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Admission to the PRM Program

We require students to achieve and maintain a 2.5 GPA. We also ask students to sit down with an adviser and complete a strategic plan before declaring their major.

The essay: To become a PRM major we require that you write an essay on why you wish to become a major. To prepare for the essay, look at the resources in the student office and on the journal/magazine rack to get an idea of what the profession includes. You can take many directions in this field, so research these directions and then formulate some goals in your essay. Get the essay writing direction sheet, come down to the student office and write it freehand. We also accept typed essays. We will use this essay to help us decide who should advise you and how we can help you devise a strategic plan. We also can tell how much you need to work on your writing so that, if necessary, you can add writing skills to your plan. Please download our essay directions and fill out the checklist.

The strategic plan:  You will develop a strategic plan with us so that you can show involvement on your résumé by the time you graduate.  Prospective employers look for involvement. If you come to us after the completion of Liberal Studies requirements or as a transfer student, you’ll have only two years to execute your plan, so we have to “hit the ground running.” Your adviser will assess your progress toward these goals during each advising session. Feel free to download the strategic plan for an early start. 

The portfolio: All your certificates, awards, documents from classes etc., will be used to build an interview portfolio.  It might include a program/grant proposal, program evaluation, research prospectus, business plan, Risk Management Plan, certificates, and references from your mini-internships. In the Senior Seminar, you will revise previous class work that you have saved in paper and electronic form.  You will begin this process in PRM 350 University and Career Planning, where items will be saved in the Electronic Briefcase.

The portfolio is extremely important.  It is part of your ticket to getting your capstone internship and your first job. All the documents in the portfolio are blueprints or models for you to use in the future. You will actually have something to help you when you are asked to produce such documents as part of your first or subsequent jobs.

The portfolio and Electronic Briefcase will contain the following items, among others:

  • Grant/program proposal
  • Evaluation report
  • Trip planning document
  • Research prospectus
  • Business plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Leadership self-analysis (outdoor students)
  • LOG/journal (outdoor students)
  • Résumé/letter of application/3 references
  • Computer example data
  • Leadership self study with graphs and charts
  • Budget spreadsheet
  • PERT chart

For more information, reference the PRM Student Handbook (pdf).


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