 85024A High Frequency Probe

The Agilent 85024A High Frequency Probe allows signal monitoring without the undesired effects of circuit loading. It employs a GaAs IC to obtain excellent performance due to extremely low input capacitance of only 0.7 pF shunted by 1 MOhm of resistance. Its sensitivity makes the 85024A probe well-suited for use with analyzers offering exceptional dynamic range.

Applications include trouble-shooting RF and IF signal paths to identify problem areas in a system by measuring frequency, power, modulation, distortion, conversion loss, and spectral purity. When used with a network analyzer, the probe measures the gain, attenuation, phase linearity, or group delay of individual circuit stages. It can also be used to investigate multi-stage circuits to rapidly determine the location of faults in a system.

Agilent 85024A High Frequency Probe


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