University Policy 110
Conferences and Events Policy

Administering Office:  Department of Residential Living
Approved by Executive Council:  September 20, 2010
Posted:  September 22, 2010


It is the policy of Western Carolina University (the “University”) to promote and facilitate the effective and efficient use of its facilities, property, and resources in furtherance of its educational mission.   The use of University facilities and resources by any affiliated or unaffiliated persons, groups or organizations for conferences, camps, and other public events is subject to this Policy and University Policy #82, “Facilities Use Policy”.


1. Use of University facilities for conferences and events generally will be consistent with the University’s educational mission and in accordance with applicable state law and University policies.

2. The Office of Conference Services in the Department of Residential Living serves as the central reservation and coordination office for all conferences, camps, programs, and other public events held on campus by unaffiliated organizations.  For purposes of this Policy, “unaffiliated organizations” shall mean any organizations or groups that are not University affiliated organizations that are formally part of the University, including departments and divisions, student clubs and recognized organizations, official University committees, special committees, groups and task forces created by the University and supported directly by the University, the Western Carolina University Foundation, the Catamount Club, and Western Carolina University Alumni Association. 

3. In planning programs and events on campus, an affiliated organization must initially contact the Office of Conference Services to ensure that university facilities and resources are available for the event date and to facilitate the coordination of the official University calendar of events with the University’s Event Marketing Coordinator.

4. All conferences, events, and programs of an academic nature, including extension instructional programs and courses involving the award of institutional continuing education units, are planned by the Division of Educational Outreach.  The Division of Educational Outreach will contact the Office of Conference Services regarding the provision and coordination of conference services, as well as the coordination of the official University calendar of events.

5. Conferences and events held at the Liston B. Ramsey Regional Activity Center, Hinds University Center, the Performance Wing of the Fine and Performing Arts Center, and athletic facilities are scheduled directly by those facilities in accordance with separate facilities use policies.  However, conferences and events scheduled at these facilities must be reported to the Office of Conference Services to ensure that university facilities and resources are available and to facilitate the coordination of the official University calendar of events.


A. Conferences and Events Administration

1. The Office of Conference Services provides a range of services relating to conference and event planning and management.  Organizations may contact the office at (828) 227-7303 for information.  Additional information may be accessed at the following link:

2.  Organizations sponsoring conferences or events on campus will be subject to applicable University policies, including the facilities use policy, as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including non-discrimination laws.  Organizations will also be subject to guidelines and conditions developed by the Office of Conference Services pertaining to smoking, facility use/approval, reservations, cancellations, payment, insurance requirements, emergency policies, maximum capacity, and promotional material among other things.

3. All conferences and events scheduled through the Office of Conference Services require advance reservations, a signed conference contract (form attached), and a deposit to be paid with cash or cashier/bank check at the time the contract is returned.

4. A guaranteed minimum number of guests must be determined prior to contract development.  In order to provide adequate accommodations for all conference guests, including guestrooms and meal service, this number must be confirmed no later than ten (10) business days prior to the beginning of the event. The University is not responsible for accommodating more than twenty (20) additional guests greater than the confirmed number.

5. The Office of Conference Services will make arrangements and/or coordinate the provision of conference services, including facilities set-up, food services and catering, parking and security services, housing, housekeeping, linen services, audiovisual/technology equipment set-up, and other auxiliary services. 

6. The Office of Conference Services will obtain and maintain information from conference participants as may be necessary in connection with University emergency preparedness and response plans.

B. Conference Fees

1. General Principles

In order to help ensure that state resources are not used for private gain, organizations or individuals holding events in University facilities will be assessed fees in accordance with this Policy.  Conference fees are subject to change and organizations will be notified in writing of any increases/decreases in costs. Information about conference and event fees may be obtained from the Office of Conference Services.
University affiliated organizations may be assessed custodial/utility expenses incurred in connection with the event, administrative fees related to police/security services, and variable fees related to special set-ups/requests.

Unaffiliated organizations are responsible for payment of facility fees, administrative fees, and applicable variable fees.   The University may waive or reduce certain fees related to conferences and events held or sponsored by tax-exempt charitable organizations.

2. Establishment and Modification of Fees

Administrative fees will be established, reviewed once each fiscal year, and modified from time to time as necessary by the Office of Conference Services. Other fees, including facility fees, fees for meals/catering, custodial/housekeeping, and linen/laundry services, will be established by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance upon consultation with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, the Director of Residential Living, and the University food services manager.  Fees related to college instructional programs/events for credit will be set by the Dean upon consultation with the Provost.  Fees related to continuing education programs not-for-credit will be set by the Dean of Educational Outreach upon consultation with the Provost.

Collection, deposits, and accounting of all conference fees will be processed in accordance with all applicable University policies and regulations, and state laws, regulations, and policies.

3. Types of Fees and Expenses

(a)  Facility Fees

Facility fees are fixed for each University building or conference/event venue, and are assessed to the organization or individual using the facility per each day of use.  Facility fees are inclusive of routine custodial and utility expenses. Custodial and utility expenses are those expenses typically incurred by the University's Facilities Management Department for a conference/event associated with cleaning, heating and/or cooling, electrical, water, and sewage services.

(b)  Administrative Fees

Administrative fees are fixed fees assessed to each individual participating in the conference/event.  Administrative fees are inclusive of fees for parking, police/security services, health services, University Center services, and other University ancillary services.

(c)  Variable Fees

Variable fees are fees assessed to each organization or individual, as the case may be, participating in the conference/event based upon the specific services to be provided in connection with the conference/event.  Variable fees are invoiced separately and include, without limitation:

• Meals/catering
• Linen service
• Campus Recreation Center services
• Housing
• Special set-ups/requests
• Office of Conference Services overhead expenses
• Extraordinary custodial services and facility repair
• Transportation


• Conference Contract Form
• Facilities Use Policy, University Policy #82 
• Academic Procedure and Regulation #21, Continuing Education


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