Presentations for Residence Halls

All presentations listed are available upon a week’s notice but are subject to the availability of a presenter.  A customized flier will be supplied once the appointment is arranged, which will have to be printed and hung by residential living staff.  Making the presentation a community event will increase attendance, so please consider doing so.  Speak with your presenter about custom topics, additions, and modifications well in advance. 

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Copyright Infringement
An in-depth look at copyright law and the legality battle on the web.  Gives laws and specific examples of what to do and what not to do.  Finishes with a quick rundown of alternatives and different services available that are legal.  Excellent for newcomers to our network.

Safe Computing Practices
What every student needs to know to keep their computer in top shape.  Examples of free programs for general maintenance and to keep clean of viruses and spyware.  Includes tips on how to back up data so you won’t loose your homework and your cool.  Also how to recognize attacks, phishing, and prevent successful social engineering.  

Windows vs Mac 
An objective approach to the contrast between two unique platforms.  Informs students of the structures and features of each and how to take advantage of each.  Contains an abstract portion and a hands-on demo.

Online Entertainment
The best ways to attain music and movies online.  Comparative analysis of different services with an emphasis on the free ones.  Compares quality, quantity, value, and inventory.  Includes purchasing services, internet radio, online rentals, and monthly all-access services.

WCU and Y-O-U
A glimpse into the vast world of IT at WCU.  A guide to the services and stuff offered by WCU and how to use our resources to the fullest extent.  Contains lots of startup information.  Excellent for freshmen and transfer students.

Killer Apps 
Introduction to the coolest software on the market.  We review a few different pieces and show what it does, what it can do for you, and what makes it different.  This presentation will likely feature different programs every time we give it.  We will also stick to the software that is cheap to free.

Purchasing Power
An intuitive guide to all the tech-speak that gets thrown at you when you go to buy anything computer related.  We’ll show you what all the numbers mean and you will leave empowered to make a sound purchasing decision.  Includes product reviews from Consumer Reports, and may feature help from our very own Service Center.

Speeding Up
How to optimize your computing experience to get more work and play out of our machine.  Not only how to speed up your computer, but how to use features of the computer to enable yourself to work faster.  Includes a side of handouts on keyboard shortcuts, organization tips, and tweaks to keep your computer running fast.

Catamount Mail (Windows Live)
More than just email, Catamount mail includes a whole suite of web applications including 25 gigs of file storage, #le sharing, blogging, social networking, picture hosting, document collaboration, calendar and event planning, mobile phone alerts, and even student audio/ video chat.  All students have these features, they just need to know that it’s out there!

Using Caution in Social Networking
Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways to keep in touch, network, and communicate.  But did you realize that hiring managers screen these sites before making decisions?  That your profile can affect your career?  That viruses and spyware run rampant on these sites and leverage individual’s trust to spread?  That Your identity could be stolen by posting as little  as one piece of personal information?  These are all concerns you should be aware of, and we’ll show you how to stay safe in Social Networking.


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