November 30, 1978



The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on November 30, 1978, at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building.


Members of the Board present were: Mr. Abbott, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Gloyne, Mr. Holt, Mr. Ledford, Mr. Mallonee, and Miss Nelson. Others present were: Chancellor Robinson; Vice Chancellors Carter, Dooley, Stillion, and Stoltz; Mrs. Jakes, Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Brown, Special Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Creech, Director of Academic Services; Mr. Pressley, Alumni Representative to the Board; Mr. Ramsey, Assistant to the Chancellor for WCU Programs in Asheville; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Mr. Scott, Legal Counsel; Mr. Kirwan, University Librarian; Mr. Wood, Director of Institutional Studies and Planning; and Mrs. Shuler, Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor. Chairman Glenn presided over the meeting.


Chairman Glenn reported that copies of the minutes of the meeting held on August 24, 1978, had been mailed to the Trustees. No suggestion or correction was made, and, upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved.


Mr. Scott presented for approval a lease on property adjacent to the Highlands Biological Station, for which Western Carolina University is the fiscal agent. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the lease was approved. (Copy of lease on file with minutes material.)


Vice Chancellor Carter presented for consideration by the Trustees the following resolution:

The University, from time to time, has cash balances in various trust funds that are not needed for day-to-day operation. It has, therefore, invested these funds in interest bearing deposits. Said income has been earmarked in the Accounting Department as "Interest on Savings." The monies in this account have been used for various and sundry University needs, as determined by the Chancellor. To implement a recommendation of the State Auditor, it is appropriate to change the name of this fund to "Chancellor's Discretionary Fund."

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the income produced by the deposits hereinabove referred to be placed in an account entitled "Chancellor's Discretionary Fund," and such monies be used at the discretion of the Chancellor in support of university activities and functions.

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the resolution was adopted.


Vice Chancellor Dooley reported to the Trustees on the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Development Foundation held on November 18, at which time new officers elected were: Mr. Jimmy Childress, Chairman; Mr. James Hooper, Vice President; Dr. Wallace Hyde, Treasurer. Serving in an ex officio capacity are Dr. Robinson as President; Vice Chancellor Dooley, Executive Secretary; and Vice Chancellor Carter, Controller. The Executive Committee consists of Mr. Glenn, Chancellor Robinson, and Mr. Childress.

Vice Chancellor Dooley further explained that members of the Foundation Board of Directors serve three-year terms and recommended that the following persons constitute the Class of 1981:

Mr. Reg Moody, Sylva
Mr. Don Gladieux, Hendersonville
Mr. E. J. Whitmire, Franklin
Dr. Charles Van Gorder, Andrews
Mr. Ted Jordan, Robbinsville

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the above listed persons were elected to serve until June 30, 1981.


1. Budget Request

Chancellor Robinson and Vice Chancellor Carter informed the Trustees of items included in the Board of Governors' Budget Request for Western Carolina University. There was an explanation of how enrollment affects the budget and a discussion of activities within each major section of the budget--continuing operations, change budget, and capital improvements.

2. Trip to Cuba

Dr. Robinson commented on the AASCU-sponsored trip to Cuba in which he is to be a participant. Funding for Dr. Robinson's trip is being supplied by the Ford Foundation.

3. Retirement Age

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the Trustees concurred in the amendment to Section 606 of The Code as adopted by the Board of Governors on November 10, 1978.

4. State Aid to Private Institutions

A document developed by Dr. John Sanders on the topic of state aid to private institutions was distributed.

5. Title XII Program in Nepal

Dr. Robinson informed the Trustees of a proposal being developed for work in the mountainous areas of Nepal. If the proposal is funded, the contract would be granted to South-East Consortium for International Development, and Western Carolina University would be the lead institution.

6. Patrons of Quality Drive

Vice Chancellor Dooley gave a status report on the drive for new Patrons of Quality, indicating that excellent response has been received from the series of dinners held in various locations. There will be from three to five additional dinners in the next few weeks.

7. Sewerage Charges by Jackson County

Vice Chancellor Carter gave a brief history of the events involved in this situation, and there was a general discussion of the problem. The Trustees will be kept informed of future developments as necessary.

8. Expansion of Book and Supply Store

Vice Chancellor Carter explained the need for additional space to be used by the book rental and supply store functions. One possibility being explored is to go into the basement of Hoey, building an extension to the rear of that building. This would be an excellent location in terms of student traffic. Mr. Henry Foy will be asked to do a feasibility study. The space released in Stillwell Building would be allocated to the Speech and Theatre Arts Department.

9. Campus Parking

Vice Chancellor Carter told the Trustees of developments underway on three parking areas: the lot in front of the new Music-English Building, a lot to serve the Home Management House, and a lot across from the new Administration/Mountain Heritage Center. There was a general discussion of parking needs and plans for the future.

10. Construction Activities

The Music-English building equipment is now substantially complete and the tenants are very happy in the building; the parking lot at the Baptist Church and the drainage project there are complete; an end-of-March completion date is projected for the Administration Building/Mountain Heritage Center. It is hoped that the building can be occupied during May. Mr. Wood, assisted by Mr. Kirwan, then showed a model of the new library which is in the design stages.


Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, A letter of appreciation to Dr. Charles Schrader, who has resigned as soccer coach, was authorized.


Chairman Glenn declared the Board to be in Executive Session.


With no further business to be transacted, the meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. The Trustees were taken on a tour of Moore Building and then to lunch at Brown Cafeteria.

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Avis Phillips, Secretary


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