Manage Your Time

You have 168 hours in every week, and how you spend those hours will have a huge impact on your success in college. College success gurus recommend that you spend 2 hours studying for every hour you spend in class. In other words, if you are enrolled in 16 credit hours, you can expect to spend 32 hours each week revising your lecture notes, completing reading assignments, preparing for tests, and doing your homework.  Do you think this sounds unreasonable? If so, consider this:

16 hours of class + 32 hours of studying = 48 hours

48 hours = Approximate number of hours you will work per week when you begin your professional career

The biggest challenge for most college students is the realization that they are only in class 16 to 18 hours a week, and that they are responsible for figuring out what to do with the remaining 152 to 150 hours of unscheduled and unstructured time. Students who don’t learn to manage their time often procrastinate. When faced with several looming deadlines, their stress levels skyrocket because they realize there isn’t enough time to complete their assignments or to give their best effort.  Creating a 7-day calendar and allocating specific hours for regular study sessions are two of the many strategies you can use to manage your time and to manage your stress.


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