Dr. Marie-Line Germain

Department of Human Services
Human Resources & Leadership

Dr. Marie-Line Germain

Phone: 828-227-3959
Email: mgermain@wcu.edu
Office Address: 91 Killian Building Lane, Room 214B
Website: http://works.bepress.com/mgermain/

Research Interest: Leadership, organizational psychology, and human resource development. Her research specialization is on the concept of human expertise.


     • Ph.D., Barry University, Miami, FL
     • M.A., University of Paris-X, France
     • B.A., University of Paris-X, France and Stirling University, Scotland.


Dr. Germain’s Ph.D. is in Leadership and Education, with a specialization in Human Resource Development. Her research interests include leadership, organizational psychology, and human resource development, with a specific focus on the concept of human expertise. She has authored several manuscripts presented at national and international conferences and has published book chapters and research articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Germain is a current review board member for Career Development International and has been a reviewer for The Journal of International Business Studies. She has been the recipient of several national grants and research awards (including the Dissertation of the Year award and a Cutting Edge research award from the AHRD). Before starting her career in academia over 10 years ago, Dr. Germain was a marketing manager for the second largest U.S. timeshare exchange company. She has travelled extensively and has visited Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Haiti, India, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, most of Western European countries, several Caribbean islands, and most of U.S. states including Hawaii and Alaska. She has also lived in Paris, France and in Scotland. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, dancing 1920s Charleston, and flying single-engine airplanes.

Selected Publications:

Grenier, R. S., & Germain, M. L. (2014). Book Chapter: Expertise through the HRD lens: Research trends and practical implications. In N. E. Chalofsky, T. S. Rocco, and M. L. Morris, Handbook of Human Resource Development. Wiley Publisher. ISBN: 978-1-118-45402-2.

Germain, M. L., & McGuire, D. (2014). The Role of Swift Trust in Virtual Teams and Implications for Human Resource Development. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 16(3), 356-370.

Germain, M. L. (2014). Work-related suicide: An analysis of U.S. government reports and recommendations for Human Resource Development, Employee Relations, 36(2), 148-164.

Germain, M. L. (2013). The Role of Self-Efficacy in Recruiting and Retaining Women in Male-Dominated Occupations: The Case of Women Pilots. European Journal of Training and Development, (Accepted pending minor revisions).

Article about Germain’s work: Our Inexpert Judgment of Expertise, Training & Development, 22. (October 2012).

Germain, M. L., & Tejeda, M. J. (2012). A preliminary exploration on the measurement of expertise: An initial development of a psychometric scale. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 23(2), 203-232.

Germain, M. L., Herzog, M. J., & Hamilton, P. (2012). Women employed in male-dominated industries: Lessons learned from female aircraft pilots, pilots-in-training, and mixed-gender flight instructors. Human Resource Development International, 15(4), 435-453.

 Germain, M. L. (2012). Traits and skills theories as the nexus between leadership and expertise: Reality or fallacy? Performance Improvement Journal, 51(5), 32-39.

Germain, M. L.  (2011). Developing trust in virtual teams. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 24(3). (Accepted for publication / in press)

Germain, M. L.   (2011). A chronological synopsis of the dimensions of expertise: Towards the Expert of the Future. Performance Improvement Journal. 50(7). (Accepted for publication / in press).

Germain, M. L. (2011). Formal mentoring relationships and attachment theory: Implications for human resource development. Human Resources Development Review, 10(2), 123-150. doi:10.1177/1534484310397019

Germain, M. L. (2010). The role of HRD in crisis situations: Learning the lessons of Hurricane Katrina. Advances in Developing Human Resource, 12(5), 536-551. doi:10.1177/1523422310394432

Germain, M. L. (2010). Perception of college instructor expertise: An exploratory qualitative study. The Journal of Career Education Principles and Practices, 2(1), November 2010 issue.

Germain, M. L., & Ruiz, C. E. (2009). Expertise: Myth or Reality of a Cross-National Definition? Journal of European Industrial Training, 33(7), 614-634.

Germain, M. L., & Kendrick, L.  (2009). Pitfalls of the use of films in management education. Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 1 (1), 16-25.

Germain, M. L., & Scandura, T. A. (2005). Mentoring and Identity Development: The Role of Self-Determination.  In  R. J. Burke and M. C. Mattis  (eds.), Supporting Women's Career Advancement: Challenges and Opportunities. Northampton, MA: Elgar Publishing, 106-123.

Germain, M. L., & Scandura, T. A. (2005). Grade Inflation and Students Individual Differences as Systematic Bias in Faculty Evaluations. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 32, 58-67.

Germain, M. L. (2004). Issues of Competencies and Ethics in Research. In Crossing Frontiers in Research Methods. In H. Savall and M. Bonnet (Eds.), Crossing Frontiers between Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. ISEOR. 897-910.


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