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International Tutor Certification

The WaLC’s tutor training program has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC).

New tutors are trained via three courses:

  • USI 202: Introduction to Peer Tutoring
  • USI 302: Intermediate Peer Tutoring and Mentoring
  • USI 402: Leadership in Peer Tutoring

Three levels of certification are available for WaLC Associates who complete the training classes. Tutors become eligible for Level I Tutor Certification following successful completion of USI 202 and 25 hours of actual tutoring time. Level II is awarded after completion of USI 302 and 25 additional hours of tutoring time. Level III is achieved following completion of USI 402 and an additional 25 hours of tutoring. Certified tutors are recognized each spring during the WaLC's Tutor Certification and Awards Reception.

Topics covered in USI 202 include: assertive communication, andragogy/pedagogy, critical thinking and Socratic questioning skills, active learning, working with students with disabilities, and tutoring ethics.

The purpose and objectives of USI 202 are:

  • To promote the status of student peer tutors at Western by qualifying WaLC tutors for certification through the College Reading and Learning Association
  • To assist the learning and success of all WCU students by developing a competent, quality base of academic assistance
  • To assist faculty by preparing peer tutors to offer quality academic support outside of the classroom
  • To provide opportunities for tutors to develop their leadership abilities and to formulate goals for their personal learning and development

Tutors who have earned certification from the WaLC include:

Level I

 May 2008  May 2009  May 2010
 Kory Bray  Emily Collman  Kristin Beeker
 Brittany Cardenas  Catherine Gunn  Elizabeth Camp
 Kara Hansen  Brian Harding  Mary Beth Fallin
 Ashley Hardin  Lauren Harris  Jessica Palmer
 Jody Harkey  Phillip Harris  Carmen Ramsey
 John Hensley  Heather Hawkins   James Ritchie
 Steven Hollenback  Ryan Jaskot  Andrew Tucker
 Elyse Jardine  Chris Killen  Jeremy Bell
 Bianca Philemon  Brock Martin  Brittany Reese
 Candice Roberts  Raleigh Rumley  Beth Smithey
 Sheena Singleton  Rachael Wagner  Brandon Vanhook
 Tianna Spear  Terryol Wilson  
 Samantha Strazanac    
 April 2011  April 2012  Meghan Lawler
 Betsy Absher  Curtis Beimborn  Kristy Martin
 Catherine Denning  Tess Branon  Noelle McConnell
 Kara Enstad  Stefan Faulkner  Michael McLamb
 Traci Gardellis  Rocio Gomez-Hinojosa  Manuela Mendez
 Corey Harrington  Sarah Hardy  Jordan Monroe
 Lucas Ladnier  Charity Haskins  Daniel Perez-Galaso
 Sofia Lilly  Caitlyn Hoffman  Rachel Rabb
 Fiona MacNaughton  Michael Hunter  Rebekah Simonds
 Levi Mines  Abigail Isom  Kimberly Smiley
 Sharai Paredes  Herber Jones  Katherine Turnbull
 Joe Richardson  Becca Lautier  Casey Wellmon
 April 2013  April 2014  Kerrie Kaiser 
 Caitlin Bullers  Michael Abernathy  Jarvis Kitson-Mills
 Megan Cherry  Megan Bailey   Andrew Latham
 Wesley Jarmon  Jessica Bradley   Kristen Lyon
 Paul Leone  Summer Brathwaite   McKenzye McCoyle
 Tyler McKinnish  Sarah Brown   Amanda Mitchell
 Dalton Morris  Denise Calhoun   Aaron Moose
 Elisabeth Perez-Bautista  Alexandra Cassell   Merab Mushfiq
 Joshua Pond  Kaitlyn Connelly   Briana Nicholson
 Allison Ray  Lena Elliott   Heather Payne
 Zackary Rogers  Megan Elmore   John Royal
 Kaitlin Saulter  Leanna Faucett   Alaina Seidle
 Kortney Schumann  Echo Fritch   Alexandra Shuey
 Paul Thiemann  Katie Gaither   Zach Slotterback
 Katie Vornheder  D'Myia Gause   Catherine Stiers
 Miranda Welgos  Emily Glesias   Marissa Taylor
   Nicholas Goldy  Brandon Wilkerson 
   Adam Gropp  Victoria Woods
   Mike Hill  Jacqueline Wyatt

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