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Creative Writing

By Ron Rash

  • Ron RashOne of the goals of a creative writer is to convey to the reader an intimate sense of place and characters, which cannot be done without communicating effectively. A good writer can take the reader into a new reality for a few hours. Clarity and specificity are vital to an effective depiction of a person or a place.

  • In order to improve writing, it should be made a part of students’ daily lives. Reading is also a factor in developing strong writing, and is something I stress in my classrooms. Students learn by reading the best.

  • Students who make As on their papers show several positive qualities in their writing. Facility with language is one of the most impressive points about strong stories. Other qualities that provide a better reading experience and are important in creative writing are inventiveness, imagination, and the ability to synthesize information gleaned from research. One other aspect of strong writing is empathy. Writers are akin to chameleons in that we have to be able to step out of our own skins and into our characters’ minds and hearts.

  • Students who make Bs, Cs, and Ds on their papers have not been as careful while writing. Poor mechanics (grammar, sentence structure, etc.) detract from a reader’s experience and show a lack of effort on the writer’s part. These errors probably are the largest reason for a student’s grade dropping.

  • Writing is everything—in the classroom and elsewhere. Without clear communication, that’s a liability no matter what. Whether it’s a literature course or a creative writing course, I stress the importance of clear communication and writing as a means of conveying ideas that your reader may not be familiar with. Everyone has to write; it’s my job to help ensure that the writing my students do is strong and effective.

  • Creative writers could be employed in advertising, technical writing, editing…A lucky few even manage to write creative works for a living. If you can write, you can do anything.

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