Web Final Grading Instructions

Important Grading Notes

  • All grades are to be posted through My Cat within 48 hours (includes weekends/holiday(s) after the final exam.
  • No grades should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for entry.
  • Instructors who do not enter final grades via My Cat should submit their grades to their department head/secretary.
  • Department head/secretary will assume responsibility for final grade entry for these instructors via My Cat.
  • Faculty who experience problems with Web grading should contact the Registrar’s Office at ext. 7216 for assistance.
  • You must report a grade for each student listed on your roster.
  • Availability of Web Grading: When courses can be graded is determined by the part-of-term in which the course was built. In the fall and spring terms, grading for courses in the full part-of-term generally becomes available 1-3 days prior to the start of exams.
  • Grade of “I”: A grade of incomplete may be awarded only when there is a reasonable prospect that the student can pass the course by making up the work missed. The instructor is required to list the conditions to remove the grade of incomplete and forward it to the department head. An Explanation of Grade of Incomplete is available at the resources and forms page. A Change of Grade Card must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the last day of classes of the next regular semester (excluding summer) or the grade will become an “F”. Removals of incompletes are due in the Registrar’s Office by the last class day of a semester for inclusion in GPA calculations.
  • Composition-Condition: A student whose written work in any course fails to meet acceptable standards will be assigned a composition-condition (CC) mark by the instructor on the final grade report. Select CC in the grade attribute field on the final grade sheet.
  • Audit Grade: A student’s registration cannot be changed at grade reporting time. Audit grades (AU) are recorded on the class lists for students who are officially auditing a course.
  • Grade of “UWF” – Unofficial Withdrawal Failing: If you are unable to assign a passing grade to a student because he/she stopped attending class and did not officially withdraw, you are to assign a grade of “UWF”. This is due to compliance with Title IV Federal Funding Regulation regarding students who fail to make a passing grade.
  • Final Grade Changes: Students are allowed 35 days after the end of final exams in which to report an error in grades as released officially by the Registrar. When an instructor has reported a grade officially and an error has been made, the student must contact the instructor who completes the “Change of Grade Card” to be approved by the department head and dean of the college involved before any adjustment is made on an academic record.

Procedures for Entering Grades through the Web
Please Note: You must use My Cat to enter your grades.

How to Submit Grades

  1. Access Western’s Home page www.wcu.edu and select “My Cat.”
  2. Enter your Username (Faculty ID: new 92# and Password [PIN]).
  3. Switch to the “Personal Services” tab.
  4. Click on “Faculty.”
  5. Select “Final Grades.”
  6. Select “Term” and click “Submit.”
  7. Select the “Course” you need to grade.
  8. Enter your grades in groups of 25, click “Submit” and proceed to next page.
  9. When completed, log out of My Cat.

NOTES: Student rosters are displayed in groups of 25 students at a time. If you have lengthy rosters, be sure to select the next group of 25 students. As a security feature, My Cat will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. This period has been set to 15 minutes.

How to Enter Grades

  • Enter Grades
    • Type/enter each grade using the pull-down menu. You will process 25 students at a time.
    • S/U grades may only be reported for courses noted as S/U grading.
    • “W” grades will not be accepted.
    • Graduate courses will not accept a grade of “D” or plus/minus grades.
  • Click “Submit Grades” when ready.
  • Note any errors. A statement will appear at the top of the roster indicating the number of students graded and the number of errors.
    • For errors, scroll back down the roster noting the reason for the error.
    • Enter the correct grade and submit again.
    • If you made a mistake with a submitted grade, you may re-submit a correct grade until the web grading process is turned off at the end of the grading cycle.
  • When finished, at the bottom of the page select either:
    • Class Grade to submit grades for another class, or
    • Click on “Logout.”
On the Grade Courses screen, any grades previously posted will appear, such as W, F, I, AU. If you believe a student has withdrawn and that a “W” grade should appear, the Registrar's Office has not received a withdrawal form. As soon as this office issues the W, it will appear the next time that the Grade Courses screen is accessed/loaded. (Refer to class list for withdrawals.)

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