Social Work Undergraduate Course Information
Read the Eight-Semester Plan for B.S.W. in Social Work

Required Courses -- All required and Social Work elective courses must be completed with a C or better

PSY 150 – General Psychology
Introduction to psychology, the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Includes topics in social, abnormal, health, clinical development, biological, and experimental psychology (P1)

BIOL 104 – Human Biology
The biology which underlines medical, social, and developmental issues of the human lifecycle (C5)

PSC 150 – American Government and Politics
The American political system; introduction to government institutions and how politics shapes polices (P1)

SOCW 151 - Introduction to Social Work
Social work as a profession; history; current practice settings; professional values and requirements.

SOCW 251 - Social Issues, Policy and Programs
Overview of social welfare policies and programs; political, economic and social conditions affecting disadvantaged populations. Policy development and analysis, advocacy, historical perspectives. (P1)

SOCW 253 - Practice I Interviewing and Ethics
First course in a sequence of three courses using the generalist approach with a concentration on basic engagement, assessment (interviewing) skills and social work ethics.  Prerequisites Completion of SOCW 151 with a C or better; and pre-social work or social work majors only.

SOCW 334 - Human Behavior and Social Environment Life Stages
Examination of human development across the life span; Focus on reciprocal relationships between and among individuals, families, groups, communities, societies and social systems

SOCW 335 - Social Work Research and Statistics
Research and statistical methods used in building social work practice knowledge. Prerequisites SOCW 151 with grade of C or better Pre AND Social Work major OR Social Work major

SOCW 354 - Human Behavior and Social Environment Person In Environment
Examination of interrelationships among social, cultural, and environmental factors that combine with biological and psychological components to affect human behavior and development. (P1)

SOCW 360- Practice II Case Management assessment, goal setting, case planning, and case management.

The course builds and expands upon the interviewing skills acquired in SOCW 253 and prepares students for the development of direct social work skills taught in SOCW 362.  This course employs a variety of teaching methods, including lecture, interactive discussion, and experiential exercises. Prerequisites SOCW 253, SOCW 354, and BSW/Social Work major (admitted to the social work program)

 SOCW 362 - Practice III Interventions
Application of knowledge, values, and skills to social work practice: individuals, families, and groups. Prerequisites SOCW 253, 335, 354, 360, and admission to the social work program.

SOCW 364 - Community Practice
Application of knowledge, values, and skills to social work practice: organizations and communities; advocacy. PREQ: 335, 253, and admission to the social work program.

SOCW 402 - Diversity in Contemporary Society
Focus on diversity of culture, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, and gender; emphasis on the consequences of marginalizing members of oppressed groups. (P1)

SOCW 486 - Field Practicum
Full-time supervised placement in selected human service agencies to integrate theory with practice and prepare for professional responsibility. PREQ: Permission of Director of Field Practicum. COREQ: 496.

SOCW 496 - Field Seminar
Integration of content with field practice. PREQ: Permission of Director of Field Practicum. COREQ: 486, 495.


Social Work Elective Courses

SOCW 304 - School Social Work
Practice in the school system: its content, history, and legal framework; special needs children; designs, delivery, and evaluation of services. PREQ: 151 or permission of instructor.

SOCW 320 - Gender and Power in Social Work
Focus on institutional policies and beliefs related to gender, and how these may affect social work practice among various client systems.

SOCW 327 - Social Work with Children & Families
Concepts and skills for intervention with families; emphasis on family strengths and community resources and some policies affecting families. PREQ: 151 or permission of instructor.

SOCW 340 - Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice
Values and Ethics: Social Work applications.

SOCW 348 - Cultural Experience and Travel Abroad

SOCW 415 - Social Work and Mental Health
The mental health system, issues, history, common diagnoses, emphasis on the strengths perspective. PREQ: 151 or permission of instructor.

SOCW 420 - Addictions
Overview of complex issues related to addictions, including drug, alcohol, gambling, and eating addictions; examines addiction within the context of developmental life stages and culture.

SOCW 426 - Child Welfare
Child welfare services, public and private programs, children's rights, and issues affecting services for children and families. PREQ: 151 or permission of instructor.

SOCW 427 - Trauma Informed Social Work with Children

SOCW 429 - Social Work with Older Adults
Concepts and skills for effective practice with the aging; needs and strengths of older people; community resources; professional approaches to intervention

SOCW 430 - Social Work in the Health Field
Concepts and skills for intervention in hospitals, out-patient clinics, and other health settings, and on some policies affecting health care

SOCW 445- International Social Work
Current trends and social issues problems and solutions in countries around the world


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