Teacher Education Program Contacts


Licensure Contact Persons:

Dr. Kim Ruebel, Licensure Officer
91 Killian Building Lane, Suite 201
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC 28723
828-227-7388 FAX

Barbara Schade, Licensure Specialist
91 Killian Building Lane, Suite 201
828-227-7388 FAX

Field Experience Contact Person:

Mary Beth Decatur, Director of Field Experiences
Killian 201E
828/227-7388 FAX mbdecatur@wcu.edu

College of Education and Allied Professions:


Dr. Dale Carpenter, Interim Dean, Education and Allied Professions - carpenter@wcu.edu; 828-227-7311

Dr. Kim Ruebel, Associate Dean, Education and Allied Professions - kkruebel@wcu.edu; 828-227-7311


School of Teaching and Learning:


Dr. Dan Grube, InterimDirector - dgrube@wcu.edu

Associate Department Head
 Dr. Patricia Bricker, bricker@wcu.edu

Secondary Education (9-12) and Special Subject Areas (K-12) Coordinators:
 Dr. Ellie Hilty - hilty@wcu.edu 


Teacher Education Program Contact Areas:

Pre-Kindergarten (B-K), Birth-Kindergarten - Dept of Human Services
Undergraduate only - Dr. Cathy Grist, clgrist@wcu.edu

Elementary Education(K-6) & Middle Grades Education(6-9) , School of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Roya Scale, rqscales@wcu.edu  


Secondary Education (9-12): 


Comprehensive Science - Dept of Biology
Undergraduate - Dr. Kefyn Catley, kcatley@wcu.edu
Graduate - Biology (9-12) - Dr. Sabine Rundle, rundle@wcu.edu
Graduate - Chemistry (9-12) - Dr. Brian Dinkelmeyer, dinkelmeyer@wcu.edu

Comprehensive Social Sciences (9-12) – Dept of History
Undergraduate - Dr. Mary Engel, mengel@wcu.edu
Graduate - Dr. Elizabeth McRae, mcrae@wcu.edu

English – Dept of English
Undergraduate -Dr. Catherine Carter, ccarter@wcu.edu
Graduate - Dr. Annette Debo, adebo@wcu.edu 

Mathematics – Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Undergraduate - Dr. Kathy Jaqua, kjaqua@wcu.edu
Graduate - Dr. Axelle Faughn, afughn@wcu.edu  

Special Subject Areas (K-12):


Art – School of Art and Design
Undergraduate and Graduate - Dr. Erin Tapley, etapley@wcu.edu

English, Second Language (K-12), Dept of English
Graduate only - Dr. Chandrika Balasubramanian, crogers@wcu.edu

Exceptional Children - School of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Lisa Bloom, bloom@wcu.edu

Music – School of Music
Undergraduate - Dr. Michael Schallock, mschallock@wcu.edu
Graduate - Dr. Mary Kay Bauer, mkbauer@wcu.edu

Health and Physical Education – School of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Gayle Wells, gwells@wcu.edu

Spanish – Dept of Modern Foreign Languages
Undergraduate only - Dr. Nancy Norris, norris@wcu.edu

Graduate Special Services and MSA Programs:


Communiation Science Disorders (Speech Language Impairments) (K-12) - Dr. Bill Ogletree, ogletree@wcu.edu
School Counseling - Dr. Lisen Roberts, lroberts@wcu.edu
School Psychology - Dr. Lori Unruh, lunruh@wcu.edu
School Administrator - Dr. Ann Allen, alallen@wcu.edu
Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) - Kathleen Topolka-Jorissen, ktjorrisen@wcu.edu
School Social Worker - Pat Morse (pmorse@wcu.edu) or Rebecca Lasher (rlasher@wcu.edu)


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