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The Z400 system 3D part printing process allows part construction without support structure and is capable of printing parts with complex geometry.

Parts fabricated using the Z400 are initially designed in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and saved in STL format. System software converts the three-dimensional drawings into thousands of cross sections 0.076 to 0.229 mm thick. The maximum part size is 203x254x203 mm; it is better to have a shell thickness no less than 3mm. The part can be treated with an infiltrant hardener (cyanoacrylate adhesive, e.g., Cyberbond Apollo 5005) or other epoxy hardeners to add strength.

The Z400 system printer spreads layers of ZP powder the same thickness as the cross-sectional layers to be printed. A binder solution is added, causing the powder particles to bind. The layers are then deposited one at a time until the part is complete. After printing, the part is removed from the powder bed, depowdered and dried. The completed part can also be sanded and painted.



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