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Policies for Students

All WCU students are expected to comply with University Policies and the Code of Student Conduct. Additionally, to ensure orderly and effective services for our students, we expect all participants to familiarize themselves with the following WaLC policies. Non compliance with any of these may result in dismissal from a tutoring session and/or loss of tutoring privileges.

Policy Enforcement

The WaLC’s attendance and cancelation policies are handled through GradesFirst, and students will be notified by email of their missed appointments. Violations of the active participation, appointment scheduling, disruptive behavior, cell phone use, and facilities and materials policies will result in a direct verbal warning from either the tutor or another member of the WaLC staff. Subsequent violations of the same kind could result in loss of privileges, but serious disruptions or obstructions of learning may result in immediate dismissal from the center and referral to the Department of Student Community Ethics.

Active participation:
We expect students to be active participants in the learning process. The WaLC’s services are intended to supplement class instruction but not to replace missed class content. Tutors will not write your papers for you, complete your homework assignments, or re-lecture material that you missed because of absences from class. Students who participate in tutoring to earn extra credit for a class also are required to comply with this policy. 

What to bring to your tutoring session:

  • Class notes, textbook, supplemental readings, instructions for your assignment(s), at least one copy of your paper (for writing appointments), and a copy of the course syllabus
  • A list of topics you would like to review with the tutor and/or a list of questions you have about the assignment

Appointment Scheduling:

Writing Appointments:

  • Making an appointment will guarantee you a collaborative session with a writing tutor.
  • Students are limited to one hour of tutoring at a time.
  • Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to revise your paper after your appointment. Your tutor can make a recommendation about revision plans.
  • Students are strongly advised to make appointments in advance. Drop-ins are granted on a case-by-case basis, based on tutor availability and other factors.
  • Distance students are eligible to use Smarthinking, an online tutoring center.
  • Students may make a writing appointment online using GradesFirst or they may call 828-227-2274. Our office personnel will ask you a series of questions that will allow us to schedule your appointment for an appropriate amount of time and with a tutor who can address your needs.

Course Tutoring Appointments and Academic Skills Consultations:

  • With the exception of drop-in course tutoring for certain science and business classes, students are required to make an appointment with a tutor or academic skills consultant. For more information about drop-in tutoring, call the WaLC front desk.
  • Log in to GradesFirst or call 828-227-2274 to schedule appointments.
  • Students are limited to one hour of tutoring at a time.
  • If a classmate invites you to participate in a tutoring session that he/she has scheduled, check with the office assistant first to make sure seats are available.
  • Students who have appointments scheduled will take precedence and course tutors may elect not to allow extra students to join a session if all of the seats for that session have been filled.

Appointment Attendance:
WaLC tutors are students, too, and they have busy schedules! Please respect their time: keep your appointments; show up on time; and come prepared with all necessary materials (see Active Participation policy above). Students who repeatedly miss or arrive late for appointments may lose their tutoring privileges (see Appointment Cancelation Policy below for more information).

Appointment Cancelations:

  • Please provide 12 hours advance notice if you must cancel an appointment.
  • To cancel a tutoring session or academic skills consultation, call 828-227-2274 or log into GradesFirst, choose the appointment on the right hand side of the screen, and select "Cancel My Attendance."
  • If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment and you do not cancel the appointment 12 hours in advance, it will be marked as a "No Show.” Students may not miss more than three appointments in a 30-day period.

Disruptive Behavior:
Any behavior that disrupts or obstructs the learning process will not be tolerated. Possible examples of disruptive behavior include but are not limited to: excessive complaints about the class or professor, repeated interruptions, and inappropriate use of computers or other electronic devices. 

Tobacco Use
Tobacco use (chewing or smoking) is not permitted in the Writing and Learning Commons. Any person found using tobacco in the WaLC will be asked to dispose of and refrain from using the product.

Cell Phone Use:
Cell phone use is prohibited in the WaLC. If you are expecting an important call, please communicate with your tutor before your session begins; then, set your phone to vibrate and excuse yourself from the center before you answer a call.

Use of WaLC Facility and Materials:
Unless prior arrangements are made with the Director, WaLC tutors are required to conduct their tutoring sessions in the WaLC (207 Belk) during standard hours of operation. Students who schedule appointments during the last hour of the day are expected to conclude their business, log out of GradesFirst, and exit the center at closing time. Students and tutors will receive a ten-minute warning before the center closes. Tutoring sessions that take place outside of the WaLC without prior approval by the Director will not be logged in GradesFirst and will not be counted as WaLC-sanctioned tutoring sessions.

Course textbooks, computers, and other materials housed in the WaLC are intended for tutors’ use and may not be removed from the center. Students are permitted to use these materials only if they are engaged in a session with a tutor who determines that these materials are necessary for the session. 


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