May 3, 1972


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          May 3, 1972

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in a regular meeting at 1:30 p. m. , Wednesday, May 3, 1972, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. The following members were present:

Dr. Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Abbott
Mr. C. Jack Arrington
Mr. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. F. Carl Harman
Mr. Arnold Hyde
Senator Clyde M. Norton
Dr. Charles 0. Van Gorder
Mr. E. J. Whitmire
Mr. Sager Williams

Others present were:

Mr. Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Mr. Doyle M. Dillard
Dr. A. F. Gilman III
Mr. Wat Hopkins
Dr. Aaron Hyatt
Dr. M. B. Morrill
Mr. John Parris
Mr. Doug Reed
Dr. H. F. Reinhard
Mr. W. E. Scott
Mr. Robert Waters
Mrs. Virginia Molinatto

Dr Hyde called the meeting to order and welcomed the two new members of the Board: Sager Williams, President of the Student Body, and Mr. C. Jack Arrington, Sheriff of Haywood County. The roll call indicated the absence of two members: Mr. Ted Jordan who was called out of town on business, and Mr. Boyce Whitmire, who had to attend an important business transaction. It was moved by Mr. Abbott, seconded by Senator Norton, and unanimously carried that the Board excuse these absences.

Drafts of minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees of January 18, 1972 and January 31, 1972 had been mailed to members of the Board. Dr. Hyde asked for corrections or changes to the minutes. Mr. Harman moved that the minutes be approved and entered into the permanent minute book, Dr. Van Gorder seconded the motion, and the Board's vote was unanimous.

Mr. Brown reported that, according to the mail ballot, the Board has approved the resolution. (Mr. Boyce Whitmire gave the only dissenting vote.)

The General Assembly has authorized Western Carolina University to construct a sewerage system with the use of state and federal funds; and,

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University acting through its duly authorized agents has in cooperation with the Department of Property Control, Department of Administration, the State of North Carolina, employed engineers to design said facility; and,

WHEREAS, in their opinion the best location for said facility is on university -owned property several miles from the main campus on the Tuckaseigee River; and,

WHEREAS, the outfall line for said sewerage plant must of necessity pass over and under the lands of a substantial number of citizens of this area; and,

WHEREAS, the officials of the university have been notified by representatives of the Department of Administration that no firm, partnership, corporation, or private individual can make connections with the outfall line as it passes over and under said property; and,

WHEREAS, the terrain and topography of the Cullowhee community is such that a great number of septic tanks could very likely cause a dangerous situation to the health of the citizens of the community; and,

WHEREAS, it is the considered opinion of this body that it would be in the best interest of the university community to allow private parties to connect to said outfall sewage line before it enters the main filtering plant provided each party paid all expenses incident to said connection and provided each private party tying into said line pay a monthly service charge to the university.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University does hereby urge the Department of Administration to allow individual citizens and others to use the sewerage facilities hereinabove referred to provided they pay a "tap-on" fee and all other reasonable fees for such services.

Let this resolution be spread upon the minutes of the meeting and a copy thereof forwarded to W. L. Turner, Head of the Department of Administration, State of North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina.

/s/ Wallace N. Hyde
Chairman, Board of Trustees

/s/ Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Acting Secretary

May 3, 1972

Coach Waters gave a report regarding the progress made with respect to Western Carolina University becoming a member of the Southern Conference; stating a committee will visit campus to evaluate the University's facilities and determine whether the University will be included in the Southern Conference, which decision should be reached within a year. Coach Waters also reported that the Stadium Fund-Raising Committee was awaiting the arrival of the brochure, and upon receipt of the brochure they would move forward with the campaign. Mr. Brown stated he had talked with President Leo Jenkins of East Carolina University and President Herbert Wey of Appalachian State University with respect to Western becoming a member of the Southern Conference, and they have stated the University had their support.

Mr. Dillard presented recommendations for changes in the plant operations and increased student fees. These principally were the closing of the laundry because of the loss in its operation and would eliminate the $10 mandatory laundry fee; increase the Recreation and Cultural fee from $17 to $18 per quarter per student; implementation of a $5 late fee for books rented from the Book Exchange and not returned at the conclusion of the quarter; increase in Faculty Rental Properties; and an increase from $11 to $14 per quarter per student in the Health Service fee. After some discussion Mr. Arnold Hyde moved that the laundry be closed, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and unanimously carried. Dr. Van Gorder moved that the remainder of the recommendations be approved, seconded by Mr. Abbott, and unanimously carried. (See Exhibit #1 on file in the President's Office.)

The new faculty rental rates are as follows:

New Faculty Apartments (2br) $125
House #9 (2 br Br) $ 95
House #1 (3 br Fr) $70
House #10 (2 br Br)$85
House #2 (2 br Fr) $45
House #11 (2 br Br)$85
House #3 (2 br Fr)$45
House #12 (2 br Br)$95
House #6 (2 br Br)$85
House #13 (2 br Br)$95
House #7 (2 br Br)$95
House # 14 (2 br Br)$95
House #8 (3 br Br)$85
House #15 (4 br Fr)$85
House #16 (2 br Br)$100

Mr. Dillard presented the proposed faculty and administration salaries for 1972-73. It was moved by Mr. Mallonee that the salaries be approved as set forth, with the exception of Mr. Frank H. Brown, Jr. whose salary will be discussed in the Executive Session. Motion was seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and unanimously carried. (See Exhibit #2 on file in the President's Office.)

Mr. Brown then presented the new faculty appointments, stating that there possibly would be more appointments ' at which time a separate memorandum would be forwarded to the Board. Some discussion was had, but no action was required by the Board. (See Exhibit #3 on file in the President's Office.)

Dr. Gilman was then requested to present the Faculty Tenure and Promotion for 1972-73, which is in accordance with the tenure policy implemented by the Board. An explanation of the tenure procedure was given for Mr. Williams. (See Exhibit #4 on file in the President's Office.)

Dr. Gilman then presented the list of possible June, 1972 graduates. Motion was made by Mr. Harman, seconded by Mr. Arrington, that the Board approve the list of candidates for degrees and certificates to be awarded June 4, 1972, provided these candidates complete requirements for graduation. Motion carried. (See Exhibit #5 on file in the President's Office.)

Mr. E. J. Whitmire reported on recommendations for the proposed campus road improvements which primarily would be four-laning from the by-pass get-off to Speedwell Road; three-laning from that intersection to a point in front of the post office; four-laning up Speedwell towards the proposed football stadium, with a recommendation that two 12-foot lanes be constructed with a six foot sidewalk on the lower side. This should eliminate some of the problems students might have in getting to the Art Department and football stadium. Mr. Whitmire stated that until there was a build up of traffic, actual use could be made of two lanes from the get-off up to the Speedwell Road with the other two lanes to be used for parking. He further stated action must be made to enable work to begin shortly after July 1. Mr. Abbott moved that the Board concur with Mr. Whitmire's recommendations. Seconded by Mr. Harman and unanimously carried.

It was moved by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and unanimously carried that the following applications be submitted to the Department of Administration in Raleigh for approval.

Demolition of a number of dog pens and removal of a chain-link fence upon the property located at Oteen for the purpose of providing additional parking area.

Demolition of two residences located on property adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant on State Highway 107. It is necessary that these buildings be demolished to provide space for the construction of a maintenance shop for the University.

Demolition of a house, a barn, and two out-buildings located on property on the south side of Long Branch Road (S R 1325) adjacent to Cullowhee Creek, for the purpose of erecting a proposed Post Office -Bank -Administration facility.

Demolition of a triplex located on property formerly owned by Stedman Mitchell for the construction of the new athletic stadium and field house.

Acquisition of the property known as the John E. Hooper heirs and Willie Norton heirs property for the construction of married student housing.

A lengthy discussion followed concerning the Oteen property with these matters being brought to the attention of the Board: The road proposed as a part of the contract with the Veterans Administration cannot be constructed by the State Highway Commission because of its location on Federal property; although the University could use its own funds to construct the road. It has also been stated the Veterans Administration is anxious to have use of this road but that Dr. Zink has stated there is no hurry in getting the road constructed. There is a possibility that other buildings located on the VA property will become vacant and then VA will not need the road. Mr. Whitmire is to inquire whether or not there is a possibility of widening the road, using University funds for the project. Mr. Perry Alexander has requested permission to use the Oteen Road, and in compensation for use will demolish the dog kennels. Mr. Alexander has also requested permission to tie into the water lines, and in payment will construct the road. There are several other people interested in demolishing the dog kennels to obtain the chain-link fence.

Upon motion of Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Abbott, the following resolution was unanimously approved:

Western Carolina University by and through its Board of Trustees has authorized the construction of a new Science Building to be located in part on the site of the present football stadium and has further authorized the air conditioning of the present Hunter Library Building.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Doyle M. Dillard, Vice-President for Business Affairs, is hereby authorized and directed to make application for and including the execution of all instruments and documents with the State of North Carolina, the U. S. Government, and any of its agencies that are necessary for the designing, building, or otherwise for the construction of said Science Building and air-conditioning of Hunter Library.

It was moved by Mr. Arnold Hyde, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, and unanimously carried that the following resolutions be adopted:

WHEREAS, Dr. W. Newton Turner, Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Western Carolina University, retired on December 31, 1971; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Turner, during his entire career at this institution, has provided outstanding leadership in the academic and physical development of this University, in that the institution has progressed from a teacher's college to a liberal arts college to a university, and Dr. Turner has played a large role in this process; and,

WHEREAS, retirement in 1971 culminated a public education career of great distinction, in that Dr. Turner has served the cause of education at every level; and,

WHEREAS, the life of W. Newton Turner has been and continues to be dedicated to the advancement of his fellow man, and principally the young men and women whose lives he has influenced while they were students at Western Carolina; and,

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University desires to acknowledge the contributions made by W. Newton Turner to his fellow man and to his University;


1. The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University extends to Dr. Turner its highest commendations for his contributions to this institution, and extends to him its most hearty appreciation for his thirty-four years of unselfish service.

2. A copy of this resolution be sent to Dr. Turner, and disseminated to the faculty and students of the University.

3. A copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University.

AUTHORIZED BY THE BOARD, this, the eighteenth day of January, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Two.


/s/ Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
/s/ Frank H. Brown, Jr., Acting Secretary

WHEREAS, Mr. W. Harold Mitchell of Valdese, North Carolina, served the State of North Carolina with distinction on the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University; and,

WHEREAS, the best interests of the students of the University, the welfare of the faculty and staff members of the institution, and the advancement of the educational programs of the University were faithfully served by Mr. Mitchell; and,

WHEREAS, Mr. Mitchell has found it necessary to resign from the Board of Trustees,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT Mr. W. Harold Mitchell be and hereby is commended for his service to Western Carolina University and to the State of North Carolina;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Board of Trustees expresses to Mr. Mitchell the appreciation of the entire University community for the dedicated manner in which he performed his duties as a Trustee.

UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED BY THE BOARD, this, the third day of May, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Two.


/s/ Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
/s/ Frank H. Brown, Jr., Acting Secretary

Mr. Abbott reported to the Board that he and his committee would proceed with plans for an event to recognize Dr. Turner's contribution to the University as soon as he has returned to Cullowhee.

Mr. Brown informed the Board of coming events on campus: Belk Building Dedication and the meeting of the Board of Visitors on May 20; the visit of the Board of Governors on May 25; and Commencement on June 3-4.

Mr. Mallonee reported to the Board that his committee has had good reports from the letters which had been sent out concerning withdrawal from the University.

Dr. Gilman asked permission to make one correction to the Faculty Tenure and Promotion list, on page two, the name of Mr. Andrew Baggs should be deleted. It was the consensus of the Board this correction was in order.

At this point the Board went into Executive Session.Open Meeting Act

Upon motion of Mr. Harman, seconded by Mr. Abbott, it was unanimously carried that the meeting adjourn at 5:00 p. m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman

Frank H. Brown, Jr., Acting Secretary


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