Where Do Our Students Go After Our Program?
Student Graduation Current Institution Type of Program/Degree
Tiffany H. 2015 Southern Mississippi Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Lediya D. 2015 Mississippi State Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
Jason P. 2015 LSU Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
Chris S. 2014 University of Central Florida Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Marisa M. 2014 UVA Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Lauren M. 2014 Virginia Tech University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Miranda S. 2014 FIT Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Alyna O. 2013 University of South Alabama Clinical/Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
Jessica K. 2013 East Tennessee State University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Brittany B. 2013 Texas Tech University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Nathan M. 2013 Florida State University Counseling/School Psychology, Ph.D.
Brittni M. 2012 Ohio University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
David S. 2012 Central Michigan University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
James M. 2012  University of South Alabama Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
Adam H. 2011 Kent State University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Ben L. 2011  Drexel University Clinical Psychology & Law School, Ph.D./J.D.
Audra W. 2011  IUP  Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Daniel S. 2011  Baylor University Social Psycholgy, Ph.D.
Sara S. 2010  University of Southern Mississippi Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Andrew J. 2010 CUNY Social Personality, Ph.D.
Kristy O. 2010  Fielding Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Adam Z. 2010  Florida Institute of Technology Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Blair B. 2010 LSU Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Caleb C. 2009  LSU Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Steve P.  2009  LSU  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Erin H. 2009 University of Kansas  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Ryan C.  2008 University of Georgia Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
Dara W. 2008  University of Georgia Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
Lauren G.  2008 Virginia Tech  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Andrew P.  2008  University of Alabama  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.
Ross M.  2008  Old Dominion University Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.
Marisa S. 2008  LSU Experimental Psychology, Ph.D
Allison C.  2007  Auburn University Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Lauren D.  2007  University of Kansas  Child-Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Chris P. 2007 University of Arkansas Experimental Psychology, Ph.D. 
Kyle B.  2006  University of North Texas Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Jason F.  2006  IUP  Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Katie K.  2006  University of Georgia  School Psychology, Ph.D. 
Nick M.  2006  University of Miami Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. 
Cameron M.  2006  Georgia State University  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Shannon R. 2006 University of Tennessee Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.
Nathan R. 2005  University of Kentucky  School Psychology, Ph.D. 
Kathleen W.  2005  Ball State University Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. 
Krysta W. 2005  Oklahoma State University  Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. 
Joshua P. 2004 University of North Texas  Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Andrew S. 2004 University of Kentucky Behavioral Neurosciences
Heather U. 2004 University of Montana Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.

Please note that most, if not all, of our students who complete the MA degree but do not go on to a doctoral program are successful in obtaining licensure as a Psychological Associate or attain gainful employed in research settings.


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