Creative Services

Who should use Creative Services?
All those on campus who produce publications. Every group within the university has access to our award winning creative team. 

We can help you.

While each department and program at Western Carolina University is distinctive, each is also part of the whole University. Many readers who start with one publication from WCU also receive, or seek out, other publications from the university.

If each program produces a publication with its own look and stylistic conventions—with no similarities to other campus publications—then it becomes harder for readers to associate the program with WCU. That association is important because the university as a whole benefits from the success of each of its parts. When any one program makes a positive impression on the public, WCU’s reputation is strengthened. As the university’s reputation gets stronger, as it has in recent years, every program benefits in turn.

Using Creative Services for the preparation of your publications will improve the effectiveness of each piece and is required by university policy - particularly “all university publications intended for off-campus audiences or wide distribution on campus” (Executive Memorandum policy 16, University Publications).

One important way is to use a couple consistent visual elements in each publication (logo and type font). You can do that and still have room to design distinctive publications that communicate your program’s individual character with the use of photography specific to the program.

Another way is to use consistent conventions for the ways all university publications present common names, places, and concepts (e.g., accurate proper names, abbreviations, capitalization).

And, of course, you want to incorporate the principles of good writing: clarity, precision, consistency, economy, and correctness.


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