University Policy 37
Posting of SPA Vacancies, Promotions, and Veteran's Preference

Formerly Executive Memorandum 88-88
Initially approved April 15, 1988
Under revision
Administering Office: Human Resources

The State Personnel Commission has amended certain of its policies to require that notice of job vacancies be posted in specified locations and that priority consideration for employment be given to qualified State employees and veterans.

For Western Carolina University, the requirements resulting from the amendments are these:

All SPA vacancies for which the University openly recruits, and which are not otherwise exempt from the posting requirement as described herein, must be posted at the University Personnel Office and at the particular work unit where the vacancy exists, in a location readily accessible to employees. If applications from outside the University are invited, the vacancy must be listed with the Employment Security Commission and with the Office of State Personnel so that applicants and current State employees may be informed of the vacancy.

The requirements of posting do not apply to vacancies which must be filled immediately to prevent work stoppage or because protection of public health, safety, or security is at risk.

If a current State employee with permanent status, as that term is defined in G. S. 126-39, applies and is qualified for another State position at a higher level and has qualifications substantially equal to those of the highest ranking applicant who is not a State employee, the State employee must be given priority consideration over the non-employee applicant. State employees separated from policy-making exempt jobs for reasons other than cause, State employees separated by reduction-in-force, and employees returning to State employment following disability due to an on-the-job injury must be given priority consideration ahead of that given to current State employees.

In appreciation for their service, certain veterans are to be granted preference for employment. Those eligible must have served in the United States Armed Forces on active duty, for reasons other than training, during periods of war and have been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. Service in either wartime or peacetime establishes eligibility also for disabled veterans, spouses of disabled veterans, and the surviving spouse or dependent of a veteran who died as the result of service. For consideration, eligible veterans must meet the minimum education and experience requirements for the position sought. The eligible veteran must be hired if his/her overall qualifications are substantially equal to one or more non-veterans in the pool.

In the event that an applicant group includes both a qualified veteran who is not a State employee and a qualified State employee with permanent status who is seeking a promotion, the current State employee will be given preference if the qualifications of the two applicants are substantially equal.

"Qualifications" include 1) training and education; 2) years of related work experience; and 3) other skills, knowledge, and abilities demonstrated in the selection process which bear a reasonable functional relationship to the requirements of the position applied for.

Any State employee who has reason to believe that he/she was denied promotion due to the failure of the University to post notice of the job vacancy or to give promotional priority consideration has the right of appeal through the University grievance procedure or may appeal directly to the State Personnel Commission. A veteran who has reason to believe that he/she was denied employment because the University failed to give veteran's preference has recourse to either the Office of State Personnel or the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

The University Personnel Office will assist University administrators and supervisors in complying with the policies described herein.


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