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Academic Skills Consultant Responsibilities and Qualifications

The hiring of Academic Skills Consultants is contingent on program funding, supply and demand, faculty/staff recommendations, and the applicant's willingness to fulfill the responsibilities outlined below. An applicant’s signature on the Employment Application indicates his/her agreement to carry out these responsibilities, and noncompliance with any of these may result in termination of employment. To find out more about what you can expect to learn from working as an Academic Skills Consultant, review our learning outcomes for ASCs.

Academic Skills Consultant Responsibilities

Participate in ASC Training and Assessment

  • Participate in weekly, one-hour ASC training meetings
  • Observe at least two learning skills workshops on different topics
  • Review workshop and ASC materials stored in Blackboard
  • Attend WaLC Staff Meetings one to two times per semester to receive training and updates, to establish your tutoring schedule for the next semester, and to provide feedback to the Director
  • Collect workshop evaluations from participants at the close of each workshop
  • Complete a self assessment at the end of each semester

Lead Group Workshops

  • Conduct interactive learning skills workshops for classes and student groups, using techniques learned in ASC training and materials provided by the WaLC
  • Monitor the WaLC's shared calendar and your catamount email for information about upcoming workshops
  • Meet with your co-facilitator to prepare for workshops
  • Collect workshop materials from the WaLC prior to each workshop
  • Report to the workshop location at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop
  • Encourage active student participation during the workshop and avoid lecturing information
  • Administer workshop evaluations to all participants and return all materials to the WaLC as soon as possible after the workshop
  • Communicate with supervisor for planning and/or debriefing

Facilitate Individual Academic Skills Consultations

  • Review materials provided in ASC training and organize appropriate materials to share with the student
  • Use open-ended and probing questions to encourage the student to do most of the talking and writing during the consultation
  • Make yourself obsolete by helping students to identify resources and to develop problem-solving strategies they can apply to other learning situations

Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Behavior

  • Promote and represent the services of the Writing and Learning Commons and the Mathematics Tutoring Center at University functions such as Orientation and Open House
  • Behave professionally and responsibly and uphold the WaLC’s Code of Ethics
  • Comply with and enforce the WaLC’s Policies for Students
  • Establish appropriate physical, emotional, and social boundaries with the students you serve. Notify the Director immediately if you are unable to do so.
  • Respond to students within the limits of your training, position, and expertise. ASCs are not expected to complete students’ work for them, to suggest grades for assignments discussed in consultations, or to engage in negative talk about instructors’ teaching methods, grading policies, assignments, or personalities.
  • Report for Workshops and Consultations on time and avoid any unnecessary cancelations. Notify the WaLC (828-227-2274) immediately if you will be late or unable to keep a scheduled Consultation with a student. Notify the Director immediately if you are unable to present a workshop to which you have been assigned.
  • Respond within 12 hours to calls from the WaLC Executive Team and within 24 hours to emails from the WaLC.
  • Provide at least two weeks' notice if you intend to terminate your employment with the WaLC.
  • Show consideration for the WaLC's resources and materials: return workshop materials to the center; clean up your area at the conclusion of each consultation: wipe down whiteboards and tables and throw away trash.

Fulfill Administrative Responsibilities

  • Record your hours on your timesheet every Friday in MyCat and submit your timesheet every other Friday. Failure to submit your completed timesheet by the end of the bi-weekly pay period may result in late payment.
  • Check your catamount email regularly for appointment confirmations and updates from the WaLC.
  • Use GradesFirst to maintain up-to-date contact information (e.g. cell phone and home phone numbers); establish and maintain a schedule for Academic Skills Consultations; create accurate records of your actual consultation time (log in for 15 minutes for no-shows).

Academic Skills Consultant Qualifications

To be eligible to work as an Academic Skills Consultant, students must

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Commit to the position for at least 2 years
  • Provide at least two recommendation forms
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for helping students to improve their learning skills
  • Verify eligibility for on-campus student employment by reviewing the requirements listed on the work-study and/or non work-study student employment websites
  • Preference may be given to applicants with training and/or experience in education, communication, public relations, or public speaking



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