May 2, 1973


Catamount Room, A. K. Hinds University Center           May 2, 1973

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 2, 1973, in the Catamount Room of A. K. Hinds University Center. The following members were present:

Jack E. Abbott, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Arnold Hyde, Secretary
Robert L. Edwards
David E. Henson
Reg E. Moody
Clyde M. Norton
Charles 0. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Dwight Nelson

Others present:

Jack K. Carlton, Chancellor
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Tyler Combs
Doug Davis
James Horton
Aaron Hyatt
Clifford Lovin
Virginia Molinatto
Dan Pittillo
Doug Reed
W. E. Scott
Stuart Wilson
Several students

Mr. Abbott called the meeting to order. The roll call was taken indicating the absence of three members: C. Jack Arrington, who was involved in Court; F. Carl Harman, who was out of town on business; and Ted-Jordan. Motion was made by Mr. Walsh to excuse these absences, seconded by Senator Norton, and unanimously carried.

A draft of the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of March 26, 1973, had been mailed to the members of the Board. The Chairman asked for corrections or changes to the minutes, and declared the minutes approved, to be made a part of the permanent minutes book.

The University Legal Counsel presented to the Board a recommendation that the Charter of the Development Foundation of Western Carolina University, Inc., be amended in the following particulars:

By deleting paragraph nine of said original Certificate of Incorporation in its entirety and substituting in lieu thereof the following: "The members of this Corporation shall be selected individuals or corporate representatives demonstrating an interest in the objectives of The Development Foundation of Western Carolina University, Inc. The classes of members shall be determined by the By-Laws of said Corporation. Likewise, the Directors of the Corporation, their terms of office, and their methods of succession shall be provided for and determined by the By-laws of the Corporation."

a. The address of the registered office of the corporation is as follows: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina, Jackson County.

b. The name of the registered agent of the corporation at the above address is: Jack K. Carlton.

Delete paragraph ten of the original Articles of Incorporation in its entirety and substitute in lieu thereof the following: "Meetings of the members of the Directors and election of officers shall be determined by the By-laws of said corporation"

It was moved by Dr. Henson, seconded by Mr. Moody, and unanimously carried that the Board of Trustees approve the above recommendation.

Mr. Hyde, Chairman of the Personnel Committee, reported that discussions were had concerning Dr. Alex S. Pow's leave of absence and a leave of absence which has been requested by Mr. Clair E. Martin, Head, Department of Nursing.

Mr. Hyde moved the adoption of the following resolution:

The Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held on the 3rd day of May, 1972, and later amended on the 14th day of June, 1972, granted to Dr. Alex S. Pow, an educational leave of absence from May 1, 1972, to June 30, 1973; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Pow's leave will expire on the date set forth above; and

WHEREAS, he has indicated his willingness to assume his duties as a professor of Political Science;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Dr. Pow return to full academic status as a professor of Political Science and the Chancellor is hereby authorized to assign him such duties that he deems proper, said duties to be performed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for a period of sixty days. At the end of said time Dr. Pow shall assume full-time teaching duties at the University's main campus in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Motion was seconded by Mr. Edwards, and unanimously carried.

It was moved by Mr. Hyde, seconded by Senator Norton, and unanimously carried that Mr. Clair E. Martin be granted an educational leave of absence for the 1973-74 academic year.

Mr. Edwards, Chairman of the Student Affairs Committee, requested Dr. Davis to report to the Board on the discussions had by the Committee. Dr. Davis stated that a housing contract had been proposed to stabilize the housing operations budget which is necessary before needed renovations, repairs, and improvements to buildings and residence hall program activity can be planned for a university year and plans are being considered for converting Buchanan Hall from men to women and Leatherwood from women to men, and for closing, temporarily, Robertson and Moore halls and the top half of Walker hall. In a lengthy discussion that followed it was brought to the attention of the Board that the State's recommended level of reserve for housing is $430,000, but that Western's reserve is nil. It was moved by Mr. Edwards and seconded by Senator Norton that the Board approve the housing contract in principle, but giving the Student Affairs Committee the authority to act on a contract when one has been developed--giving a deadline of May 8, 1973. The motion was carried by the Board with Mr. Nelson giving the only dissenting vote.

Mr. Walsh, Chairman of the Property and Building Committee, requested Mr. Brown to make a report to the Board on the discussions had by the Committee. These principally were: State approval of the $1.5 million grant to the County of Jackson for sewerage treatment; Science Lab Building monies will remain in tact; air conditioning of the Little Theatre progressing; Moore and Robinson, Architects, are working on campus improvement plans; mental health contract will be ready in near future; and work is progressing as rapidly as possible on the stadium.

It was stated the next Board meeting would be May 30, 1973.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack E. Abbott, Chairman

Arnold Hyde, Secretary


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